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Websphere Administrator

Simi Valley, CA
March 11, 2020

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Rajiv Reddy Yata



Around 14 years of experience in middleware solutions using IBM’s WebSphere Application Server 8.5/7.0/6.1/6.0, JBOSS EAP 4.0/4.2/5.1/6.0, Web Logic Server 12c, AWS, Tomcat Apache 5.5, WebSphere MQ and E-Commerce Solutions.

Extensively administered in critical EAI application Development/Support/Maintenance using WebSphere Application Server, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Amazon Web Services, Fusion Middleware and MQ.

Deployed and configured Jenkins for continuous delivery of applications in Prod and non-prod environments.

Experienced in Migrating WebSphere Application Server from 6.1 to 8.5 and 6.1 to 7.0 and also IBM HTTP Server from 6.0 to 8.5

Highly experienced in Installing IBM HTTP Server, Iplanet, creating instances, setting up Virtual hosts and rewrite rules, enabling SSL and configuring the Web Server plug-in to work with the web server and the application server.

Experienced in installing, configuring and migration of App Dynamics, Siteminder to v12 on AIX, Redhat Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows platforms.

Experienced in installing Apache 2.2.14 webserver on AIX, Redhat Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows platforms and setting up Mod Proxy.

Experienced in installing and configuring Wily Introscope 9.1 on WAS, Web Logic, JBoss, Apache tomcat servers.

Adept at configuring various WebSphere resources including JDBC Providers (oralc,db2,sql), configuring data sources, JMS, resource adapters, Message Driven Bean Listeners, session management, managing WebSphere variables at all scopes(cell, cluster, node and server).

Well versed with WebSphere Clustering (Work Load Management (WLM) and Fail Over) techniques including horizontal and vertical scaling.

Good working experience with Secured Socket Layer (SSL), creating self signed certificates, Generating certificate requests, Import/Export certificates and creating key databases.

Experience with Service Oriented Architecture based systems and working knowledge of different SOA technologies like WebSphere Process Server, Enterprise Serial Bus (ESB), BEA Web logic server, XML/SOAP, Message Queue in WebSphere.

Developed many Jacl, Jython scripts and shell scripts to automate the maintenance process of the WebSphere and recovered the backed up WebSphere.

Good knowledge of server side development using EJB, JNDI, Servlets, Portlet API, and JSP, RMI and CORBA and deployment on WebSphere Application Server.

Experienced with System Administration skills of All Unix flavors (AIX, Solaris and Linux) along with networking features. Worked on UNIX scripts for log rotations, cron jobs for job automation, startup scripts and shell wrappers for wsadmin scripts (jacl/jython).

Experience in troubleshooting and brining up failed mission critical productions systems under extreme pressure conditions and time constraints.


IBM Certified System Administrator WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0

IBM Certified System Administrator AIX 6.1 Administration.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering, JNTU INDIA


App Servers: IBM WebSphere Network Deployment Edition V 6.1/7.0/8.5.5

WebSphere Application Server virtual enterprise V 6.1

Web Logic Server 8.2/9.1/10.3, 12c

JBoss 5.1/4.2

WebSphere MQ 6.0/,

Hardware/OS: IBM AIX power 7, Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, UNIX, ZLinux,

HP-UX, OS/390, z/OS, OS/400 for AS/400 (iSeries),

Windows 95/NT/98/2K/XP/2003.

Web Servers: IHS, Apache, Sun One, Netscape, iPlanet,

Windows Active Directory

Languages: JAVA, C, PL/SQL, Visual C++, VB, HTML, XML, XSLT, PERL,

SOAP, Jacl, Jython, Python, WSDL and Shell Scripting

Databases: DB2/UDB, IMS DB, SQL 2003/2005 SERVER, Oracle 8i/10g

Java Technologies: Servlet, JSP, Beans, EJB (Including MDB), J2EE, Swing, JDBC,

JMS, JNDI, RMI, Java Mail

Tools: APPDynamics, Splunk, DynaTrace, Science Logic, CA

Wily Introscope, IBM Support Assistant Tools, Jenkins,

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM),

IBM Heap Analyzer, IBM Trace and Request Analyser,

NMON Analyzer and Consolidator, HP Quality Center, Site Scope,

VISIO, WSAD, QMF, UML (Rational Rose, RUP)



FleetCor Technologies Inc.

