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DriverMamanagemce, fuel control, conversant with transport management

March 13, 2020

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HOME ADDRESS: P.O. Box 2821 – 80100 CELL PHONE NUMBER: +974-****-**** EMAIL An accomplished, versatile and multi-faceted Transport and Logistics Officer, with comprehensive professional expertise and extensive exposure to first tier transport management augmented by strong background of twelve years in directing, planning, coordinat ing and supervisin g fleet operations. Experienced in managin g a wide range of complex transport operations functions with a focus on fleet vehicles and drivers schedulin g, fuel control, preventive maintenance, insurance coverage, vehicles tracking, accident management, and compliance to policies, whilst ensuring that transport management systems fully supports fleet operations in all aspects of transport operations. A systemic problem solver with a high integrity, advanced level of attention to detail, staff management and leadership skills necessary to effectively guide and provide continued cross -functional support to staff in all technical areas of fleet management. Capable of managing transport operation using my thorough working knowledge of transport and fleet management software and computerized scheduling systems. Additionally I implemented fleet maintenance system and cost-efficiency strategies, with a goal of enhancing fleet capability and utilization as well as transport operations agility and sustainability at the lowest possible cost, and consequently strengthening transport and logistical performance responsiveness. Presently seeking a Fleet Superv is or`s position, wherein I can profitably utilize my skills-set, expertise and vast experience in transport & logistics management as well as hands on knowledge in automotive engineering (mechanics) to achieve operational targets and make immediate contributions as an integral part within the organization.


(SEPTEMBER 2004 - MARCH 2005).

(FEBRUARY 2004).


• Transport, Fleet and Logistics Management.

• Fleet Cost Accountancy and Budgeting.

• Staff Management and Policies Formulation.

• Procurement and Contract Management.

• Fleet Maintenance and Fuel Control Programs.

• Routing Network Formulation for Distribution.




Duties and Responsibilities:

• Providing supervision to daily transportation operations including planning, scheduling manpower and equipment of hourly workforce, administering and implementing transport and logistics policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and ensure that they are complied with in all respects.

• Monitoring transport section budget to ensure funds are properly utilized and implementing organizational objectives as dictated by management.

• Establishing and maintaining a smooth operation of the Transportation Department and helps provide 24 hours coverage by setting work schedules, ensuring coverage of each route. Managing and benchmarking transportation aspects of profit and loss statement.

• Scheduling vehicles and assigning duties to drivers to ensure vehicles are fully engaged and moving as per the company policies and commitments.

• Implementing cost effective strategies, guidelines and regulations on use and management of vehicle fleet and enforcing proper use of adopted routing system, regulations and policies and ensuring that fleet routing parameters offers cost-effective solutions that drives profitability.

• Implementing and monitoring preventive maintenance program and vehicle maintenance schedule to assure cost effective maintenance. Advising management on the serviceability of fleet vehicles in use as well as disposal of those vehicles deemed unserviceable or beyond economical repair.

• Coordinating with third party logistics suppliers to ensure strict adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and all contractual issues such as vehicles repairs, new vehicles replacement and vehicles registrations completed in timely manner.

• Ensuring that entire company’s owned fleet vehicles are road worthy and have the necessary permits and licenses to be on the road.

• Coordinating investigations related to traffic violations and accidents through the traffic and company’s safety departments. Coordinating all vehicles breakdown rescue missions and overseeing renewal of all insurance policies and company’s vehicle inspection.

• Processing company vehicles accident issues, to ensure and maintain the claiming of insurance and quick service for the vehicles.

• Developing, implementing and maintaining strategic, fiscal and capital improvement plans for the department, generating and administering fleet operating budgets for the unit. Preparing monthly fleet running cost reports and annual cost estimates of vehicles spare parts and maintenance.

• Tracking fuel data and implementing cost savings measures on the same whilst checking fleet vehicles fuel consumption averages.

• Maintaining and adhering to disciplinary procedures, driver orientation program and ensuring drivers put up to the expected code of ethics. FLEET MANAGEMENT OFFICER,


P.O. Box 78, 90300, MAKUENI.

Duties and Responsibilities:

(MARCH 2016 - JULY 2017)

• Managed a broad spectrum of logistics management ranging from transport, staff, spare parts and inventory management to strategic planning and fleet management with focus on vehicles, motorcycles and machinery scheduling, tracking, maintenance, fuel control and insurance certification.

• Derived county`s transport management policies and fleet administrative standards from the Ministry of Transport Standard Operating Procedures, rolled-out those policies and administrative standards upon approval, and ensured prevailing policies are applied at every step of fleet operat ions.

