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Software Engineer

Austin, TX
March 11, 2020

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Justan Other Human

Software Engineer

Austin, Texas


Technical Skills

Front End:HTML5, CSS3, Handlebars, JavaScript, ECMAScript, React.js, AJAX, jQuery Back End:Node JS, MySql, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTTP and REST architecture Testing / Deployment:Jest, Mocha, Chai, TDD, Travis CI, AWS, Amazon EC2, PM2, Docker Developer Tools:Git source control, Webpack, Agile methodology, Trello, VS Code, Postman Software Engineering Applications

CityScout Front End Developer

a responsive web app that recommends events to users based on their Google calendar availability

● Leveraged Material-UI in React to implement stunning components to represent user stories

● Utilized a SQL database that aggregates events from multiple event management APIs

● Used a Google OAuth for users to sign in, add, and remove events to their calendar

● Followed Agile/Scrum/TDD methodologies throughout development Photo Caption Editor Full Stack Developer

● Built a meme generator with React in 2 days that allows users to enter and move captions to either existing or locally uploaded images and deployed with Heroku

● Encoded and decoded images from database with base64 buffer

● Served static files from an ExpressJS server built on Node and transpiled with Babel System Design Back End Developer

● Expanded a legacy code base to 10 million unique records

● Stress tested both an indexed SQL and noSQL database to handle over 1,400 requests per second

● Scaled both vertically and horizontally using Amazon EC2 and load balancers Seabay Full Stack Developer

● Created a responsive Service Oriented Architecture product view application mimicking eBay

● Developed a search bar microservice and database that dispatched to all other services

● Implemented a proxy server to connect five independent microservices into a single page application Experience and Education

Hello World Tech Studio - Web Development and Video game Engineer Instructor - August 2019 - Present Yuuvis Hackathon: grand prize winner - August 24 - 25, 2019

● Alpha tested Optimal Systems’ enterprise content management API by converting resume information into a JSON object and generating a stylized pdf version that is then stored with keyword metadata that can be elastic searched and filtered

Hack Reactor: Advanced Software Engineering Immersive Program - 2019

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