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Owasso, OK
March 10, 2020

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Jeff O’Bryan

IT Director ~ CIO


Business Process Development IT Strategy Organizational Analysis & Design Systems Integration Agile SCRUM LEAN Six Sigma Kaizen Infrastructure Consolidation IT Project Management Cross Functional Team Building & Development Growth Strategies C-Level Decision Support

Accomplished senior information technology executive with 15 years’ experience bridging the gap between technology and business towards operational excellence. History of strong financial services industry leadership experience in systems strategy, project management, client relations, business process improvement and automation. Proven record of leading operations for technology and application development while optimizing multi-million-dollar enterprise software, technical operations, and security requirements. Has received accolades for transforming IT infrastructures and taking on major initiatives while encouraging and motivating teams with engagement and decisive leadership.

Strengths include:

Resolving mission critical issues with creative solutions to ensure $50M bottom line success.

Developing Financial Systems strategies for substantial cost savings over $3M annually.

Managing large projects portfolio, ensuring on time and within budget delivery.

Collaborating with cross-departmental teams on financial system crisis recovery procedures.

Organizing and structuring IT teams, change management, policies, workflows and procedures.

Professional History

Software Development Consultant

O’Bryan and Associates, LLC.

03/2018 – Present

Consultant and Contract Programming for local and regional banks within the U.S. Work with all levels of management to do root cause analysis on issues faced by the client. Develop solutions to give the financial institution a competitive advantage in their respective market.

Identified a categorization error by a bank, valued at just over $50M. A large regional bank determined that their Uninsured Deposits were being over reported due to accounts incorrectly categorized by bank staff. Collaborated with the bank to identify key account information used to identify the proper category and to automatically make the correct change for accounts totaling just over $50M.

Branch reporting process netted operations savings of $100K. The existing reporting process was managed at the corporate office and delayed processing at the branches. With the management team, identified 35 reports that were most needed by each branch. Developed software that would use the existing report, breaking it down by each branch and sending it to the respective queue. This left the original report for corporate untouched and intact for their purposes. The account decisioning process was performed at the start of business by Branch managers that were most familiar with their customers saving approximately $100K in operating costs.

Designed an automated processing system for same day posting and reduced overtime. Regular transaction files were generated by a third party, that limited the availability of the file until after the close of business. Employees were either forced to stay after or post the file one day late with manually generated adjustments. Designed and implemented automated processes to retrieve the file from the third party prior to the End of Day processing and posted the transactions. The process allowed the bank to process the files without forced overtime or late posting.


O’Bryan Business Group, Inc.

10/2016 – 07/2018

Managed all aspects of the establishment of a new company including Market Research, site identification, build out establishing day to day operations, HR and Marketing. Handled contract development, analysis, and negotiations. Built high functioning teams to handle the day to day operations. Established a fun and caring corporate culture. Managed all aspects of Marketing including Digital, Email, Print, Radio and Outdoor. Sold the operations unit, Spa810 location in South Tulsa, 06/2018.

Project Analysis Manager

Jack Henry and Associates

10/2015 – 10/2016

Promoted to foster improvements for the Core Banking Operations group. Used CPI practices including LEAN and Six Sigma to identify, implement, and measure improvements. Worked with all levels of management and staff to determine best case solutions across the enterprise. Presented solutions to executive management. Managed approved projects.

Reconfiguring R&D netted a $3M annual savings and reduction in support calls. The technical support group took initial calls from customers to resolve issues. In the event a fix was required for all banks, the fix was escalated to the Research and Development for analysis and addressed. Many of the fixes were waiting to be addressed for more than two years, leaving the technical support group to install the same fixes at multiple banks. Reconfiguring of the R&D department included a group to monitor and address the reported fixes. This reduced the amount of support calls and led to the implementation of fixes much sooner saving $3M annually.

Installation LEAN processes reduced queue wait times by 84% resulting in on-time delivery. A new user interface was promised to be installed at all client banks in 18-months. The installers were estimating completion at 42-months based on case load and existing case completions. Hosted a Kaizen event to identify the existing process for the five affected departments involved. Determined that as much as 60% of each project was spent in queues waiting for action. Reworked the install process to reduce the queue waiting time to under 10%, removed unnecessary checks and decreased interdepartmental case movement. Resulted in the deadline being met at 18-months.

