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Data Science Entusiast, Machine Learning Algorithms, Python, SQL

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
March 12, 2020

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Kautilya Joshi

Data Science Enthusiast

Third Year B.Tech

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering R Indian Institute of

Ó+91-939******* Information Technology, Nagpur


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur 2017 - 2021* B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering; CGPA: (7.98/10) High School 2017

Model Higher Secondary School, Ujjain(M.P)

(State Board); (86.6%)


Research Intern - Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati May 2019 - July 2019 EICT Academy IIT Guwahati

Mentor: Dr.Gaurav Trivedi, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati


{ FPGA implementation of AES and CHACHA20 cryptography algorithms using Verilog

{ Learnt to develop synthesised circuit for CHACHA20 algorithm with help of Finite State Machine to increase e ciency and power consumption better then existing versions.

{ Pipeline Implementation of AES algorithm to increase speed.

{ Techs: Verilog, FPGA, Cryptography, Xilinx Vivado


Analysis, and Data classi cationn of Apnea Patients single channel ECGs from the Phys-ioNet data base (Data Classification) :

September 2018 - October 2018

Mentor: Dr.Ankit A. Bhurane, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur Single channel ECGs from the Marburg Sleep Laboratory were analysed. Features were extracted from the dataset and the ECG signals were classi ed. Classification is based on four frequency bands.

Implementation of Deep Convolutional Neural Network for the Automated Diagnosis of Conges- tive Heart Failure Using ECG Signals.(Data Science,Regression and Machine Learning algorithms) Aug 2018-Oct 2018

Mentor: Dr.Ankit Bhurane, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur Implemented a Convolutional Neural Network model that can be put into practice and serve as a diagnostic aid for cardiologists by providing more objective and faster interpretation of ECG signals. Different features were extracted and different sets of data were used to train and test the CNN model.

Implementaion of IDFT using IFFT algorithm (VHDL and Digital Signal Processing) : Febuary-March 2019

Mentor: Dr.Vipin Kamble, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur Implementation of IDFT using concept of IFFT for Decimation in Time and Frequency of Radix-2 using VHDL Technique on Xilinx ISE software.

Automatic Challan System :

November 2019

Mentor: Dr. Mayur Parate, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur Built an Automatic Challan System which would ensure fetching data of every RFID Tag that voilates tra c light and further processing of ne by sending message to Vehical’s Owner using RFID Module, GSM Module.

Python based Minesweeper Game (Python)

Room Dimension Measurement (UltraSonic Sensor, Instrumentation)


Programming Languages: Python(Numpy,Pandas),R, C, C# DataBase Management: SQL, MYSQL

Other Softwares: MS Excel, Word, PPT

Platforms: Linux(Ubuntu),Windows


Organized and Optimized

Smart Worker

Adaptive, Fast Worker

Team Worker


Coursera Courses :

Professional Data Science Certifiacte(IBM, Coursera)

Academic Courses :

Mathematics in Data Science,Statistical Mathematics IT Workshop(Python,SQL), Computer Program- ming, Data Structures.


Data Classification and Regression

Data Visualization

Statistical Mathematics

Machine Learning


Head of "Event Management Team" in TantraFiesta 2k19 (Technical festival),IIIT Nagpur. Cultural Chief Coordinator at Student A air Council (SAC),IIIT Nagpur 2019-2020.

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