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Sales Manager

Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
March 13, 2020

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Younus Abu Muhammad

Summerton Apartments, Block *10A-10-5, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang -11900, Malaysia Cell: +60-16-417-****




Repeatedly produce sustained revenue and EBITA growth in dynamic and changing markets, proven achievement in textile chemical and processing industries. Extensive business background in international, multicultural environments.

Senior executive with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Extensive experience with highly engineered systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries; highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas and delivering on customer commitments. Customer focus and performance driven led and motivated entire team.

Confident, creative qualified marketing and sales professional with > 20 years of distinguish performance in Textile related chemical industries Broad- based on comprehensive technical & commercial sustainable background, plan and manage the implementation of corporate sustainability initiatives for managing sales, marketing and business development encompasses on excellent work ethic and committed to organizational objectives with in highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. Proactive business development Manager, team builder and tactical planner with ability to attract and secure key players in building strong long lasting business relationship and motivated worldwide teams comprised of more than 500 employees and managed textile auxiliaries, industrial chemicals, exceeding $400 million revenue.

Specializes in opportunity identification, strategic market planning, pricing, and sales forecasting. Motivational work ethics with a successful record of building new businesses. Recognized for decisive leadership and proven ability to face challenges hand-on and execute sound decisions while directing product launches with the ability and skill set to provide creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership in a team environment. Focus on achieving continuous improvement in sustaniable business performance. Accountable for successfully achieving Absolute Net Margin growth targets for respective Key Marketing Initiatives on leadership environments.

Experience spanning with a focus towards developing new markets and geographies from lower level and developing them into regions with maximum revenue potential and optimal profit margins through careful planning and execution. Creating sustainability by implementing business performance management, corporate governance and internal control frameworks and developing organizational capability. Business management experience with responsibility for delivering strategy and P&L ownership. I am very ambitious to join more challenging assignments within speciality chemicals’, being strong key player with strong commercial and technical background, with strong knowledge on product development, product formulation, material sourcing, QC testing and production planning, that also include dyes, pigments and coating application.

As holding very strong marketing knowledge and experience of textile dyes especially Reactive, Disperse, Acid, Pigments and process chemicals’ working with big brands to develop new fashion Brands to meet fastness requirements and future challenges. Evaluate the potential demand of products, analyse the market trends, monitor competition activities and future investments. Explore a new trend and market demand, implement new global business strategy, planning for sustainable growth. Focus on gap analysis, R&D testing for new product development, innovation & process development, product life cycle / range pruning are core objectives moreover new concept development to improve EBTDA, margin Index, monitor production cycle and cost control to become more competitive. Forecasting of materials, coordination with application global and regional laboratories and sales team for their training to manage technical and commercial services efficiently, regular customer visits, conduct industrial trials, technical workshops regional & global level and customers seminars, Exhibitions etc. focus on increase sales strategy to create win-win situation for organization and industry for sustainable growth with different LBL’s.

Focus on product developments and growth to meet the industrial Sustainability Management to meet current and future challenges of Brands an efficient manner, always implement performance management according to corporate guidelines and responsible for leadership marketing key projects with brands owners process building and responsible for environmental performance, saving water consumption, waste water emissions to the industries and offer new process based on process optimizing our green future and social responsibility

I am an ambitious, challenging and an adaptable professional who believes in rising above the stated scope of job description while addressing needs of business. I aspire to be a business leader using the foundation of my strong technical background in driving and enhancing brand equity. Responsible for category management, business development, Operations and Sales, Strategizing and ensuring execution of policies & procedures, market analysis. Directs planning, development and execution of commercial activities, short- and long-term marketing plans. Lead a growing team with key commercial and technical expertise and capabilities. Provides for continuous control, review and follow-up of commercial operations to ensure objectives are obtained, changes are coordinated, and problems resolve on top priorities for smooth drives. Creates new customer relationships and interacts regional and global commercial and technical teams. Supports proposal efforts as directed by inputting in conceptualizing, technical writing and pricing strategy. Preparation of and participation in Fixed Price Reviews, leading to model development; preparation of Cost Element Breakdowns; compilation of pricing source data and preparation of customer pricing formats. Ability to pursue new business as well as maintain strong customer relationships. Negotiations and successful contract conclusions with customers and distributors. Extensive in-depth knowledge of dyes sourcing and chemicals process in textile applications with strong technical marketing background with sufficient knowledge of textile product formulation and key additives with their application. Received one year in-depth textile technical and sales training from BAYER AG (Leverkusen, Germany) and one year Clariant International (Switzerland) to market textile dyes, pigments, BU emulsion, Co-producer business and chemicals to the industries, agents, delalers and the formulators.Provides Intensive technical and sales support to wet processing industries that deal with new techniques, products/process development and promotions.


