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Drilling Engineer

Plano, TX
March 10, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Full Name: Aaron Ted Prejean

Place of Birth: Lafayette, Louisiana

Date of Birth: 02/21/1973

Nationality: American

Postal Address: 101 Derby Lane, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508 Telephone: 1-832-***-****

Mobile: 1-337-***-****



19 years of directional drilling experience with a total of 21 years in the oil & gas industry I’ve drilled various well types: Short Radius, slant & horizontal wells (ERD), working as Directional Drilling Engineer in, USA GOM Deep-Water/Shelf/Inland waters/Land, Mexico, Alaska, and Saudi Arabia and various South American countries Drilling experience including the following:

• Implementing drilling operations and ensuring that they are completed as per schedule.

• Planning, organizing, and coordinating.

• Organize the operations of the staff engineers, workers, contractors, geologists and scientists.

• Make regular reports to the drilling superintendent on the progress of operations.

• Implementing safety measures and regularly monitoring them for irregularities.

• Implementing steps for reducing environmental depletion due to drilling operations.

• Monitor all the drilling operations and make decisions regarding continuation or abandonment of the oil rig in extreme climates.

• Systematic documentation of the oil rig operations.

• Experienced in oil field drilling operations, planning and coordination, and supervision of operations personnel.

• Drilling experience and well completion in various shale plays, offshore deep water, shelf and inland waters.

• Experienced in conventional/horizontal/ERD/short radius multiple well types / air drilling, underbalance / overbalance drilling

• RSS Tools (Halliburton)Geo-pilot tools / (SLB)Power-Drive Tools / (BHI)Auto-Trak Tools

• Trouble shooting experience with drilling operational staff.

• Experience in safety and quality control compliance in drilling performance.

• Experience in working effectively among multidisciplinary peer groups and people of diverse cultures and ethnicities. Career Aspirations

As a highly skilled and experienced directional drilling engineer/Project manager/Company man I’ve been committed to providing the client with optimal service and satisfaction while achieving company goals and objectives. Being able to utilize my technical and management skills allows me to assume new responsibilities and overcome any challenges. I take pride in being reliable and efficient in delivering a finished project in a timely manner. My excellent leadership skills, strong work ethic, and motivation for success allows me to provide peak performance

within a culturally diverse team. My thorough statistical analysis and process improvement, logistic coordination, and detailed reporting ensures job completion and client satisfaction. Education and Languages




Directional Drilling School & MWD-LWD School (PATHFINDER ENERGY) 2015 DD Mid-Career School (BAKER HUGHES_DUBI@UAE)


• English (100 %)

• French (25 %)

Employment History

March 2017 -


Directional Drilling Engineering Consultant

Company Man consultant

Project Management consultant

Field Directional Drilling Supervisor consultant

North America, South America, Middle East

June 2015 –

February 2017

Baker Hughes

Damam, Saudí Arabia

Staff Position

Directional Drilling Engineering Coordinator & Field Directional Drilling Supervisor Description: • Directs all well operations expediently, safely and according to accepted industry practices as outlined and specified in the well Drilling or Work-over program issued by the Drilling Engineering Dept.

• Coordinates the timely ordering of required well materials, equipment and services according to the well program.

• Ensures that Saudi Aramco Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects including equipment configuration, testing and crew response.

• On rigs contracted to Saudi Aramco, assures compliance with terms, conditions and equipment/personnel as specified in the Contract.

• Promotes cost-savings ideas and awareness with the view toward operational optimization consistent with safely meeting well objectives.

May 2006 -

February 2015


USA, Mexico, Alaska, South America

Consultant Position

Sr. Directional Drilling Engineering Supervisor

• Actively worked with Directional Drilling Coordinators, Drilling Engineers, and Operations Support Centers to implement well plans based on client expectations.

• Modified well plans at the well site based on client requests.

• Maintained documents in the form of tool inventories, run summaries, slide sheets, survey reports, and daily reports.

• Ensured that all operations were effectively managed to ensure the safety of all Schlumberger and rig personnel.

Achievements: • Meet and exceed the clients expectations. Education and Languages

November 2001 -

May 2006

Directional Drilling Engineering Consultant

USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia

Consultant Position

Directional Drilling Supervisor

Description: • Provided on-site supervision of the Directional Drilling process including projection of well path to pre-determined target coordinates.

• Advised client on Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) selection and all aspects of Directional Drilling Performance during operations.

• Proficient in the use of Directional Drilling computer software with an ability to provide well informed analysis to client representative at the work site.

• Work duties included but were not limited to: well-to-well clearance calculations, gamma and non-gamma, BHA analysis, and vibration analysis.

• Provided excellent communication, organization, and an ability to troubleshoot with on-site teams.

• Maintained a positive attitude and high degree of self-discipline. February 1996 -

November 2001

Smith International Teledrift Division / Pathfinder Directional Driller / LWD-MWD Engineer USA

Staff Position

Directional Drilling & MWD


• The primary on-location provider of MLWD services as set out in the Level Matrix.

• Acted as a Lead Engineer with responsibility of job execution, overall performance of services and the provision of technical expertise to third party representatives.

• Lead the work of others (Smith International Path-Finder and third party) to achieve job requirements.

• Assisted in ensuring the company assets on location were maintained in good working order and were protected from damage at well site at all times.

• Assisted in recording operational data and completed relevant job documentation.

• Provided the external customer with relevant information regarding job progress, problems, and solutions and provided accurate job data.

• Provided operational advice on pertinent equipment technical / operational specifications to third party personnel in a professional manner.

• Worked safely at all times and ensured that all safety standards were met and maintained. Software Proficiency

Frequent Use: • Schlumberger software (Drilling Office) / Microsoft Office

• Pluto, Compass, Drill Quest, WinServ, Insite & Anti-Collision Formation Where I Have

Directional Drilled

Bakken, Wood Ford Shell, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus, Utica, Haynesvillie, Permian Basin

Training and Development

Training and Development

• Directional Drilling & MWD/LWD certification

• TWIC certification

• H2S certification

• Directional Drilling Engineering RSS/Motor School

• RX-4 Theory & Operation

• Drilling Extended Reach Wells (ERD)

• Anti-collision & Stuck pipe prevention

• Torque & Drag Drill String Whirl

• Hydraulics MWD/LWD

• Surveying & Assorted Safety

• Compass Well Planning

• Petroleum Education Con (PEC)

• License to go offshore

• North Slope Training Co-operative

• PDM Motor Repair & Maintenance

• Drill Quest well planning Programs

• Schlumberger Anti-collision Coarse

Professional Organization Membership

• Petroleum Education Council (PEC) member,



• Travelling to different countries, cooking, air, shows and car shows

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