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Engineer Drilling

March 11, 2020

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Giovani Caicedo

MScs. & Geological Engineer

Mérida-Caracas/ Venezuela

Bogotá-Cúcuta/ Colombia +57/322-***-****án-38119293/ +58/414/0108299 (WhatsApp) Geological engineer with a Master's Degree in Geological Sciences and 15 years of experience in exploration geology, distinguished by its high versatility, being my main achievement to guide me in an interdisciplinary way for the process of generating geological exploration, by: geological cartography –SIG-, stratigraphy, biostratigraphy –Identification of fossil species-, basin analysis, resource estimation, geological modeling, field geology, petrography, description and classification of lithological units, drilling geology, mudlogging, sedimentary environments, petrophysics, structural geology, tectonics, and generation-control- monitoring of geological projects; I also include in my professional portfolio:

(1) the planning and optimization of projects under a Quality Management System -ISO 9001: 2015-, Environmental

management system –ISO 14001:2015- and Occupational Education

(Language: Spanish - English - French)

University Universidad Central de Venezuela

Magister or Master in Geological Sciences


University Universidad Nueva Esparta

Diploma in Project Manager


University Universidad Central de Venezuela

Geological Engineer


Health and Safety Management System -ISO 45001:2018- and others

(HSSE or HSE – QA/QC),

Professional Experience

Continental Geology-GC Venezuela

Project Manager - Senior Geologist, Organizational structure of the Geology Continental Company, Nov. 2018- Current. The professional position in the company accredits me for the conceptual creation of its structure, operations, systematic design of activities, standardization and implementation of HSSE, execution and development of geological research projects. Training plans have been prepared on different geo-scientific topics related to geological exploration, basin geological modeling, geological cartography, structural and tectonic geology (2019-2020).

Geological Survey of Venezuela - INGEOMIN Caracas, Venezuela Geologist II or Specialist II - Stratigraphic study and modeling of stratigraphic basins Professional activity geared towards exploration geology within the Division of Geological Cartography and Regional Geology; From my position I planned, supervised, developed and controlled geological projects under a quality management system –HSSE, QA / QC or HSE- with special emphasis on the structural geological model of the basin between Barcelona and Puerto la Cruz -Offshore and coast -

- October 2017 to April 2018: Coordinating geologist for the generation of the geological map of the Trincheras region under ArcGIS - GIS- software, generation of topographic maps, geomorphological maps, and the collection of structural data for integration with geomechanical data of the rock and soil, fulfilling the objectives of the clients.

- January to December 2017: Cartographic geologist for north-eastern research in Venezuela, the purpose was to create the geological- structural map, sections of stratigraphic sections, stratigraphic columns, spatial correlation map, stratigraphic model, paleogeographic extension of the lithological units, faunal letter, and bathymetry; The digital data processing was under ArcGIS software - creating GIS

- and AutoCAD.

- November 2016 to June 2017: Structural geologist, who by means of the interpretation of images of seismic and electrical profiles spatially defined the geological structures, on the other hand, the spatial analysis of the deformations was performed and the factors indicative of the efforts were established -deformation, with the purpose of defining the deformation envelope of the northern area of the western end of the interior mountain range in Venezuela, and its structural style.

- June 2016 to December 2017: Geologist of drilling data processing and geophysical images, these seismic-electric images together with the evaluation of perforations in and near the study area, served the purpose of establishing a stratigraphic-structural integration of the data, resource estimation.

- August 2016 to September 2017: Integrated study of the offshore and coastal stratigraphic basin: micropaleontological-biostratigraphic of benthic and planktonic foraminifera, geochronological, timelines of stratigraphic sections, spatial correlation - panel diagrams, sedimentological and facies model, analysis of the evolution of the basin, definition of the carbon platform, and chemical and mineralogical analysis of the geological sections studied.

- June 2016 to October 2016: Petrography of the upper Cretaceous formations in the eastern interior mountain range, diagenesis, geochemistry of the samples, geostatistics of the data collected, among other microscope analysis.

- March 2015 to June 2016: I directed as a field geologist the survey of stratigraphic-structural data and geophysical data (survey of electrical profiles) for processing and integration with other disciplines in the generation of the stratigraphic-structural model.

- February to June 2015: Responsible for the creation of the tectonic-stratigraphic exploration project north of Anzoátegui, which included interdisciplinary studies for basin modeling and the updating of the stratigraphic nomenclature - lithostratigraphic units.