Background encompasses >20 years of diversified experience in textile industry as Product line Management (PLM), Commercial Sales Management (SCM), Technical Sales Management (TSM), Chemical Processing Management (CPM), reactive and Disperse dyeing and Printing application. Customer-focused and performance-driven. Led and motivated worldwide teams comprised of more than 500 employees and managed P&L for business divisions exceeding $400 million revenue.

Evaluate the potential demand of products, analysis of market trends, exploration of new market, and coordination with laboratory, production, supply chain managements, R&D and sales staff to do more strategy and to know the market trend to meet demand in an efficient manner. Also to avoid any possible shortages or to lose any part of business and demonstrated unerring ability to forecast, new buying trend and develop new products for which there is a strong potential market.

Provide strategic and analytical input into product mergers (BASF+ Archroma), after global acquisitions of M. Dohmen and BASF with Archroma (spinoff from Clariant) and divestitures to ensure maximum returns and consistency with the company's overall vision. Develop the business case for potential acquisitions and divestitures.

Develop road maps and future business strategies of dyes and speciality chemicals sales to avail maximum benefits of products and timely lunch new products conduct internal technical and commercial workshop to train our sales staffs to do business with more confidence and with full responsibility.

Operations Management Acquisitions & Integrations Organic Business Growth Strategic Planning

Staff Development-Promotion Performance & Quality Standards Customer Satisfaction & Allegiance

Leadership Development P&L Management/Budget Planning Engineering & Manufacturing

Change Management Commercial & Customer Support Strategic Partnerships



01-12-2015 – Current

Currently working as CEO with additional responsibility of international business and marketing development to key customers M/s BASF-Chemdyes Sdn. Bhd. Malyasia, Manufacturer and Distributor of BASF (Archroma) textile chemicals.

Spearheaded change division-wide, establishing new strategic direction for chemical manufacturing division, leading financial turnaround for operations at very low profitability, and building strong leadership team. Demonstrate high integrity and compliance with

all laws and be focused on long-term value creation, possess an entrepreneurial spirit and prioritize work to focus on the highest-value activities.

Bottom-Line Improvement

Ramped division from lowest-ranking profits to successful growing company, reaching 15% net profits, 40% gross margin, and 100% increase in EBITA, SG&A cost down by 8%. and free-cash-flow performance; contributing factors included:

- Redesigned factory and expense controls, strategic sourcing and start producing value generated chemicals;

- Practical process improvements (PPI) and lean manufacturing best-practices;

- Master scheduling for improved linearity, delivery reliability, and inventory reduction; and

- New voice-of-the-customer (VOC) and stage-gate product development and launch process;

Delivered year-over-year revenue growth of 5-7% and increased share of market in major accounts and strategically important international regions, including China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and SEA.


Mission &

Vision Planning

Facilitated and guided business unit leaders in formulating new vision and strategic direction that successfully repositioned division as a differentiated competitor in the market, adding value and earning prominent role in mainstream corporate strategy.

Endorsement for newly defined vision and mission, with subsequent integration of strategy presentation to Board of Directors, investors, and analysts.

Operations and Re-


Led management team in identifying and correcting critical problems; reduced and streamlined overhead expenses, strengthened product gross margins, overhauled and improved operating processes and systems, resolved quality and warranty issues, and differentiated product lines.