Sr.Middleware Administrator Jan’14 to Till date

As a division of FleetCor Technologies, Comdata is part of one of the largest payment companies in the world and is the second largest commercial issuer of MasterCard in North America. Comdata has been a leading provider of innovative B2B payment and operating technology. By combining unique capabilities in technology development, credit card issuing, transaction processing and network ownership, Comdata helps clients build electronic payment programs that positively impact their bottom line and operate their businesses more efficiently.


Perform installation, patching, configuration, troubleshooting and tuning of WebSphere Application Server.

Apply fix packs to WAS and IHS Servers and upgraded Java to JDK 1.8 from 1.6/1.7 on all the Dynamic clusters.

Perform installation, configuration, troubleshooting and tuning of IBM HTTP Server (Apache) including modifying URL redirects and creating multiple virtual host environments.

Knowledge of software engineering for applications in order to implement the highly complex analyses and troubleshooting for the WebSphere environment.

Worked on the SAP Business Objects for promoting crystal reports from Dev to QA/Prod Environments.

Experience working with App Dynamics, DynaTrace, Splunk and ScienceLogic for monitoring Java applications.

Used App Dynamics for application troubleshooting during outages in Production for analyzing the root cause of the problem and for tuning the environment accordingly.

Used Dynatrace for providing alerts for any problems related to the servers/Application.

Experience with ServiceNow platform for tracking all work flow changes to QA and PROD.

Support CAB approved production changes during Sunday maintenance window.

Troubleshooting Production Incident calls for quick resolution and recovery ASAP.

Performing on-call rotation and to provide support 24/7 for all Java apps.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 8.5/7.0/6.1,Jboss 5.1, Web Logic AS 12c, Apache Tomcat 4.1.40, IHS Web server 8.5/, Business Objects, Apache Webserver 2.2.14/2.2.3, IIS 7.0/6.0, ServiceNow, DynaTrace, Splunk, Science Logic, Java, JSP, EJB, UML, XML, SQL, DB2, Oracle 10g, AIX Power version7, Red Hat Linux 6/5.7, Tivoli Active Directory, Kubernetes, CA Wily Introscope 8.0/8.2, ITCAM 7.2, IBM Heap Analyser, Jenkins, Elastic Search, Ansible and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Walt Disney Company Oct’09 – Dec’13

Glendale, CA

Sr. Middleware Administrator

Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is the business segment of The Walt Disney Company that extends the Disney brand to merchandise ranging from apparel, toys and home décor to books and magazines, foods and beverages, stationery, electronics and animation art. This is accomplished through DCP's various lines of business which include: Disney Toys, Disney Fashion & Home, Disney Food, Health & Beauty and Disney Stationery.


Installed, configured and supported maintenance of IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5/7.0/6.1/6.0, JBoss 4.0/5.1, Web Logic 10.3 and Apache Tomcat 5.5.28

Migrated IBM WAS 6.1 to WAS 8.5 and WAS 6.1 to WAS 7.0 projects on AIX Power 7 servers.

Installed IBM Http Server 8.5 and Apache Web Server 2.2.14 on AIX power 7 and created web server instances.

Installed J2EE applications, configured coherence servers, managed servers using Web Logic Application Server.

Installed and Migrated DCP applications from Siteminder R6 to R12 on IHS, Apache and IIS on various platforms like AIX, Linux and Windows.

Installed and Configured Wily Introscope agent 9.1.1/8.2.2 version on WebSphere, Tomcat and JBoss Application Servers on AIX, Linux and Windows.