• Reviewed county`s logistics strategic plans, standardized transport operations processes to align with strategic plans, and ensured proper rollout of all strategic plans. Efficiently administered county`s fleet, transport and logistical activities to strengthen and enhance transportation services levels.

• Established and utilized transport/logistics work plans, Section Unit staffing table, reorganized vehicles booking system and allocated logistics resources appropriately to maximize work force and fleet vehicles availability and meet operation schedules.

• Implemented vehicles follow-up tools, aligned staffing systems with transport unit projects and available resources to ensure timely and equitable logistic support and transport administrative services to transport and infrastructure projects thus resulting in an average vehicles readiness posture. CAREER PROFILE




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• Coordinated all daily transport activities and developed plans for handling special request and emergencies to ensure efficiency in fleet operat ions.

• Line-managed and provided administrative directions to 305 sectional staff (field fleet and roads coordinators, fleet drivers and mechanics) spread across six sub-counties whilst delivering continual performance improvement across the department and ensuring optimal transport operations.

• Established and maintained a curative fleet maintenance system for 273 units to ensure optimum serviceability and efficiency in fleet operations.

• Managed fleet vehicles maintenance schedules, directed and supervised all maintenance functions whilst focusing on quality repairs thus maintaining county`s fleet in a satisfactory operating condition at the lowest possible cost, and pro-actively minimizing fleets lifecycle costs and breakdowns.

• Developed county`s maintenance team work plan, and supervised them to secure efficient fleet, credible and cost-effective repairs within Transport Unit budget limits and to ensure workshop staff adherence to fleet and machinery maintenance cycles, safety standards, protocols and practices.

• Supervised all in-house fleet inspection functions to ensure inspection activities are performed in line with county`s established inspection program.

• Monitored workshop, fleet and machinery related costs, analyzed maintenance costs and trends to ensure tight control on transport core budget.

• Maintained accurate records on all transport operations costs, fleet maintenance and fuel costs in the county`s logistics reporting system, analyzed Departmental monthly fleet vehicles and machinery fuelling loop plans, logistics operations related expenditures to identify critical areas to focus on

• Prepared versatile transport and logistics operations annual and monthly reports complete with improvement recommendations to facilitate informed decision-m aking. Developed and maintained accurate fleet inventory and complete filling system for all transport management related documents.

• Managed county`s fleet operations related legal issues, ensured vehicles and machinery have valid insurance policies and inspection certificates, and reported all accidents within 24 hours of the accidents, timely processed vehicles accidents claim forms and followed-up through to completion.

• Instituted and effectively disseminated accidents/breakdowns procedures and protocols to drivers, and ensured they all have valid driving licenses.

• Managed all logistical related contracts, negotiated transportation rates and other contractual terms with pre-qualified agent s, and established legal staff and goods transportation service contracts. Monitored transport providers performance level to ensure value for money and contract fulfillment. CAPITAL FLEET, LOGISTICS AND ASSETS OFFICER


Duties and Responsibilities:


• Directed all aspects of logistics and transport functions referent to transport planning, vehicles scheduling, statutory compliance, and oversaw diverse relief aid mobilization and distribution activities critical to operations success within the humanitarian logistics management arena in Kenya and Somalia.

• Ensured total compliance with donor`s programs commitments and corporate`s stringent transport operations policies and strategic directives on fleet usage and transport modalities as well as statutory legislation, rules and regulations within the humanitarian and transport operations sector.

• Played an integral role in implementing transport management related software’s such as “MANPAC”, Transport Operating Systems and vehicles tracking system -“ISOTRAK” aimed at tracking all transport and fleet operat ions associated costs, and maintaining updated database for reporting.

• Efficiently managed and utilized a sound Transport Management System to monitor and analyze logistics operating costs. Prepared and submitted comprehensive and actionable monthly logistics management report s with fleet and driver’s performance analysis, transport, maintenance and fuel costs analysis to the Global Operations Manager in France through the Country Director. Evaluated corporate`s transport and fleet management systems effectiveness using set key performance indicators and service metrics, and advised on appropriate actions to impro ve logistics functions.

• Continuously monitored corporate`s fleet movements in all operational areas using a fleet tracking system-“ISOTRAK” to optimize vehicles travel paths, note any route anomaly and discrepancy, mitigate vehicles misuse and drivers violations as well as to resolv e all fleet trucking inefficiencies.