Customer Service

Contributed to business by focusing on customer satisfaction gained through after-sales service and improvements to meet customer expectation. Recognized for customer-centric focus and extraordinary customer intimacy in understanding and meeting needs.

Team Development

Toured facilities Asia to evangelize need for change and monitor progress on key metrics; upgraded and rebuilt 75% of leadership team.

Technical Consultant and sustainability Director at

YRC Textile Thailand

05/2015 - 03/2016

Over $200 Million division specialized in sportswear, biggest mills in Asia. Facilitated sustainability and CSR strategic planning with Nike, Adidas & Decathlon sportswear working with Major international brands. Developed tracked, and documented corporate “best practices” programs in waste water, energy, supply chain accountability, communication, and stakeholder engagement. Continuously evaluated environmental and fiscal impact of processes and procurement: supply chain engagement; managed waste stream; energy and environmental facilities management; redesigned dyeing process to give less or no impact on environment. Develop shorter dyeing cycle to save water, energy and carbon footprint with zero discharge recycle water.

Effectively lead and manage production staffs, dyeing managers and R&D teams to meet the brand requirements.

Fully understand disperse dyes classification and application under different dyeing condition.

Programing and managing production of synthetic fibers daily production over 140 tons a day polyester with 93.5% RFT.

Develop process and chemicals for specialty copolymer for fiber application used for cationic dyes, pilling resistance.

Evaluate, Identify root cause of polyester fiber quality and uniformity problems.

Provide full technical consultancy on dyeing process, step dyeing, transfer printing, digital printing, dyes and chemical selection for yarn and fabric dyeing on all kind of polyester filament and staple yarns.

Experienced in both matrix and traditional work environments in developing and implementing effective strategic plans.

Implemented lean processing and continuous improvement practices. Fully gear up on Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and implemented Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) for the apparel.

Manage to handle day-to-day technical issue for smooth production with no defects to improve RFT.

Demonstrate high integrity and compliance with all laws and be focused on long-term value creation, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and prioritize work to focus on the highest-value activities.

Understand and anticipate customer requirements, feel comfortable delivering on short time frames and meeting deadlines.

Have full knowledge of disperse dyes producers and able to analyze dyeing issues and handle process control

Business Development Manager - NEA & SEA at

Archroma Pakistan Ltd.

(Formerly known as Clariant Pakistan Ltd.)

09/2014 to 04/2015

Responsible for >$400 Mio business in Asia, managing all affairs of the Business and setting growth and profitability targets, Introduction of new products through manufacturing or trading. Ex Stock and indent sales. Manage regional sales force, support staff, and training. Co-ordinate with global experts for new product development continues service, maintaining, and increasing market share. Heading regional textile chemical sales and marketing. Monitoring and managing sales and regional offices, managing HR requirements in the region. Conducting training courses for the sales team. Responsible for the finished goods and the raw material stocks and supplies situation. Keeping eyes on raw material price surge and timely availability. Forecasting, Budgeting, Working Capital management, Trading profit delivery were the main responsibilities of the Strong liaison with Planning, Procurement, Finance, and Technical departments. Focus on new product development, Inventory management, and appointment of new Distributors / dealers and restructuring as per global guide line. Major emphasis on to develop the new business from Sizing to Fibre finish to all key account customers and major Mills within SEA and Bangladesh also provide all technical support and training to marketing and sales staffs and regional distributors / dealers.

Coordinate with distributor for the local orders for cash flow and demand planning process with CSD and SCM in Singapore for timely execution to avoid any shortages and to meet up monthly country budget always keeping my targets above the blow line.

Maintaining excellent customer relationship on targeted area of business from top to small customers. Can’t be relaxed without

Developing new business and start up new projects well on time for further growth. Highest revenue growth generated from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam fast growing countries.

Global Technical Expert – Textile Chemicals at

Archroma (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Singapore

(Formerly known as Clariant Singapore Pte. Ltd.)

08/2013 to 09/2014

Responsible for >$600 Mio business in Asia, Major Responsibilities based in Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia besides Europe and Americas. The sales activities and marketing strategies my daily activities are based on following objectives.

