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Manager/Engineer Maintenance

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
750000 INR Anually
March 11, 2020

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Ram Manohar

Research & Development Engineer ELGI Equipments Ltd.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India


I am dedicated, devoted, self – motivated, self – disciplined, and individual with positive attitude towards work, learning, criticism and benefit the organization.



Research and Development Engineer

January 2017 - August 2019 (2 years 8 months)

Kolkata Area, India

- Developing and executing user research plans and protocols leading to design inputs

- Conducting Customers onsite factors analysis on new products and product designs

- Administering designing of new products, product improvements and product customization

- Designing parts, fixtures and tooling to support development of innovative product delivery solutions

- Administer product development and test prototypes

- Performing engineering and quality analysis of designs and prototypes

- Develop & Execute product testing protocols and documenting results

- Collaborate with machinists and manufacturing engineers to ensure manufacture-ability and execution of fixture builds

- Collaborate with automation engineers on the design of assembly equipment

- Identifying, evaluating and managing vendors to support product development and prototyping

- Leading projects or project teams, as needed

- Coordinating with team members and managing various phases of design control processes

- Communicating with team members on a regular basis and resolving various unresolved issues

- Participating in various Industrial Automation ventures, seminars & exhibitions to gain present market prospect on technological advancement Contact

+91-951******* (Mobile)

manohar-10140a58 (LinkedIn)

Top Skills

Project Management


Technical Knowledge


Analytical Ability


Public Speaking



English (Professional Working)

HINDI (Full Professional)


Rashtrapati Scout

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- Administer Weekly Dealers Audits (Products/Spares/Prototypes & Services) and Yearly Turnover Improvement analysis & Support DHHS Cold Storage

Maintenance Engineer

August 2013 - May 2016 (2 years 10 months)


- Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of cold storage designs and come up with a sound and realistic comments/advice in order to differentiate good designs in the aspects of good quality and sustainability of the establishments, machinery etc., low power consumption and easy operation and management.

- Write a report summarizing assessment findings and recommendations for new cold storage facility designs.

- Review and study the design and O/M of the cold storage facility.

- Assist Project Engineers/Project Staff in developing designs for improved product flows and reduce post-harvest bottlenecks within existing cold storage facilities.

- Assist the development of a mechanism to appropriately supervise and monitor the physical construction works.

- Support chief operator in management and operation of the cold storage facility.

- Propose new appropriate cost-efficient equipment necessary to effectively/ efficiently run a cold storage facility.

- Facility Management, Commissioning and Service of Mechanical/Electrical/ Electronic/Pneumatic devices under subsidiary partner (M F Constructions).

- Support operation shift to deal with problems or breakdowns in case of emergency.

- Support risk assessment for operation and maintenance activities.

- Provide solutions to prevent all risk and unsafe conditions of operation and maintenance at cold storage facilities.

- Participate in the technical meetings, incident/accident/loss product surveys and other meetings when required.

- Provide training for related MAIL staffs in the field of operation and maintenance of the cold storages, computerized inventory management, packing/weighing/labeling, risk management such as fire etc.,

- Provide on-the-job training on operating procedures, troubleshooting of main equipment and all processes of loading, unloading, storage-stabilizing of MAIL’s engineers and workers.

- Provide guidelines and manual on operation and maintenance of cold storage facilities.

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DHHS Cold Storage

Maintenance Technician

July 2009 - July 2013 (4 years 1 month)

Bengaluru Area, India

- Troubleshoot, repair, inspect and maintain HVAC systems. Maintain the operator work station & laptop.

- Perform maintenance and service repairs on pneumatic controls, electric controls and humidity controls.

- Maintenance and service repairs on split system air conditioning units such as: accidents, acid wash coils, pressure and temperature controls, setting mechanical unloaders, Glycol feeders, Thermal energy storage plants, and CFC data recordings.

- Perform maintenance and service repairs for heating systems such as: hot water boilers, steam boilers, glycol feeder, boiler combustion efficiencies and all gas fired resolving problems.

- Perform maintenance and service repair on custom and packaged air handling units, unit ventilators, cabinet unit heaters, chilled and hot water fan coils units and exhaust fans.

- Perform maintenance and service repairs on control air compressors and refrigerated air dryers

- Perform maintenance and service repairs on pumps, variable frequency drives, soft starts and speed controls.

- Monitor and test water conditions in hot water and chilled water systems using chemical treatment and glycol.

- Perform maintenance and service repairs on hot water and chilled water piping, along with air and hydronic balancing.

- Assist other trades as needed.

- Perform other duties as assigned.


Intellectual Institute of Management & Technology

Bachelor’s Degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering · (2013 - 2016) Sri Jayachamrajendra Govt. Polytechnic

Associate’s Degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering · (2008 - 2013)

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