- August 2015 to November 2018: Drilling Geology and Exploration Geologist, advice on drilling meshes and multidisciplinary exploration methods - geophysics, geochemistry and geology - in geological exploration projects in the eastern and Andean region in Venezuela. Geological Survey of Venezuela - INGEOMIN Caracas, Venezuela Geologist I or Specialist I – Geological Exploration and modeling of stratigraphic basins, October 2007 to August 2015 As an exploration geologist, I coordinated the regional geological mapping projects, my main functions being the creation of geological maps at a scale of 1: 100.000 under the format established by IGVSB - Simón Bolívar Venezuelan Geographical Institute - 17 sheets were RESUME Curriculum Vitae

created between the Andean region, north- Western, north-eastern and southern in Venezuela, all the maps created were under ArcGIS software. The complementary activities for this work were to perform interpretations of regional seismic images, static modeling, creation of geological sections and design of stratigraphic columns, basin analysis through studies: sedimentological, tectonic-stratigraphic analysis, regional spatial correlations of stratigraphic units. In addition to my functions I participated:

- Participation in different drilling projects of Cretaceous and Cenozoic formations - north-eastern and western projects - whose purpose was to describe perforated nuclei considering that the information would be used for sedimentological compression of stratigraphic units, facies analysis, establishment of timelines for spatial correlations, sampling for petrographic and geochemical analyzes, geostatistics based on the data obtained -mineralization-, structural geological modeling from the basin analysis (2009-2015).

- Field geology for the fulfillment of geological exploration program, the projects usually consisted of capturing and processing geological information to create geological maps (GIS) at regional and detail scale, sampling for: petrographic analysis, paleontological -macro / micro-, sedimentological and geochemical, interpretation of deposition facies and lithological descriptions


- Creation of different geological exploration projects (2008-2015) under a quality management system and safety controls -HSE, QA / QC or HSSE-; geological exploration programs were technical-economic proposals under the requirements of customers and clients, the proposals established multidisciplinary activities in exploration geology: complement the detailed drilling program, execution plan and interpretation of geophysical profiles (seismic and electrical), stratigraphic modeling under a certain software (the software is chosen according to the demand of the client or partner - commonly proposed: Datamine, petrel, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, among others of similar applications).

- Development of static models demanded in different projects to resource estimation: Western Cretaceous Basin in Carora of Lara State (2009-2010), Cretaceous-Cenozoic Basin to the north of Anzoátegui State (2010-2011), Cretaceous-Cenozoic Basin to the south of Monagas State- Around Quiriquire (2013-2014), Jurassic-Cenozoic Basin in Sucre State (2008-2009), and Western Jurassic-Cretaceous Basin northern part in the Mérida State (2014-2016).

- Participation in the team for the control of Safety, Health and Environment (HSSE) of the projects: Pertigalete in Anzoátegui State, Chaparral in Guárico State and Cerro Azul in Monagas State. The activities were framed in establishing the security controls of the companies demanding the geological exploration service or those proposed by INGEOMIN for the program, the controls were executed for: technical-administrative work, exploration geology, geophysical surveys -in their different methods-, drilling program, and geochemical exploration.

- Drafting of technical-administrative reports that consisted of the partial, phase or final delivery of the multidisciplinary activities of the geological-geophysical-geochemical exploration and drilling work teams.

- Creation of norms and procedures of Safety, Health and Environmental (HSSE) of the technical operations that the professionals of the area of Geological Cartography and Regional Geology (2013 and 2016) must fulfill.

- Participation in the Scientific-Technical Committee for the formulation of norms and statutes during 2009, and member in the Geological Mapping Committee where the norms for the procedure for geological mapping are created - SIG - (2010).

- Collection and processing of the data of the register of specific sludge within the register as a whole, to include them in the drilling database in accordance with the standards and procedures required by the client (February 2009 to June 2017).

- Publication in scientific journals or internal reports: presentation of results and exhibitor of topics related to geological exploration, basin modeling and geological cartography (2007-2015).

- Sedimentological studies that allowed us to interpret the accumulation processes and cycles, identifying the genesis of the deposits, excavation of test trenches and the data from the open wells registry, sedimentology laboratory (July to October 2011).

- Participated in rotation survey with witness recovery with special emphasis on geological exploration and geological modeling, and participated in tests of horizontal drilling in tunnels for lithological description, correlating the reports of the survey with surface geology

(2005- 2013).

Geological Survey of Venezuela - INGEOMIN Caracas, Venezuela Staff Geology/ Geologist I or Specialist I – Geosciences Database of Venezuela NGDV, December 2005 – October 2007 Iran-Venezuela Binational Project, National Database of Geosciences in Venezuela (NGDV), functions:

- Participate in the creation of a geoscientific database, where personal activity was the capture of seismic information (depth of the earthquake, magnitude and geographic location), digital creation of geology templates (economic geology, petrography, structural geology, paleontology, stratigraphy and geological maps) and publication of information on the NGDV portal of geological reference, while team activity was based on the administration of geological databases, through geo-scientific information requested from operating corporations in the country. The purpose of the project was for the information of greater geo-scientific interest to be analyzed and processed, to later be captured and classified in previously designed digital formats - at this stage a systematic order of the data and its subsequent handling / GIS is carried out - to which were finally made available to users.

- Multiple technical presentations were made to universities and scientific corporations -public and private- in particular companies from the mining, oil and gas sector, with the purpose of actively and permanently involving them in the generation, processing and capture of the geoscience data generated in the country.

