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Toronto, ON, Canada
March 11, 2020

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Majid Risman Kar Zadeh

Ontario, Canada

Cell phone: +1-905-***-****, Email:

Experienced Telecommunications engineer with several years of professional expertise in radio access network (RAN) and transport with a demonstrated history of working for international telecommunication vendors such as Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia companies. Have worked in technical support, engineering and solution architect positions for major mobile operators in large scale networks. Was involved for projects such as managed service (Operation), roll out, modernization, expansion, and swap as a key resource in both back-office and field. Adhered to all policies and procedures to achieve targets based on service and operation level agreement (SLA/OLA).

Summary of Qualification

Hands on experience in configuration, planning and troubleshooting of Network Switches and routers.

Product type: Nokia 7750 SR, 7705 SAR, Cisco ASR903, Cisco Catalyst 2960, hiD 6610/ 6615.

Extensive hands on experience in commissioning and troubleshooting of wireless nodes such as RBS, NodeB, eNodeB.

Product type: Ericsson (2000, 3000, 6000 BTS families), Nokia Flexi BTS (FSME/FSMF/FSMD), Air Scale, Huawei DBS3900.

Extensive hands on experience in configuring, planning and troubleshooting of Microwave network.

Product type: Ericsson Mini-Link (TN, CN, HC), Alcatel-Lucent (MPR950), Dragon Wave, Cambium, Huawei RTN 320 and 900.

Experience in planning, design and implementation of transport network fiber optic (SDH/SONET, DWDM, and CWDM).

Product type: Huawei OSN (1500, 3500, 7500), Marconi (Ericsson) OMS 1200.

Extensive experience in network management and monitoring system ( including SDN/NFV, cloud based and automation systems)

Product type: SAM 5260, NetAct, NSP, LTE OMS, Nokia EdenNet/SON, Cisco Prime, Ericsson SOEM, IPT/NMS, Huawei T2000.

Experience with Ericsson BSC (APG40), Nokia RNC IPA and mcRNC.

Extensive knowledge in LTE (FDD/TDD), UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM (2G), 5G network architecture in RAN, BSS, Core.

Extensive knowledge of IPv4/IPv6, IP/MPLS, VPN L2/L3 and Routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, EIGRP).

Experience with Linux, C++, Visual basic and Python for different business and personal projects (application and automation)

Professional Experience

Freedom Mobile (Contract) Toronto, ON Mar.2019- Oct.2019

Tier II RAN Specialist

Implemented protocols and services such as OSPF, MPLS LDP, RSVP, and services: VPLS, VPRN, EPIPE, IES, on Nokia 7750 SR, 7705 SAR, Cisco ASR903, hiD 6610/ 6615 according to IP engineering work order plan.

Led and designed MOP for Microwave links cutover activities (Dragon Wave to MPR) with collaboration of field technicians including add and clean up configuration on routers and MPRs (VLAN, port, services such as VPLS/sap).

Led and designed MOP for RFC and BERT test for EVPL circuits between cell site and Core Switch with OTDR (JDSU 6000) and performed preparation for port configuration on service routers before activity.

Collaborated with the third parties (fiber transport provider) such as Bell, Cogeco, and Zayo during new link implementation or troubleshooting to resolve the outage on transport link (Fusion splicing, loop test).

Performed all necessary changes on routers and MPRs to implement ring configuration according to the network design and performed failover test after activity.

Performed 3G sites creation (NodeB) in both IPA-RNC and mc-RNC and developed an automated script with VBA to reduce human mistakes and speed up the process.

Monitored all network elements by using NetAct monitor, SAM and RPTG application during network troubleshooting.

Resolved the assigned trouble tickets (radio access network and backhaul) based on agreed MTTR and SLA.

Provided MOP documents (Method of procedure) and the relevant work orders for BSS team to implement the new changes to resolve network trouble tickets in RAN side ( IP network, SR and SAR routers, Optical Fiber).

Implemented network optimization work orders by using automated applications (CM manager, CM editor).

