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Speech therapy, Executive Training, Reasoning Skills rehabilitation

Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon
Between 800$ and 1000$ per day
March 11, 2020

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Date and place of birth 23/7/1984, Ottawa, Canada

Nationalities Lebanese, Canadian, Armenian

Marital status Married

Details of contact:

Telephone Cellular: 03-823006

Private clinic: 01-398844

Home: 05-921561

E-mail; Address Clinic: Ashrafieh, Hôtel Dieu street, Nasr building, 2nd floor Home: Baabda, François El Hajj street, Kechichian building UNIVERSITY EDUCATON

June 2020 (expected date)

PhD in Language Sciences, University of Toulouse II, France. June 2016

Master’s Research Degree in Speech Therapy, Saint-Joseph University, Faculty of medicine. Beirut, Lebanon.

June 2006

Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy, Saint-Joseph University, Faculty of medicine. Beirut, Lebanon.


July 2019

"Basic Life Support" Certificate issued by the Lebanese European Academy of Emergency Medicine (valid till 2021). Beirut, Lebanon.

June 2019

Training on "Learning Disabilities in Mathematics: problem solving", certified by Anne Lafay, French Speech-Language Pathologist and Doctor of Experimental Medicine. Beirut, Lebanon. June 2018

-Training on "Educational Toolboxes" as part of the teaching practices for universities, certified by the University of Toulouse III, France.

-Training session entitled "Discovering what is learning to teach more effectively", certified by the University of Toulouse III, France.

-Training entitled "Know how to present yourself in 3 minutes in front of a recruiter", certified by the PROGRESS team. Toulouse, France.

March 2018

-"Project management training", certified by the PROGRESS team. Toulouse, France.

-Training on "Theatrical practices for didactics", certified by the University of Toulouse III, France.

May 2017

Training on "Oropharyngeal dysphagia: from screening to management and instrumental evaluation", certified by Tarek Féghali, President of the Lebanese Association of Speech Therapists and Dr. Nayla Matar, ENT Phoniatre. Beirut, Lebanon. February 2015

Seminar on parental guidance, certified by Isabelle Barbier, French Speech Therapist. Beirut, Lebanon.

February 2014

Seminar on swallowing impairment and oro-facial functions: diagnosis and rehabilitation, certified by Gille Leloup, French Speech Therapist and Doctor in Language Sciences. Beirut, Lebanon.

July 2008-April 2010

Seminar on the development and the pathology of logical and mathematical activities, certified by Cogi’Act, French professional team. Beirut, Lebanon. April 2008

Seminar concerning Stuttering, certified by Mirna Zabbale, Lebanese Speech Therapist. Beirut, Lebanon.


Submitted for publication in February 2020

Scientific article entitled "A Pilot Visual-Spatial Working Memory Training Protocol in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder".

January 2020

Arabic book concerning learning disabilities addressed to parents and educators entitled: ّمّية - دليل الأهل والفريق التّعليمي

الّصعوبات التّعل غوي

ّعدّد الّل


March 2019

Poster presentation entitled "Executive Functions and Spelling: Development and Linkage in Lebanese Bilingual Children from Grade 2 to Grade 4" in the Spring of Educational Research. Paris, France.


June 2002

Lebanese and French scientific bachelors, Notre Dame de Jamhour College. Beirut, Lebanon. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

June 2006-till now

Private Care Clinic, Ashrafieh: facing Hôtel Dieu de France Hospital (taking in charge children and adults presenting stuttering, learning disabilities or oral language impairment). August 2018-till now

Mount Lebanon hospital, Hazmieh: Inpatients and Outpatients, Children and adults rehabilitation

(neurological disorders, voice or swallowing impairments). November 2019

Training provided to educators and speech therapists at LDPA and Ciet training centers concerning the following topics: executive functions, bilingualism and reasoning skills. March 2017

Antonine University, Baabda: Established a speech therapy department in the faculty of public health; project presented to the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education. November 2016-Janvier 2017

Trainings provided in Beirut municipalities to parents and educators about the following topics: oral language, written language, reasoning skills and executive functions. October 2010-June 2018

Gutenberg School, Baabda: Educational coordination and following patients presenting learning disabilities.

April 2011-June 2013

Lycée Franco-Libanais, Verdun : Rehabilitation of children presenting an impairment or a delay in oral or written language and coordination with teachers and parents. July 2011- June 2013

Healthy Children’s Clinics, Hadath: Early intervention and rehabilitation of oral and written languages.

October 2010- June 2013

Inclusion Clinics, Badaro: receiving patients with oral and written difficulties. August 2008-August 2009

Learning Center for the Deaf, Baabda: Early intervention program with deaf children. September 2006-August 2008

The Philanthropic Association for Disabled Care, Nabatieh: Intervention with patients from all ages presenting difficulties in oral and written languages, stuttering, or language impairment due to neurological disorders, and with patients presenting voice or swallowing impairments. September 2006-September 2007

Kafaat, Notre Dame School, Hadath: Intervention with children and teenagers presenting deafness, intellectual deficit, oral and written language difficulties. June 2006-June 2007

Intervention with private patients, adults, presenting language impairment and swallowing difficulties due to neurological diseases, in different hospitals: Hôtel Dieu de France, Mount Lebanon, Notre Dame.


- Arabic, English and French: oral and written.

- Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Member in the Lebanese association of speech therapists ALO.

*References, recommendations and diplomas are provided upon request.

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