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Engineer Electrical

Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
March 10, 2020

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Katip Mustafa Chelebi Area, Billurcu street, No:6/1,

Beyoglu (34433), Istanbul, Turkey

Phone +90-539-***-**-**


Place & Date of Birth Tabriz, Iran- 22 Nov 1986

Marital status Single Military course Completed

Nationality Iran Passport No F46186179

Residence Turkey ID No 997********


Bachelor Degree Jul 2005-May 2009,Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Azad University of Karaj, Iran; scored: 14:62 of 20:00


High School Diploma Jul 2001-May 2005,Mathematics & Physics, Math high school of Robatkarim, Tehran, Iran; Scored: 18.01 of 20.00


Language(s) Levels: A1/2: Basic user- B1/2:Independent user- C1/2:Proficient user Speaking Listening Reading Writing Certification

English B2 B2 B2 B2 IELTS

Turkish C1 C1 B2 B2 NO

Farsi C2 C2 C2 C2 Native

Azerbaijani C2 C2 B2 B2 Mother tongue

Arabic A2 A2 A2 A2 Yes



- Good Communication Skills through my experiences as a team member.

- Very good and Reasonable reactions in the face of Special cases and Problems

(demanding/ angry/ rushing or…)


Managerial Skills

- Ability to work with people whom may they have had different backgrounds.

- Ability to work in a team conditions or independently.

- Ability to work for long hours and also under pressure of work.

- Ability to learn more and more.



- Time management and doing my responsibilities as well.

- Marketing and also suitable behavior and professıonal relations with Clients.

- Clever and fast learner.


Job Skills

- Electrical & Electronics (Hardware and software; mentioned in Capabilities and experiences Details)

- Industrial Automation & Controls & Instrumentation (Hardware and software; mentioned in Capabilities and experiences Details)

- Industrial Electric & Installation (Hardware and software; mentioned in Capabilities and experiences Details)


& Hobbies

- Doing sports such as football, swimming, driving.

- Listen to music; just as a fan of music.

- Surfing and searching through the internet; keep to updating my knowledge. Page 2 of 4


Date(s) Post Organization Title References

Dec 2018-May 2019 Marketing employee

and receptionist

The Little Prince Hotel, Tourism Istanbul, Turkey

little prince hotel

Oct 2018-Dec 2018 Technician, Engineer Schindler Group Elevator, Escalator

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Sep 2018 Gap in Employment due to Immigration and have been leaving origin country. Dec 2014-Aug 2018 Marketing employee

and Supervisor

Cargoatlas Int. Co

(Logistic, Cargo)



Tehran, Iran

Aug 2014-Dec 2014 Electronics


Taba Electronics Electronic door

openers, LED


Tehran, Iran

Jan 2013-Aug 2014 Maintenance and


Gerad Co. Produce of Cloths Tehran, Iran

Oct 2012-Jan 2013 Industrial



Akhavan Jam Co. Produce of


Tehran, Iran

Sep 2012 Gap in Employment because of Family.

Apr 2011- Aug 2012 Instrumentation


Bandar Abbas

Petroleum site

Oil and


Bandar Abbas, Iran

Mar 2011 Gap in Employment due to starting Military course. Feb 2010-Feb 2011 Electronics Designer

and Engineer

Tavan Azmayan


Produce of

Electric and

Electronic Boards

Tehran, Iran

Jan 2009-Feb 2010 Quality Control


Jahan Ava

Industrial Group

Produce of


Tehran, Iran

(Paran industrial town)


Tittle Date, hours Organization Certification

PLC Technician

(Programmable Logic


May 2011-Jul 2011

274 hours

Technical & Professional training Organization

of Bandar Abbas city, Iran



Instrumentation Devises


May 2011-Oct 2011

600 hours

Technical & Professional training Organization

of Bandar Abbas city, Iran



Industrial Electric systems


Jan 2012-Sep 2012

1090 hours

Technical & Professional training Organization

of Bandar Abbas city, Iran(


Elevator Microprocessors

Controllers (LC/Logical


May 2009-Jul 2009

270 hours

Farmand Asanbar Co. of Karaj, Iran



LG Television systems &

Sony LCD, Plasmas

Oct 2008-Dec 2008

168 hours

Shahab Electric Co. of Karaj/Tehran Highway


Yes- Graduation

training course

Membership of Construction

Engineering Organization

Dec 2011-Sep 2018

About 7 years

Construction Engineering Organization of Iran



Home Automation & BMS

(Building Management Systems)

Oct 2012-Oct 2012

30 hours/5 days

GIRA & KNX Products Group of Esfahan, Iran



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- Activity as a Control and instrumentation engineer and completed various projects in Bandar Abbas Petroleum Site, Iran.

- Manufacture and calibration of different electronic transducers for Mazandaran electrical powerhouse Organization-Tehran, Iran.

- Manufacture and calibration of transducers & instrumentation devices ordered by ICS (Iran Communication Systems Company)-Tehran, Iran

- Design and manufacture of instrumentation devices, transducers, Convertors and switching power supplies ordered by Iranian Oil and Petroleum Organization-Tehran, Iran.

- Producing and testing of High Power Industrial chargers (12V/1- 10A) ordered by Iranian Oil and Petroleum Organization-Tehran, Iran.

- Manufacture of DC/DC convertors ordered by SAIRAN Company-Tehran, Iran.

