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Java Developer

Lafayette, LA
March 10, 2020

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Michael Sterling George

Erath, Louisiana




South Louisiana Community College Graduation Date: May 2020

Lafayette, Louisiana

Associates of Science in Application Software and Development


Lab Tutor / Lab Assistant for ASDV department

August 2019 – May 2020

Main job tutoring in Application Software and Development, but also worked on computers in lab. Also

represented the department in social events.


Java – Objects and Classes, Data Structures, Overriding Methods, Exception Handling

Java Web – CDI Beans(flow-scoped, session-scoped, application-scoped), JavaServer Faces, PrimeFaces, Ajax implementation. Knowledgeable of listeners and Action events.

HTML & CSS – Knowledge of tags and html structure, and how to style a page using embedded, inline and external CSS files.

Experience managing and running projects on a Glassfish Server.

Experience managing and running projects on an Oracle Weblogic Server.

JavaScript – Creation of functions and Objects, implementation using Actions and Ajax.

Angular – Knowledge of basic Angular structure and format.

React – Knowledge of basic React functions and control structure.

Node.js – Knowledge of how to run and implement basic commands.

MySQL – Know how to construct advance queries, how to backup and restore databases, pull from database using Java ManagedBean.

Netbeans – Used for Java SE and Java EE projects.

Visual Studio Code – Used for React and Angular Projects.

Visual Studio – Coded C# projects.

Git – Understand basic Git pull, push, and update functions.

GitHub – Understand how to push, pull, fork and merge Repositories.

Android Studio – Creating Activities, Fragments and functions.

C++ - Basic syntax, Data type, loops, Functions and Prototypes, Header files.

Photoshop – Experience using Photoshop for personal projects and files.

C# - Creating Classes, methods and forms in Visual Studio.

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