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Electrical Engineer Machine Operator

Port Orange, FL
March 10, 2020

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Daytona Beach, Florida M.S. Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Engineering CGPA – 3.5/4.0 May 2020 B.V.B. College of Engineering and Technology Hubbli, KA, India B.S. Electrical Engineering CGPA – 4.0/4.0 May 2016 PROJECT EXPERIENCE

Finding VOR positioning with a software defined antenna (SDR)

Analyzed a VOR signal from the local airport and verified its accuracy with GPS module using a GNU radio in LINUX.

Interpreted the GPS and VOR signals using Raspberry Pi and created the MATLAB script to calculate the bearing of the GPS data and compare it with the data from SDR.

Design and Implementation of Firing Circuit using Cosine Control Scheme

Implemented and tested a firing circuit for a fully controlled single-phase converter that provides automatic negative feedback to the changes in input ac supply and recorded using power and signal distribution software (PSDS). Comparisons of Numerical Techniques for Enhancing the Transmittable Power by Reactive Compensation

Evaluated the performance of various numerical methods such as Forward Euler, Backward Euler, and Runge-Kutta 4th order to improve the efficiency of reactive power compensators. Simulating Unmanned Aircraft Antenna Configuration using Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC)

Determined the optimized placement of antennas on-board of an unmanned vehicle.

Observed the interaction between two antennas by calculating the gain, beam-width and the range of angles over which the antenna patterns are 3 dB of its peak value.


Eagle Flight Research center (ERAU) Daytona Beach, Florida Graduate Engineering Assistant Jan 2019 — Nov 2019

Designed the MATLAB Simulink models that include reverse engineering of multiple parameters from experimental data for electric motors and gas turbines to improve fidelity.

Conducted the EMI testing for the PCB boards of the Li-ion battery management system (BMS) as per NEC Standards.

Designed a ram-air cooling system based on SAE standards for components of the BMS with CAN Protocol interface. JSW Steel Cold Rolling Mill Bellary, India

Graduate Intern, Summer Year Program Fall 2015 — Fall 2016

Created the control software in Siemens PLCs for the dc motor drives in Corex, a smelting-reduction process.

Developed the machine operator interface software (HMIs) and standard operating procedures(SOP) working with variable speed and servo drive systems in hot strip mill for cost efficient utilization and environment friendly production. PUBLICATIONS

[1] Z. C. Butler, A. M. Aili, and R. Saxena, “Application of MEMS cantilevers in the label-free singles analyte detection to improve quality factor,” 9th Euro Biosens.Bioelectron, vol.9, 2155-6210, pp.58, Nov. 2018.

[2] M. Salunke, A. M. Aili and M. M. Aili, “Soft computing application to power systems,” international conference on information engineering, management, and security, vol.01, pp.173-178, July 2015.

[3] M. Salunke, A. M. Aili and C. Sulochana, “Comparison of Numerical techniques applied to shunt connected reactive power control device,” 2nd international conference on information engineering, management, and security, pp.132-140, Aug. 2015.


Programming & Scripting Languages: C, C++, LINUX, Python, FRED, ROS (Robot Operating Software), MSOffice products. Engineering Software: MATLAB, LabVIEW, FPGA, AutoCAD, PLC, HMI, SCADA, SPICE, REVIT, ALTIUM Designer. Design Tools: VHDL, MCM, HFSS, ENE, RF, EDA, DSP, ADS, CST. Certification: LEAN-SIX SIGMA GREENBELT_2623-20479

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