• Utilized the Transport Operating Systems (TOS) to develop annual logistics unit work plan, detailing monthly and weekly staff work plan for 12-field transport and logistics officers, and 72 drivers respect to corporate`s programs logistical plans. Organized logistics staff tasks and planned drivers’ assignments and affectation on vehicles accordingly, with a focus on delivering scheduled workloads to ensure optimum daily performance levels.

• Strategically planned vehicles movements and rationalized routes through transport-planning system, maintained robust fleet management system and developed detailed transport and vehicles distribution plan for 69 units to ensure uniform vehicles usage levels, all vehicles are utilized to their greatest operational capacity and adequate transportation means is always available to support daily corporate`s programs transportation needs.

• Managed multiple aspects of air transport operat ions including booking charter flights, obtaining flights clearance requests and security clearance for corporate`s national and international staff, maintained travel itinerary and coordinated air transportation to ensure efficient travel management.

• Administered corporate`s transport management system and fleet operations control mechanisms, implemented new pool vehicles concepts, and incorporated them with fleet management practices and methodologies to achieve systematized and cost-effective fleet and transport operations.

• Updated driver’s management policy to align with country of operat ions, ensured drivers all adhered to corporate`s driving protocols and National Highway Code of Conduct when driving ACTED`s owned vehicles. Established a driver’s contingency work plan and transport provisions ad-hoc plans ensure to consistent and uninterrupted operat ions and consequently meet all programmatic needs in transport and emergency context.

• Implemented country-level logistics operat ions related contract policies, administered all logistics contracting activities and negotiated preferential rates for the provision of goods and services to retain cost competitiveness and high service levels. Established annual fuel supply, transport and fleet maintenance service contracts with reliable and approved providers, whilst ensuring strict adherence to corporate`s cost management objectives.

• Controlled transport and fleet related expenditures from the approved logistics budgets to ensure corporate`s operat ions efficiency and economy.

• Developed and managed an effective and tactical maintenance system and repair capability for corporate`s fleet, negotiated maintenance rates with garages and established annual service contract with pre-qualified and credible repair facility. Monitored subcontracted facility maintenance activities to ensure conformity to stipulated service contract, improve the end-to-end fleet lifecycle, maximize fleet potential and vehicles lifespan, and achieve set key performance indicators targets, as well as highest maintenance standards to support corporate`s fleet at an acceptable cost.

• Negotiated and established approved vehicles recovery service contract to ensure urgent operational assistance in terms of breakdowns recovery.

• Improved assets management system effectiveness, reduced assets ownership costs and realized optimum assets benef it s and lifespan, through an established country-level automated property tracking and licensing systems with assets (fleet & fixed assets) registration and insurance system.

• Tracked assets (fleet and fixed assets) insurance covers and inspection stickers for expiry dates and ensured all assets had current and applicable insurance covers and inspection stickers in accordance with insurance policy and state regulations using implemented Automated Excel Plan.

• Reported vehicles accidents within lead-time, compiled all claims pertaining to assets theft, accident and written-off vehicles cases as well as claims arising from third party property damage in line with corporate`s fleet vehicles management policy, normative guidelines and contractual obligations from counter-parties, and subsequently submitted the claims to the contracted insurance company for claim settlement. Inspected corporate`s vehicles equipment inventory to ensure they are all equipped with functioning VHF or UHF radio system, and necessary emergency equipment (First Aid Kit, fire extinguisher, toolbox, spare tires, jumper cables and towing ropes) required for safe operations. Page 3 of 6

• Evaluated vehicles and motorbikes repairs to ascertain defect report s authenticity and ensure quality and safety, and subsequently certified the repairs.

• Defined and developed a formal replacement plan based on industry guidelines, vehicle age and usage to optimally cycle-out vehicles, and liaised with the Country Operations Manager for the plan implementation. Optimized vehicles resale value, minimized vehicles operating and maintenance costs, and ensured corporate`s and donors programs resources sustainability, by eliminating obsolescent vehicles at the end of their economic life.

• Played an integral role in organizing and delivering advanced transport management systems and core logistics technologies training programs to attain bottom-line performance, greater time-management efficiency, and operational consistency across the corporate`s logistics department.

• Ensured full compliance to safety standards and all associated procedures and guidelines in logistics functions as detailed in the safety policy. FLEET AND LOGISTICS OFFICER, (FEBRUARY2012 - AUGUST 2013). MARIE STOPES KENYA (AN AFFILIATION OF MARIE STOPES INTERNATIONAL), P.O. Box 59328, 00200, NAIROBI.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Managed national logistics operations portfolio, encompassing medical logistics, transport and fleet planning, assets, staff and route management, vehicles safety, licensing, budgeting, mechanical repairs and fuel consumption to improve overall organization`s transport and fleet operations.