Participated in technical meeting with IP, UTRAN, EUTRAN, EPS Core, VAS and OSS teams to share knowledge, discuss and plan the road map for upcoming projects.

Key achievements:

Engaged for a major migration and swap project in Freedom (Core network NCIO to CIBIS).

Developed an automated script with VBA to reduce human mistakes and speed up the sites creation process in RNC.

Involved in many troubleshooting activities, major changes (65 MW links cutover, 9 ring implementation and failover test).

Rogers Communications (Contract) Brampton, ON Mar.2017- Feb.2019

Network Specialist (Operation Video Core and Service Quality Wireless)

Scripting and executing Linux (bash) commands on Cisco Embedded Controllers according to provided MOP.

Engaged with node capacity augmentation and node physical QPSK segmentation activities from operation core side to support field tech, verify fiber installation in ODF and performed required troubleshooting steps.

Created the template for maintenance purpose by collecting MAC and IP addresses from nodes on each separate QPSK according to region and Phub.

Performed maintenance tasks on digital TV network by using Arris DAC 6000, Splunk platforms.

Performed digital TV network configuration and design, performance check and troubleshooting on IP Direct and DAVIC STBs.

Collaborated with video teams to move QPSK forward data channel frequency (FDC) Validation, Reboot and troubleshooting).

Test and validate all voice and data services (VOLTE/VOWIFI/VOIP, LTE, 3G) before and after network changes tickets by using test call matrix, NetScout, Tektronix and Witbe robot platforms.

Cooperation with RF, Transport, IP/MPLS, VAS, UPPC, and Core/IMS terms of all network service quality issues.

Key achievements:

Worked as one of the key resources for moving QPSK FDC from 73.75 MHz to 129 MHz for over 500 QPSKs across Ontario, also worked for QPSK segmentation project for numerous number of nodes in ON, NB, NF (2018).

Worked as SQA prime to check network performance before and after over 700 network change tickets (2017).

Nokia Siemens Network (Contract) Ontario, British Columbia Feb. 2015- Jan.2017

RAN Engineer

Performed site survey, provided the relevant TSSR, SRR, and recommendations for preparing the site installation and configuration documentations.

Implemented ring topology including microwave radio links and optical fiber links (DWDM, Ethernet).

Commissioning of Nokia Flexi Multi Radio BTS (FSME/F, NodeB, eNodeB) to support LTE UMTS/HSPA+.

Configured radio terminal parameters on Microwave (MPR 9500) and routers nodes (7705 SAR).

Performed troubleshooting and software upgrade on Wireless and Microwave nodes, supported optimization team for RF faults resolution.

Performed RF path test to clear VSWR and DTP alarms by using site master (Anritsu) and Fiber cable testing, diagnostics by using OTDR to clear BER alarms.

Provided field solutions, recommendations and support for transmission and wireless equipment installations.

Alarms, Ethernet and power cable termination- Equipment swap and relocation.

Key achievements:

Worked as a key resource and a member of a professional team in swap (Modernization/HSPA+) project for cutover, installation and commissioning of about 220 sites in Ontario for Wind/Freedom Mobile (2015/2016).

Worked as a key resource and a member of professional team in LTE overlay project for commissioning of 350 sites (ON and BC Freedom Mobile /2016/2017).

Discovered a major software bug for NOKIA/FSMF system module during troubleshooting on RET and sector swap and provided a comprehensive report to escalate the issue to the relevant team.

Ericsson System and Service Co. Tehran, Iran Sep.2013 - July.2014

Transport and Wireless Engineer (Solution)

Performed radio terminal Commissioning and Ethernet configuration and design (LAN, VLAN, WAN), IP over Iub, Gb link implementation (Mini-Link TN /SP).

Analyzed network performance, suggested solutions to improve KPI by participating in technical team discussions after each BTS swap activity.

NodeB/3G integration and commissioning (WinFiol/Moshell), TCU/SIU configuration and Script modification.

Supported field technicians for troubleshooting and maintenance on Microwave and RBS remotely.

Configured and adjusted the XPIC feature on radio terminal for microwave link in 2+0 configuration.

