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Sales Software Developer

Richmond, BC, Canada
March 11, 2020

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Full Legal: King Sau Roland Leung

Current Location (City, Province): Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone Number for Interview: 604-***-****


I take actions in delivering solutions on time and within scope to customer's satisfaction. I take heart in what I do since I believe my reputation is on the line if I deliver solutions that are not flexible and scalable.

Work Experience

Senior IT lead consultant

SAP - Vancouver, BC

January 2013 to November 2019

As a senior IT lead consultant, I am responsible for successful delivery of BI/BW/UI5/ABAP solutions on time and within the scope on the ONE-DATA platform. Throughout the last few years, I have been instrumental on the delivery of sales planning solutions, which are crucial to go-to-market operations from the setting of quota, cascading of targets to the on-going maintenance of sales representatives' performance and compensations. I help spearheaded the One-Data platform to enable a single-source-of truth data hub, from which different line of business will have confidence that the analytics on which it's based on is reliable. The one-data platform, which contains sales, marketing, HR information complements the data lake, which contains lots of user interaction data and 3rd party data.

I directed junior members on the architecture and the design of how different components should be structured. I am a firm believer of having good software patterns and design, though requiring more efforts initially, would bear fruits and lower defects later. The typical pattern being MVC on the client side and a flexible, componentized backend either that be on the ABAP stack through the netweaver gatway or on the Java stack through the use of a flexible java component executing the underlying HANA views.

The results have been phenomenal. Initially, sales operations were downloading data, pivoting data in Excel, which is prone to mistakes and lack of a single source of truth. We began with a custom UI5 app to give graphical representations of what needs to be alerted, a macro-formatted Excel offline template for entering of data (customer segmentation, sales assignment) and an online version. We added more abilities later on to facilitate the setup of the sales organization on UI5 for next-year planning. Recently, we integrated the planning data back to the CRM and rolled out an enterprise planning solution that cascades down from Finance targets into individual sales quotas.

Business Analyst

SAP - Vancouver, BC

January 2007 to December 2012

As a liaison between IT and Finance, I was responsible for several dashboard initiatives. I created a 360 dashboard view of customers which detailed the latest health of customers, on how much pipeline been offered, how much licenses been purchased from purchase orders, and the account receivable statues. I also developed a dashboard for sales rep which detailed how they proceeded with each opportunity and to made sure that their being proactive if the trend deviated from planned. I also delivered an enterprise-wide expense reporting solutions. All these dashboard solutions are based on Enterprise Datawarehouse. I also act as a functional analyst on FI/CO and Treausry modules.

Software Developer

Business Objects - Vancouver, BC

July 1997 to December 2006

C++ development on Desktop applications like Crystal Reports, Business Objects.


Master's Degree in Engineering

UBC - Vancouver, BC

September 2000 to May 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science

UBC - Vancouver, BC

September 1993 to May 1997




Data-warehouse / Data Lake / R

Planning solutions / BPC / IP

Software-design Agile Architecture (10+ years) / Domain Driven Design Skills

Training in EAM and SCM

BW / Planning Solutions Portfolio

Go-To-Market Planning Backbone

A Process for assignment of Quota / Targets to Sales Rep and Sales Managers for next year driven top-down from Financial Targets. It applies to both sales license and consulting services. It requires the cascading of Next Year growth Targets, Revenue forecast decided by Finance cascaded down to individual Sales Rep.

Tools and skills: IP- HANA Optimized, BW, HANA Modelling, UI5, Analysis for Office, ABAP

Go-To-Market License Planning Solution

A Process for assignment of Quota / Targets to Sales Rep and Sales Managers for next year. It applies to both sales license and consulting services. A couple of BPC Excel templates are created to facilitate the input of quota and targets.

Tools and skills: BPC-Standard, BW, UI5, Excel BPC, BADI / ABAP

Consulting Services Work Force Planning

A process for the entire workflow of determining the types of Consulting Services to focus on next year and the subsequent requirements for supply and demand of consulting resources. This enables smoother consulting services forecast and staffing of resources.

Tools and skills: BPC-Standard, BW, Excel BPC, BADI / ABAP, FI/CO and EAM modules

Consulting Services Verbal Forecast

Budget is usually done semi-annually or annually and Forecast is done each work. This is to provide a constant update for the Consulting organization if they are in a position to meet their targets. This is a tool for the entry of each week forecast

Tools and skills: IP/BW, BW, Webdynpro

Domain Driven Design Examples

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