- A technical visit to the Geological Survey of Iran was carried out with the function of fulfilling a multidisciplinary training with reference to the database structure.

- Advice for the creation of a 3D geological model, with the purpose of proposing a drilling network or mesh in order to study the availability of subsoil water for human consumption –Camino de Los Indios project –geologist interns- added to the possible geo studies

-statistics and geochemicals that could be incorporated with field, soil and rock sampling.

- Experience in horizontal drilling tests in tunnels (2005). Geological Survey of Venezuela - INGEOMIN Caracas, Venezuela Geologist Intern – Geological Mapping and Geotechnical Studies, November 2004 to November 2005 Geological-geotechnical research within the Andean Multinational Project, where a GIS -Geographic Information System- is created, through the ArcGIS, AutoCAD and ArcView software, for the generation of the geological susceptibility map to mass movements, geological-structural map and geomorphological map in Trujillo State, Venezuela. The most relevant scientific activities in the research were:

- Stratigraphic and petrographic description of the Mucuchachi, Betijoque and Carvajal formations of the Trujillo State-Venezuela.

- Geochemical analysis of sediments collected in the field, based on the molecular structure of the clays, X-ray diffraction for the mineralogical content and mineralogical-chemical associations, and mineralogical alterations through the petrographic sections.

- Generation of Geological Sections and 3D geological modeling of lithostratigraphic units described in the research under ArcGis software.

Technical and Computer Skills

Additional technical skills Isopach maps interpretation and creation, and bathymetric distribution by fossil species, lithostratigraphic units description in surface and subsoil: identification of the name, group or member of the formation by means of the lithological description of the perforated formations and 2D/3D geophysical profiles interpretation by images electrical and seismical methods, in addition to establishing the timeline - chronostratigraphic line - in geophysical profiles. Computer Skills - Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: • Excel • Word • Power Point • Outlook • Project • Access - ArcGIS 10.1 - QGIS - Datamine - AutoCAD 2D y 3D - Petrel (With ability to adapt to other software with similar characteristics: GOCAD and Roxar) - Stereo Net – Surfer – Reservoir Simulation. Publications and Talks

Caicedo G. and Medina D. (2006) Geological-Geotechnical Characterization of a Zone Located on the Eje Vial and Local 1, between Valera-Trujillo. Trujillo State, Venezuela. Poster presentation in JIFI and Publication in GEOS (number 30), Jornadas de Investigaciones de la Facultad de Ingeniería. Thesis. Universidad Central de Venezuela and INGEOMIN.

Abuhazi, A., Agüero Y., Altuve J.,

Caicedo. G., Miranda F., Luque M.

and Zakhia W. (2006-2007)

Geological Database Project of Venezuela. Conference to Ministry of Oil and Mining, Instituto de Tecnología Venezolana para el Petróleo (INTEVEP-PDVSA), Universidad Central de Venezuela-Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas

(IVIC), Fundación Instituto de Ingeniería and Universidad Simón Bolívar. Caicedo G. and Benaim N. (2014) Geological-structural mapping of Barcelona, Cumana, San Mateo, Santa Fe y Santa Inés. Bulletin of Geology, INGEOMIN. number 33. Venezuela.

Benaim, Pimentel, Cardozo, Caicedo,

Medina, Flores, Martínez

Standards for digital processing and creation of geological maps. Bulletin of Geology, INGEOMIN. number 33. Venezuela.

Caicedo. G. (2009) Geological field and its digital processing for the creation of geological-structural maps in digital format, application for La Serranía Interior in the Eastern Section of Venezuela. Conference in Universidad Nacional Experimental de Los Llanos (UNELLEZ). Caicedo G. and Alarcon F. (2010) Stratigraphic Considerations and Fossil Record in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Instituto Nacional de Geología y Minería (INGEOMIN)- Geological Survey of Venezuela, Internal Report. Caicedo G. and Alarcon F. (2010) Geological-geotechnical study in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela. Internal Report. INGEOMIN.

Caicedo G. (2014) Digital processing of geological field data for the creation of geological cartography, geological sections and stratigraphic columns. Anniversary of INGEOMIN. Technical Conference. Nava, Ponce, Ramírez, Castro and

Caicedo (2017)

The stratigraphic study of the Upper Cretaceous of the Capacho and La Luna formations. Thesis. La Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Mérida Kléber Ramírez (UPTM). Caicedo G. (2018) Stratigraphic Study of the Upper Cretaceous in El Morro de Lechería and the Islands north of Barcelona, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela. Master's Thesis. Universidad Central de Venezuela, Biblioteca Nacional and INGEOMIN. Caracas-Venezuela. Caicedo G., Angulo L. Colmenares J.,

Velázquez F. and Bravo G. (2018)

Geological-geotechnical study in Trincheras, Carabobo State, Venezuela. Internal Report. INGEOMIN.

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