Supported NOC team to minimalize network faults by providing remote, primitive and corrective maintenance.

Trained and supported field technicians for Ericsson’s RBS (6102) installation and commissioning with OMT.

Key achievements:

Worked as a key resources and a member of professional team for swap project form NSN (2.5G) to Ericsson (3G) to support all sub-contractors during MW cutover, Implementation of new links and integration and commission of about 400 NodeB.

Trained contractors in swap project for Mini-Link TN configuration, Ericsson 6000 generation RBS integration.

Huawei Technologies Co. Tehran-Iran Feb.2009 - March. 2013

Microwave and Transport Back Office Engineer (Managed Service/ Product type: Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia)

Took end-to-end fault management responsibility for network maintenance, ensuring trouble tickets are actively managed until resolution within agreed SLA (Using Remedy platform for ticketing system).

Analyzed network KPI parameters, generated by FACTS platform for network optimization.

Designed MOP for microwave and optical links cutover or rerouting activities and verify link budget planning.

Alarm monitoring, fault localization, correction, verification and maintenance with T2000, WinFiol, SOME, R-OMT, and supported field technicians during troubleshooting for all transport and Microwave issues.

Followed up major service outages, ensured that the planned outages are carried out or rolled back properly and provide RCA (Root cause Analysis) report accordingly.

Cooperation for TX issues with core engineers in swap project from Nokia to Huawei nodes (MSC, MGW, SGSN)

Key Achievements:

As a member of a professional team, we improved the TCH KPI from 98.1 to 98.8 in a short time (2009).

Trained about 50 field techs for managed service project across the country and provided on job training in 10 provinces.

Provided emergency reroute plans for over 50 MW links in the event of crisis in managed service project.

Ericsson System and Service Co. Tehran, Iran Feb.2007- Jan. 2009

Operation Maintenance Engineer

Trouble shooting and monitoring of alarm in BSC, handling of service affecting faults and rectifying of alarms.

BTS / Mini-Link (TN, HC) maintenance, hardware troubleshooting (OMT /Mini-link Craft)

RBS alarms rectification such as VSWR, RX diversity, TRX block, RF loop test fault, PCM synch fault, etc.

Troubleshooting on control system of air condition system, power distribution box and batteries in shelters.

Performed commissioning and integration for Ericsson RBS and transmission node (Mini Link TN).

Supervised contractors for RAN equipment installation works and gave them advice.

Quality acceptance, planning, monitoring, testing and inspection of TI installation.

Performed antenna and feeder testing (VSWR, DTF) by using Anritsu and Bird site masters.

Ericsson System and Service Co. Tehran, Iran Feb.2006- Jan. 2007

Access Network Design and Implementation Engineer

Designed the ODF and patch panel for all fiber termination in TX (Mini-Link-Marconi) and BSS (BSC) room.

Creating E1/T1 and STM1 assignment and cross connection plan for all transport links.

IP design, layer 3 LAN switches configuration, connection of LAN switch to IPBB routers, routing and switching protocols (OSPF, MPLS, VRRP, VLAN)

Integration of BTS sites in BSC and performing call test, GPRS test, neighboring hand over and monitoring of statistic to meet the KPI.

Configuration and optimization of radio channels with LAPD signaling protocol, TCH traffic Channels and BCCH and SDCCH signaling channels


Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.), Azad University (Assessed by World Education Service in Canada).

Some Professional Course:

Nokia Flexi Multi Radio NodeB /eNodeB Commissioning (Nokia-Toronto, Canada)

Nokia 7750 SR, 7705 SAR, MPR, mcRNC (Nokia-Toronto, Canada)

GSM RBS 2106/2206/2216/2116/2207 Site maintenance (Ericsson IRAN training center)

Mini-Link &RBS Installation, configuration and troubleshooting (Ericsson IRAN training Center)

Computer Software Skills:

Visual Basic.Net, Matlab, C++/C, Python, Atol, Mapinfo.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Linux (Scripting), SQL, Windows and Mac OS, VISIO, AutoCAD.

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