Installed fix packs, interim fixes, refresh packs and cumulative fixes for WebSphere base version and deployment manager through Installation Manager and using silent installation.

Configured IBM Application Server JVM’s and Jboss Jvm’s data sources, heap size, Web container settings through Admin console as well as using Jython Scripts

Deployment of J2EE Applications, Creating Cluster’s for Load Balancing and Failover, Configuring Resources like JDBC Provider, Creating Virtual Hosts, Shared Libraries, JNDI Configurations, EJB References, Creating Environment Variables, and Configuring Session Management.

Worked on Implementing, configuring and Renewal of SSL certificates, requested digital certificates, created self signed certificates and imported/exported public/private keys using IKEYMAN utility and also through Openssl.

Maintaining the Connection pooling and connection manager with Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2.

Experienced on WebSphere components such as Work Load Management (WLM), Servlet Engine, Session Manager, Admin Client and Http-Web Admin tool (thin client)

Involved in supplementing QA team efforts in Load, Integration and Performance Testing of J2EE applications on WebSphere Application Server.

Worked closely with developers and configured application servers. Virtual Hosts, Web Application, Web resources, Servlets, JDBC drivers as well as deployment of EJBs across multiple instances of WebSphere.

Used Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor WebSphere Applications and tuned the environment accordingly like changing the JVM Heap, Thread pools, Connection Pool sizes and others.

To analyze application problem from native_stderr, heap dump and core dump file with IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Java Garbage collector, IBM Heap Analyzer and IBM Thread and Monitor dump analyzer.

Experience in performance tuning of WebSphere Application server, and performing java core dumps, and involving IBM to perform core analysis and installed required portal fixes to avoid memory leaks.

Experience with high availability, change management, incident management process (ITIL service Lifecycle management).

Opened 2nd level PMR and worked with IBM for resolving complex problems

Environment: WebSphere Application Server 8.5/7.0/6.1,Jboss 5.1, Web Logic AS 10.3.6, Apache Tomcat 4.1.40, JBoss 4.0/4.2/5.1, IHS Web server 8.5/, Apache Webserver 2.2.14/2.2.3, IIS 7.0/6.0, Siteminder 12.0/6.0, Hp Quality center, MQ Series 5.3 & 6.0, Java, JSP, EJB, UML, XML, SQL, Artesia 6.3, DB2, Oracle 10g, AIX Power version 5.3/6.1, Red Hat Linux 5.7, Tivoli Active Directory, Windows Active Directroy, CA Wily Introscope 8.0/8.2, ITCAM 7.2, IBM Heap Analyser, IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java, SUN Solaris Version 5.10, Documentum, Python, Jython, Window 2003/2008.

Verizon Business, Minneapolis, MN July’08 - Sep’09

Sr. WebSphere Administrator

Description: WebSphere team hosts 100s of web applications and E-business Applications in heterogeneous environment which consists of various Platforms like Solaris, AIX, Linux and Windows. The team hosts applications for several lines of business like Consumer & Small Business, Transaction Services, Corporate Staff, Network Computing Group, Global Corporate Investment Banking, Global Wealth and Investment Management.


Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0/6.1/6.0 and Web logic Server 10.3

To apply fix packs/cumulative fix packs and Refresh packs on IBM WebSphere, WXDOP(WebSphere Extended Deployment Operations Optimization),IBM HTTP Server and Plug-in

Configured on-Demand Routers (ODR), Core Groups and created Dynamic Clusters for WebSphere XD 6.1.x.

Implemented and Configured Standard Health Policies in WebSphere XD - 6.1.x

To install SiteMinder agent on web servers and to integrating SiteMinder with web servers: IBM Http Server, Apache and IPlanet.

To configure SSL (VeriSign certificates) on web server for secure communication.