• In coordination with the Logistics Manager implemented and adopted impeccable transport and logistics operations standard processes, tools and methodologies well-tailored with in-country programs operat ions to facilitate technical support within the organization`s programmatic logistics and fleet operations network and to maintain uniform transport and fleet operations standards, processes and procedures in all functioning sites.

• Coordinated country-wide outreach clinics logistics operat ions to ensured organization`s programs have appropriate and scalable fleet to support core transport, fleet and logistics functions and on-going programs taking into consideration transport legislation, security and logistical constraints.

• Managed and scheduled organization`s vehicles routing through an automated model, continually monitored telematics system-“STOIC” for system failure, consequently reduce erroneous vehicles mileages, troubleshoot all routes deviations and improve traceability in the event of a vehicle theft.

• Directed organization`s transport operations with a fleet strength of 84 units and 127 staff with a high degree of functional autonomy and authority.

• Developed transport unit work plan and staff duties allocations with concise and measurable improvement indicators on fleet management through advanced planning tools. Assigned accountability, and tracked related key performance indicators to ensure accomplished tasks are consistent with set parameters. Improved supervised staff overall functions by maintaining accountable systems, principles and procedures in fleet operations.

• Managed drivers management scheme, monitored operational systems at an operational and tactical level whilst ensuring that all transport and fleet management functions are undertaken in accordance and line with donor`s requirements and organization`s transport & fleet management policy.

• Implemented and managed vehicles distribution plan, transport planning and pool systems to strategically allocate and position fleet capacity in line with programs movement plans and staff transport requests, improve vehicles utilization, maintain highest vehicles availability percentages.

• Maximized fleet uptime, precluded vehicles failures and ensured organization`s vehicles and motorcycles are repaired in the most efficient manner as per maintenance standards by coordinating fleet maintenance activities and constantly monitoring subcontracted garage maintenance functions.

• Managed organization`s preventive maintenance platform, and ensured all vehicles and motorcycles are roadworthy and running as effectively and efficiently as they can within their operating context by ensuring all drivers strictly adheres state traffic laws and maintains high levels of road safety.

• Managed an intensive fleet inspection program, conducted safety inspection and evaluated any remedial work undertaken with ultimate objective to minimize driver down time, personal injuries and significantly reduce claim costs.

• Identified and enforced practical strategies and scenarios for corrective and cost-effective action plans to control total fleet costs. Monitored vehicles maintenance costs and frequency of vehicles repairs and tracked all key indexes affecting entire fleet (breakdowns, spare parts, repairs and fuel costs) to ensure full fleet control, maintain highest vehicles repairs standards as well as to minimize all key indexes associated costs.

• Monitored all direct and indirect logistics operations costs, prepared monthly transport and logistics operations technical reports inclusive of each vehicle (both owned and rented) running costs/km analysis with maintenance costs/km, fuel costs/km, vehicle and spare parts usage patterns), and drew logical conclusions on improving fleet effectiveness and insights on minimizing logistics operations costs and fleet fixed costs.

• Revised vehicles replacement policy in line with directives set forth in the Regional Fleet Management Operations Policy on vehicles acquisition and disposition, while taking into consideration organizational objectives and in-country Road Traffic Act. Evaluated vehicles depreciation factors, total fleet costs and each vehicle lifecycle to identify uneconomical vehicles. Led cost reduction initiatives, escalated high vehicles maintenance costs, maintained optimal fleet size and captured maximum sales proceeds through the disposition of uneconomical vehicles before critical/major failures.

• Managed transport related lease negotiations with approved taxi services providers, and ensured constant availability of transportation services to avoid any transport operations uncertainty in the event of ad hoc programs operat ions by establishing annual rental vehicles framework contracts.

• Managed all elements of fleet and assets insurance, inspection and safety management including accidents and traffic fines in line with donors and organization`s standards. Evaluated and reviewed fleet and fixed assets annual insurance policies and suggested required changes whilst considering national insurance options. Timeously renewed all vehicles and fixed assets expired insurance policies, inspection and county licenses to ensure all conditions, which may affect transport operat ions are not jeopardized and to ensure compliance to state traffic laws and insurance regulations.