Product Management Strategy Development and Implementation

Develops and implements product portfolio strategy for Asia

Develops and implements strategies and plans for individual product/product group road maps for sustainable growth.

Prepares strategic portfolio decisions jointly with Head of Product Group based on countries requirements.

Develops and implements innovation strategy in collaboration with innovation team to handle future growth.

Develop a market strategy, aligned with global strategy, pertaining to product design and market positioning and commercial objective for company growth. Shows No.1 product line in terms of profitability and growth.

Defines product target cost based on SGNA cost and volume.

Operational Management of Product Management

Manages performance and value of product portfolio on monthly basses

Manages technical service based on sustainability to support continuous product improvement, process improvement for the future demands with help of global and regional feedback.

Manages product intelligence (market, competition and technology development).

Work in collaboration with a sub regional sales organization in the promotion of product and its application and strategy execution and follow up with countries for further development if any.

Performance and People Management

Set targets, Monitor achievements and develops contingency plans: product contribution margin

Implements performance management according to corporate guidelines.

Develops close network within the LBL’s and global corporate management

Resource Allocation

Proposes strategic investments/divestments

Coordinates resource allocation of global process and product development activities of responsible product group.

Global Technical Expert – Textile Chemicals at

Clariant (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

08/2011 to 04/2013

Responsible for >$600 Mio business, In line with defined end-use strategic direction and priorities, develop annual proposals for Key Marketing Initiative in allocated sustainable product area, including new product launch plans, end-use concepts and marketing campaigns.

Based on in-depth market knowledge, propose Key marketing initiative focus areas by region and propose targets for incremental sales increase and sourcing right raw material and analysed by QC lab to be more compatitive. Support the Global Product management with the annual sales & net margin budget planning process and with target allocation discussions in the regions.

Make presentation to define sustainable value propositions and marketing Brochures in support of the Marketing Initiative, differentiating Clariant specific competitive advantage through presentation based on success stories, commercial promotional models and make available all supporting tools for great success.

Collaborate with poduct innovation team for latest market trends in the apparel marketand Marketing Communications to develop new sustainable concept brief and follow up on new innovation, development and execution of these products based on savings and 4E concepts.

Work with Commercial Managers to ensure regional development on Key Account Plans to achieve targets andongoing basis track and monitor Monthly results against targets sustainable products. Prepare and participate in regional Key Marketing Initiative reviews. Propose solutions to identified bottlenecks.

Establish and build strong relationships with key decision makers at customers end to better understand unmet needs in technology and performance requirements and track market dynamics by follow up visits.

Contribute to long term and short term business strategies for end-user strategic direction setting.

Follow up on identification of new sustainable product ideas, evaluate market opportunity and assess market potential. Collaborate with innovation team and commercial management in relevant regions to obtain market and customer feedback, assess and quantify market potential and opportunity, develop relevant business case and obtain sales target commitments with the teams.

Work with the commercial teams to define and qualify accessible market potential, plan for pre-launch trials, and coordinate execution of product launches with key stakeholders to enhance fabric performance and durability.

Ensure commercial team commitments to new product plans in sales forecasts, Responsible for inventory planning and forecasting up to 6 months for defined product launches.

Provide input to new product innovation ideas and coordinate development and implementation of technical and commercial training for new product launches.

For defined product group, support the commercial organization on Key Marketing Initiative presentation in strategic customer interfaces, trade fairs, customer seminars, industry symposia or exhibitions etc.

Represent marketing / end user segment in various internal meetings and decision on Global Technical workshop and Regional Sales Meetings for training to enhance productivity.

Able to work globally across multiple functional divisions. Internal stakeholders include: Brands and Retailers, Commercial teams, Technical Resources, Research & Technology, Marketing Communication, Supply Chain and Operations.

In the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) joint roadmap with the innovative team to develop a products for MRSL for apparels and footwear industries for sustainability. Our product should not affect environments.

Work and defined several projects with strategic team and develop products and concepts that help sustainability for future growth:

Head of Sales – CC Textile Chemicals at

Clariant Pakistan Ltd.