Installed J2EE applications using IBM WebSphere application server and wsadmin, Jython and Jacl scripts

Configured Data Source, MQ Queue Connection factory, MQ Queue Destination, Message listeners, Resource Adapters and Security settings

To support different projects from Dev, CIT, SIT, UAT, Production and Contingency environments

To migrate code from WebSphere 5.1 to WebSphere 6.0/6.1/7.0 and suggest the development team about the changes to be incorporated in java code

To support performance testing and coordinate with testing team while load/stress testing.

To tune the application server parameters (Heap Size, thread count, database connection pool min/max, transaction timeout, MQ connection pool & session pool) to get better performance

To create MRD (Monitoring Review Document) before the Production Phase of Project and submit it to Monitoring team to setup the alerts.

To review architecture diagram and provide feedback about fail over, load balancing, interaction with dependent system and others.

To open PMR with IBM using ESR tool to troubleshoot sev-1/2 issues

To open Peregrine change control for any schedule production activities

Environment: IBM WebSphere 5.1/6.0/6.1/7.0, Web logic Server 10.3, IBM WebSphere XD-, IBM HTTP Server 6.0/6.1/7.0,IPlanet 6.1 SP7, Apache 2.0.47,WSRR, ESM, SOA, IBM AIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows, Wily Introscope V7.2, Mercury Probe, Jacl, Jython, Oracle 9i, DB2, MS SQL Server 2003.

AT&T, Hoffman Estates, IL Dec ’06 - July’08 WebSphere Administrator

Description: Service Delivery Platform (SDP) component is to provide service provisioning, ordering and service activation capabilities for IPTV, HSIA (high-speed Internet Access), and VoIP. SDP provides centralized service creation and service control for cross platform services, as well as product/package (content) management and user subscription management functionality.


Administered more than 100+ servers in heterogeneous environment, which includes, WebSphere Application Server, Portal Server, Process Server, and IBM MQ Series on AIX, Linux, Z/OS, Windows and Solaris platforms.

Worked in Infrastructure team, supporting 10 Environments which includes 4 development Environments, 4 testing Environments and 2 Production Environments

Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server v6.1.x, WebSphere Process Server 6.x, WebSphere Portal v6.1.0.x and IBM HTTP Server on Linux, and performed migration from WAS/WPE v6.0.x environment.

Led efforts to upgrade enterprise portal from WebSphere Portal version 5.1 to 6.0, including migration of existing user customizations.

Developed many Jacl, Jython, shell scripts to automate the administration of WebSphere using WAS Admin, WSCP and XML Config tools

Involved in Installation, Upgrade and configuration of Apache and IBM HTTP Web servers.

Involved in IHS/Apache Webserver Plug-in configuration for Load balancing and Reverse Proxy.

Configured Single sign on (SSO) Authentication to access different applications.

Configured Edge Server for high availability with a backup Edge failover server that takes over sessions if the primary Edge server fails.

Responsible for configuration of global portal settings required for the portlet activation, deployment and troubleshooting.

Enforcing WebSphere Portal Security- Authentication, Authorization, Creating Roles and setting User access levels

Involved in migrating the all J2EE Applications, which includes setting up new Research, TEST, and Production Environments from Web Sphere to Web Sphere

Tuning and Monitoring the overall applications and system health with the statistics Average response time, Number of requests(transactions) and number of live http sessions, web server thread pools, the Web and Enterprise JavaBeans thread pools, database and connections pools, java virtual memory, CPU, I/O and System Paging.

To provide on-call, weekend and after-hours support for different environments and hosting applications.

Opened IBM PMR’S using ESR tool to troubleshoot sev-1/2 issues.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1/6.0, WebSphere Portal Server5.1/6.0, WebSphere process server 6.x, ESB, IBM WebSphere Virtual Enterprise V6.1, IHS Web server 6.1, Apache Tomcat Web server 2.2,LDAP, WebSphere MQ 5.x/6.x, AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3, Solaris 2.9/10g, 5.8, Redhat Linux AS 3.0, IPlanet 6.0/6.1, Jacl, Jython

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