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Biomedical Engineering Student

San Jose, CA
March 10, 2020

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Mustapha EL ZEINI (***) 609–8573


Expected Graduation Date: May 2022

Saratoga, CA West Valley College Sept 2017 - Present

• Major: Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

• Expected Transfer Date: May 2020

• Honors Program Student

• Relevant Coursework: Calculus and Analytical Geometry 1 & 2, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Engineering Physics Mechanics, Engineering Physics Electricity and Magnetism, Engineering Physics Light-Waves- Thermodynamics, Circuit Analysis, General Chemistry, Computer Programming C++, Experimental Psychophysiology, Cell Biology

Los Altos Hills, CA Foothill College Jan 2019- present

• Expected Transfer Date: May 2020

• Relevant Coursework: Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory EMPLOYMENT

Cashier, Cook KFC Aug 2017 - Jan 2018

• Learned customer service

• Learned how to run a highly paced fast food kitchen Checkout Advocate, Electronics Advocate Target, Inc May 2018 - Present

• Improved customer service skills

• Interacted with many coworkers and worker on team in order to guarantee customer satisfaction

• Learned Cash handling and transactional skills

• Improved customer knowledge on usage of various electronics products (Laptops, Cameras, Apple products) PROJECTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS

• Highest Honors on French Baccalaureate Exam

Earned a high grade on French Baccalaureate Exam (final exam taken at the end of high school at French schools, equivalent to high school completion diploma in the US). The exam is comprehensive including material of three years of high school (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology and Chemistry Lab, Arabic, French, Geology, History)

• Volunteer at West Valley College Adapted Physical Education (APE) Volunteered for 3 hours a week for a period of four months at the APE program at West Valley College. I helped elderly and people with disabilities workout and perform various activities (playing basketball, stretching, marking down their progress).

• Bank Account C++ Program

Wrote code in C++ to create a bank account program. The program enables users to deposit money in a checking account and a saving account, and make withdrawals as well. The user gets charged for overdraft withdrawal.

• Psychology Experiment: The effect of different types of music on memory and comprehension Conducted an experiment for a school project on a group of 15 students to examine the effect that classical music, rock music, instrumental music and vocal music might have on memory and comprehension. Students exposed to rock music scored better on memory the memory task. No other significant effect was noted.

• Organic Chemistry Synthesis

Learned to synthesize many molecules like: aspirin, ethanol, pinacol. Ethanol was synthesized at 95% purity. Proficient in purification and extraction techniques (acid-base extraction, distillation, recrystallization, colon chromatography, gas-chromatography, thin-layer chromatography). Proficient in reading and analyzing NMR and IR spectra.


• Technical: (proficient): Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs, Google slides Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry Lab Techniques, Microscope usage, Research skills Math skills, Problem Solving skills, Data analysis using ANOVA tables and t-tests; (intermediate): C++

• Soft: Leadership skills, Team management skills, Outstanding Trilingual Communicator, (fluent): Arabic, French, English; (intermediate): Spanish

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