Manager Special Projects; Performance Management

Jack Henry and Associates

10/2013 – 10/2015

Promoted to analyze existing productivity levels for programming and business analyst positions supporting Core Banking Operations. Identified and managed changes to internal and external processes. Guided project management staff on urgent and high-profile projects. Identified and tracked high impact support issues and resolved them through a combination of employee training and process improvement. Primary liaison for cross product projects.

Developed and implemented a Searchable Knowledge Base reducing incident time by 20%. 10,000 calls per month came into the software support group. There was not a process for searching previously solved cases resulting in redundancies and inconsistent resolutions. Developed and implemented a knowledge-based research tool allowing keyword searches linking new cases to resolved case content. Incidents time resolution was reduced by 20%.

Established standards for User Acceptance Testing for a cost savings of $1.1M annually. The technical support group created custom code for client banks. When custom code introduced negative effects on the bank operations, real or perceived, the bank often requested compensation once the problem was resolved. Established standards for User Acceptance Testing requiring specific tests and display of results that were provided to the client banks prior to the custom code being introduced to production. The custom code was not enacted until all questions were addressed and the bank signed off on the testing. By revealing expected results prior to installation, the banks had a better understanding and resulted in $1.1M in cost savings for the support group.

Technical Support Manager

Jack Henry and Associates

04/2004 – 07/2013

Managed all aspects of client support projects. Led programming teams responsible for software products including Financial Reporting/Compliance, Security, General Ledger, and other banking products. Collaborated with clients and technical staff to manage software development projects. Regularly led client business recovery efforts with visibility across the enterprise. Served as a mentor to support staff and helped develop many programmers throughout the organization.

Execution of SCRUM plunged case time resolution by 15%. The technical support group handled incoming calls and custom projects requiring increased communications on trending issues. Utilizing SCRUM methodologies, the morning meeting involved programmers taking calls to report the prior day issues encountered.

Creation of automated process decreased mass update time frame by 55%. Compliance software required new updates to be manually transferred and installed at client banks as regulations changed, as often as quarterly. This affected other projects, as it required most of a month due to regulations and fines that could be imposed on the banks. Created an automated process to monitor each time communications lines were opened to the client banks and install files were sent to the bank. Generated an update report for status at each bank. This allowed the programmers to scan for banks that had install files and allowed them to concentrate only on the installation process.

Employed a technical support staff training program decreasing onboarding to productivity time by 60%. There was not an official training program for new technical support staff. It was widely accepted that a new programmer would reach full productivity after two years. Created a training group for all programmers including case management and protocol for interacting with client banks over the phone. Listened to each other on phone calls and critiqued performance as well as working to resolve cases. The team learning exposed them to more cases in a shorter time frame and with consistent processes. The process reduced the onboarding to productivity time frame by 60%.

Disaster recovery processes during Hurricane Sandy ensured most operations were able to continue. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, one of the item processing centers was shut down resulting in transaction files for 15 banks that were lost and or corrupted. Tasked by the management team to lead the technical support group in the recovery. Collaborated with Research and Development, Proof of Deposit and Technical Support resources to identify processes for posting transactions and adjustments as files were created. Worked with the affected client banks to update and attain verification of transaction files and changes. During the two weeks recovery time frame, most banks were able to continue the majority of operations.

Earlier roles with Jack Henry and Associates; Sr. Programmer; Technical Support Coordinator; Conversion Team Coordinator; Application Programmer/Analyst.


Bachelor of General Studies, Missouri Southern State University - focus in Management Information Systems, Programming and Business.


Jack Henry and Associates Silverlake System, Jack Henry and Associates 20/20 System, IBM Rational Development Studio for i. WordPress, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Windows, MS Outlook, MS Project, MS Visio, MS SharePoint, QuickBooks, Rosy Spa Management, Card Connect, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Agile Development, Agile Methodologies, SOW, ServiceNow, Zen Planner, IBM i, IBM iSeries, IBM AS/400, SQL, RPGLE, RPG, CLLE, CL, DDL, DDS, DDL.

Keyword Skills Experience Factors Personal Qualities

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