• Retained high-level employees and promoted continuous operating improvements, by conducting lean logistical trainings and fostering teamwork. ASSISTANT TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS MANAGER, (FEBRUARY 2010 - JANUARY 2012). MAERSK KENYA LIMITED (TRADING AS APM TERMINALS),

P.O. Box 43986, 00100, NAIROBI.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Managed all phases of logistics management, involving large-scale and sophisticated transport, procurement, fleet insurance and maintenance, tracking system, reverse logistics, refrigerated cargo, fuel, budget and cost management operations, thus increased company`s net profits.

• Managed functional logistics systems for in-bound & out-bound operations, maintained highly effective transport operations compliance program satisfying company`s operational policy and transport industry national laws and regulations notably with an aim to provide efficient transportation services within a multi-dimensional, highly dynamic and performance driven environment across East Africa region (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania).

• Liaised with Cluster Operations Manager in revising and implementing transport and logistics operations objectives supplemented with processes, and policies, delivered logistical and savvy vehicular solutions that suited company`s operations and achieved set transport operations objectives.

• Established complex transport scheduling and transit routes while concentrating on customer service, and streamlined freight flow operations, across national borders and through customs. Managed transport and logistics program within operational priorities and policies, and ensured all transport activities are performed pursuant with company`s transport and logistical objectives, policies, procedures and technical standards. Page 4 of 6

• Administered transport operations with 185 staff, monitored line-managed staff performance and prioritized daily transport and logistics activities to ensure staff accomplishes all assignments in a consistent manner, maintain service excellence and to meet organizational plans and objectives.

• Managed and oversaw company`s transport, logistics and freight operations across three countries logistical leads and road networks within the three countries. Administered company`s fleet routing system to optimize trips, and coordinated with all operations associates and trucks spread across various operational bases within those countries to achieve performance levels and improve overall transport and logistics functions.

• Oversaw all facets of consignments border custom clearances activities, and utilized fleet tracking system-“APLUS” to monitor company`s vehicles movements and freight transportation to ensure vehicles and cargo safety, cost-effective and timely delivery of all consignments, most economical utilization of vehicles based on service parameters as well as adherence to transit vehicles routes and movements disciplines.

• Optimally managed company`s drivers and fleet operations of 112 units (heavy cargo trucks), utilized multiple transportation software systems to optimize and execute load planning, freight trucking and routing for all inbound and outbound consignments respect to cargo drop-off points.

• Provided directions and metrics to ensure seamless flow in all operations, developed balanced logistics operations staff schedules and fleet drivers work plan to ensure full optimization of company`s operations staffs and improvements in lead-time, customers service levels and profit margins.

• Implemented a rigorous inspection program and customized preventive maintenance scheme with annual maintenance schedules, and integrated the fleet inspection program with maintenance scheme in view of minimizing trucks annual cost per mile and repeated repairs, maximizing revenue per truck and maintaining entire fleet in peak operating condition, thus improving company`s overall transport performance and profit margins.

• Streamlined and maintained efficient fleet preventive maintenance functions by expediting fleet spare parts retrieval and implementing advanced maintenance techniques to ease fleet maintenance processes and to circumvent all disruptions in transport services. Ensured company`s planned preventive maintenance is carried out at all prescribed intervals, and in accordance with standard maintenance guidelines and service schedules.

• Planned and allocated technicians maintenance workloads accordingly to ensure optimum daily workshop performance levels, and supervised all corrective maintenance functions to bring about cost-effective maintenance and ensure fleet reliability by optimizing workshop resources utilization.

• Developed an emergency strategy, preparedness action plans, best practices and procedures for eventualities like vehicles breakdowns/accidents to ensure all related scenarios are promptly and efficiently managed to meet cargo delivery timelines and exceed company`s operations targets.

• Minimized company`s operating costs and fleet running costs by utilizing a centralized fuel management system that used vehicles fuel purchasing cards to generate fuel saving program with a focus on fuel costs saving measures and strategies. Maintained all fuel controls within parameters.

• Provided contracts administration and methodology guidance for the procurement of logistical goods and services, finalized multi-year framework agreements with suppliers and services providers, and ensured all contracts balanced value and risk, by negotiating prices and services.

• Developed key performance indicators reports and metrics, and analyzed “On Board Computer” database to determine effectiveness of planned versus actual routing, and both drivers and vehicles performance. Optimized transport routing tools and reviewed all transit routes to ensure best possible routing as part of the annual fleet utilization survey. Ensured key performance metrics are consistent with company`s operational plan.

• Utilized “Onboard Vehicle Data” reporting system to generate substantive logistical reports detailing vehicles profitability, tear and wear analysis, transport performance, depreciation factors per unit truck and fleet total operating costs analysis, and submitted them to the top management

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