07/2001 to 04/2011

Responsible for >$100 Mio business, had experience working in different key positions in different Chemical division

Product Manager (Textile Finishing chemicals), technical textile and coating application, Garment effects after washing.

Regional Product Manager (SEA) for Textile Pigments and Emulsion for Printing and Special coating application

Product Manager Pigments and Emulsion for dyeing and printing sales and marketing in Pakistan & Bangladesh.

Product Manager Dyeing and Printing auxiliaries global responsibility

Manager Co-producer business – SEA

Revenue & Profit Growth

Shift the total business on highest profits, driving 20-25 % year-over-year revenue gains through 2001 and profitability at over 25% of revenue totals. Improved ROIC to 40% and Working Capital Turns 12%.

Built new R&D lab and team for new innovation for profitable growth. Implemented strong, aggressive marketing campaigns/programs within critical OEM markets.

Change Management

Visited regularly on production SITE and organized meetings with team on monthly basis to ensure understanding of and gain buy-in for newly-implemented changes.

New Process Implementation

Introduced modern manufacturing techniques and adapted solutions to specific requirements and environment, resulting in 20% cost reductions and 30% decreases in manufacturing cycle time.

Operations Turnaround

Transformed all poorest-performing staffs and chemicals business to one of the top-performing unit, exceeding profit goals and driving change on multiple fronts by quality improvements, inventory cuts and staffs training

Textile Technologist at

Champion Dyeing industries

01/1995 to 11/1999

Identified and corrected a mysterious processing problem with a major product line.

Developed new product and processes, and managed of specific projects.

Sole responsibility for textile product development activities dyeing, printing and finishing.

Responsible for quality control, production, planning, dyeing and finishing of knitted fabric.

Excellent on hand experience in reactive, direct and disperse and polyamide dyeing by exhaust and HTdyeing and Indigo dyeing Garments washing and finishing.

Identified new technologies: materials, machinery, and applications.

Ensured compliance of procedures to ISO and current legislations requirements.

Responsible for scheduling, employee evaluation and training and mentoring key people and projects till end results.

Approved purchase order and subsequent invoices.

Deputy Manager Marketing and Sales at

Chemdyes Pakistan Ltd.

(Bayer AG – Leverkusen)

01/1990 to 11/1994

Responsible for marketing of textile dyes, pigments, dyeing and printing auxiliaries and finishing to the textileindustries and the dealers.

Provide full technical support to the industries.

Developseveral test procedures and Quality Control standards to run lab smoothly.

Received intensive lab testing and technical training (one year) from BAYER AG, Germany.

Established process and product specifications.

Recruited, trained and supervised new sales Personnel.

Problem solving support to dyeing, finishing and printing to textile industries.

Having knowledge all kind of dyeing, printing and finishing technique.

Education & Credentials

M.Sc: Masters of Science, Organic Polymer Chemistry from Karachi University - Pakistan

B.Sc: Bachelor of Science from Karachi University - Pakistan

Diploma in Computer Science and attended Several Management courses.


1 year internship in textile knitwear vertical unit as quality contorl M/s M/s Knits International (Pvt) Ltd

6 months internship in textile processing woven fabric M/s Dost Muhammad Cotton Mills.

6 months internship in textile pre-treatment, continuous dyeing and printing M/s Siddique Son’s (Pvt) Ltd.


Develop Pigment Dyeing process by exhaust method for fashion garments.

Garments chest printing with reactive dyes without steaming and washing.


Forecasting Techniques for Mangers

Corporate Image Building

Value Based Selling – sales coaching

Finance for Non Finance

Conflicts of Interest course

Code of Conduct

Cartels and dealing with Competitors

Distribution, Market Power and Investigation.

Information and Technology Managements.

Management and Leadership for executive Coaching and Training by Simitri – Singapore.

Chemical Hazard communication

Green belt training

CEO leadership training

Personal Details

DOB: 31/01/1965 Driving license: Yes Nationality: Pakistani Marital Status: Married,

Holding professional Employment Pass in Malaysia

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