- Manufacture and quality control of electrical Appliances ordered by SANAM, Mega Max, Jahan Ava Companies- Tehran, Iran.

- Research and translation project related to Magnetic Flow meters (English to Farsi)-Bandar Abbas, Iran.

- Cause & Effect, Logic Diagram editing project ordered by petroleum site- Bandar Abbas, Iran.

- Test and quality control of elevator electronic panels manufactured by FARMAND ASANBAR Company- Karaj, Iran.

- Participate as a trainer for testing of some installed elevators manufactured by Schindler group- Bafra, Famagusta, Cyprus.

- Design and manufacture of Uninterruptable Power Supply/UPS (2KVA_12VDC/220VAC _40-60HZ), as a thesis project of bachelor graduation - Karaj, Iran.

- Backup project of Industrial machines PLC Programs such as hydraulic presses at Akhavan Industrial group-Tehran, Iran.

- Design and manufacture of electrical tableau for pipe cutter automatic machine at Akhavan Industrial group-Tehran, Iran.

- Repairing and maintenance projects of textile laser cutter and spreader machine (GERBER-SPREADER CUTTER) at Gerad Co.-Tehran, Iran.

- Maintenance projects of automatic sewing and cuter machines at Gerad Co., various brands like JUKI, DORKUP ADLLER- Tehran,Iran.

- Participate and doing a lot of projects related to AVR and PIC Microcontroller as a trainer.

- Participate and doing a lot of projects related to online marketing. CAPABILITIE(S) & EXPERIENCE(S) DETAILS

Industrial Automation & Controls & Instrumentation

- Ability to programing and hardware configuration on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers); SIEMENS

(S7 200,300,400), LOGO COMFORT, OMRON, LG (LS), TOOSHIBA; as well as excellent experience with SIMATIC STEP7, HW CONFIG, LADER And FBD programing Languages.

- Ability to process monitoring by HMI (Human Machine Interface) or monitoring systems hardware and software packages like LS HMI and WINCC monitoring software.

- Little knowledge related to design and start-up of industrial networks like ETHERNET, MPI, Profibus.

- Maintenance, Calibration and Control of process by instrumentation devises like flow meters, control valves, level meters, pneumatic solenoid valves,density meters, PH meters, pressure gauges, Pneumatic air regulators and filters, temperature sensors and controllers (RTD, Thermocouple)

- Ability to understanding, designing related to instrumentation process charts and diagrams, special diagrams like PFD, P&ID; easily to work with AutoCAD P&ID.

- Ability to understanding and making data sheets for instrumentation devises. Page 4 of 4

- Ability to calibration of SMART Devices or pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic instrumentation; and also easily ability to work with HART Communicators, FLUKE Multi-Calibrators and Sources, FIELD CARE Software.

Electrical & Electronics

- Ability to assemble, maintenance, troubleshooting of electronic boards; and also work reputation with automatic test, troubleshooting machines (APT); as well as enough knowledge about how to use of electronic & electric components, catalogues.

- Ability to designing, analysis and simulation electronic circuits and also draw schematic plans and PCB by use of Proteus, Orcad, Protel99SE ALTUM or Protel DXP.

- Ability to produce, design, calibration, wiring of Industrial Transducers like Watt/VAR (1/ 3ph), VT, CT, RT, TAP Position, FT; and also easily ability to work with HTC Calibrators due to calibration of 1/3-phase devices.

- Ability to produce, design, calibration, wiring of signal convertors like RS232/RS485, Free ASCII, DC/DC, Earth Fault, Load Cell, Analog Switches, Thermo switches; and also easily ability to work with DATA TESTER Software.

- Enough reputation in design and manufacture of LV/MV/HV Electronic boards and tableaus; and also power supplies, inverters, high ampere industrial chargers, UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).

- Ability to write program on AVR, PIC Microcontrollers by use of software packages like Codevision, Bascom, AVR studio, Microcode studio, keil; as well as programing by use of PASCALL, C++.

- Enough reputation in design and manufacture of LED advertising Tableaus by microcontrollers.

- Little knowledge related to FPGA Microcontrollers and HDL, VHDL.

- Ability to compute or signal processing by MATLAB Software. Industrial Electric and Installations

- Ability to work, NAMEPLATE reading, wiring of 1/3- phase direct or alternative current servo motors, step motors and electro motors.

- Enough knowledge and reputation about circuits of industrial power electrical and hardware devices like fuses and circuit breakers, timers, contactors, switches, safety keys.

- Maintenance and operating of CNC machines like crashing, milling, drilling, punching, bent and cuter, welding, laser welding robot, foaming, hydraulic presses; and also ability to work with CATIA software.

- Ability to designing and drawing schematics projects by use of Dialux, Calculux, AutoCAD.

- Maintenance of air compressors, elevators, pneumatic jacks, hydraulic machines. REFERENCE(S)

1- Dr. Hasan Mollajan, Researcher and professor, PhD of Electrical and Electronics. Electrical and Electronics Department, Engineering Faculty, Azad University of Karaj, Iran Phone: +98-912-***-**** Email: 2- Dr. Reza Effatnejad, Researcher and professor, PhD of power electricity. Electrical and Electronics Department, Engineering Faculty, Azad University of Karaj, Iran Phone: +98-912-***-**** Email:

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