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Software Engineer Developer

United States
March 09, 2020

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S A G A R P A R E S H S H A H 75 Peterborough, Boston, MA 857-***-****


Northeastern University, Boston Masters of Science in Information Systems (Computer Science) Sept 2019 - May 2021 Relevant Courses: Application Engineering Development using Java, Data Science Engineering tools and methods using Python, Database Management and Database Design, Web Development Tools and Methods Mumbai University, India Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications Aug 2013 - Aug 2017 Relevant Courses: Object Oriented Programming, Structured Programming Approach, Data Structures and Algorithms T E C H N I C A L S K I L L S

Programming skills : Java SE, Java EE, Python, R, C, VB Script, SQL, RPA Web technologies : HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Node JS, React, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, SOAP API, Rest API, XML Software tools : Eclipse, Netbeans, Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Anaconda Navigator, GIT, SVN, Jenkins, BitBucket, Databases : MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, OracleDB Frameworks : Spring, Spring MVC, Swing, Hibernate, Machine Learning, ML Algorithms ML Packages : NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Beautiful Soup, Scikit-Learn. TensorFlow, caret, NLP W O R K E X P E R I E N C E

INFOGAIN INDIA PVT LTD, Mumbai (SOFTWARE ENGINEER) July 2018 - May 2019 Microsoft Exchange Web Services for Sending/Receiving mails (RPA, UI PATH, XML, VB Script, SOAP API, MS EWS)

• Devised a solution wherein only one MS Outlook authorized (licensed) account existed and others will be shared user accounts

• Resulted in saving approximately $50K annually for 50 VMs (Cost of licensed account per VM is $1000) Contract Mismatch Process (RPA, Automation Anywhere, VB Script, XML, SQL, SMTP Protocol)

• Automated a business process for identifying mismatched data in legal contracts for SAP application

• Generated summary reports for stakeholders, monitored Bots, servers and applications end to end for performance tuning to achieve minimum downtime saving 50 hours per week along with obtaining an accuracy of 99.8% for NETAPP Legal Tier 2 Process (RPA, AA, VB Script, XML, SQL, SMTP Protocol, Excel, Outlook)

• Built a system that could expire existing legal agreements, create new ones based on date-time using Apttus application of Salesforce

• Sent summary report to the stakeholders saving 40 hours per week along with an accuracy of 99% INFOGAIN INDIA PVT LTD, Mumbai (SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INTERN) Aug 2017 - June 2018 Online Student Management Portal (Java EE, Hibernate, REST API, Angular JS, Eclipse IDE, Postman, SQL, HTML, CSS)

• Engineered online student management application which included 3 roles as Admin, Teacher and Student

• Built REST API for response in JSON format, maintained database using Hibernate & frontend by HTML, CSS, JavaScript JBoss-Migration (Core Java & J2EE, Eclipse, Spring, OracleDB, SQL, Jenkins)

• Updated code including services like MDB, EJB, Java, REST and SOAP web services of JBoss5 and made it compatible to Jboss7

• Migrated Spring code and megen jobs, helped in server setup and server deployment specific to MITCHELL A C A D E M I C P R O J E C T S

Airline Travel Agency Application (Java Spring MVC, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, JSP, AJAX, Rest API, SQL) Jan 2020 - Present

• Crafted an application to provide best deals for flight bookings for customers which will be 60% faster than existing applications

• Led a team of 4 and developed an application workflow using push/pull protocol for organizations to communicate internally Pregnancy Tracking and Mortality Reinforcement System (Java, DB40.util, JFree chart, SMTP Protocol) Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

• Piloted a team of 3 and devised a tracking system using DB4O.util and Ecosystem model for analyzing pregnant women in rural areas in order to prevent infant mortality by taking timely measures which will result in mortality reduction rate by 80%

• Created Work Request Queues and implemented Work Request for data transfer and inventory update between Organizations Analysis on Harry Potter series using Text Mining and NLP (Python, Anaconda Navigator) Nov 2019 - Dec 2019

• Performed various NLP and Text Mining algorithms on Harry Potter series to extract summary of each book, most frequently occurring words, feature importance of different words, stemming, lemmatization, bag of words, word2Vec, word frequency

• Implemented sentimental analysis of each book, word Cloud and estimated character relationships from casting roles A C H I E VE M E N T S A N D C E R T I F I C A T I O N S

• State level technical publication on “Gestured Controlled Television (Smart Television)” at Journal “DJ SPARK”

• Awarded 25K INR for increasing revenue of INFOGAIN by $710K by developing multiple real time projects with the team

• Participated in Global HACKATHON Challenge by VINCX Group & was ranked 40th globally

• Certified in Advanced Automation Anywhere, UI Path Developer Diploma, Java Application Developer, Python

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