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Linux System Administrator

Hicksville, NY
March 10, 2020

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A technically and functionally skilled, motivated and service-oriented IT professional with 6+ years of IT experience as a Linux Systems Administrator, supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems and Community Enterprise Operating Systems. Looking forward to excelling in a company environment with opportunity to advance in IT technical skills.


Solid experience in installing, configuring and supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6/7.

Experienced in installing, configuring and supporting Community Enterprise Operating system - centos 4/5/6/7.

Experienced in installing, configuring and troubleshooting software and applications for optimum performance.

Experienced in analyzing Hardware performance, Linux server performance, Kernel performance and Network performance problems and implementing maintenance procedures.

Skills setting up and configuring Logical Volume Manager including creating PV’s, VG’s and LV’s: Expanding LV’s, reducing and resizing LV’s: Expanding and reducing VG’s: Ensuring that LVM is performing for optimum storage.

Skills on Red Hat Enterprise Linux EXTENTIONS FILESYSTEM: ext2, ext3, ext4 including setting up partitions on RAW DISK, formatting and mounting partitions. Have experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL7, with extensive knowledge of XFS Filesystem.

Skills setting up, configuring and troubleshooting Network Devices: NIC CARD, KERNEL ROUTING IP TABLES, DNS, DHCP, IP FORWARDING, TCP/IP NETWORK MODEL AND OSI MODEL.

Skills setting up NFS, SSH, TELNET, SCP, SAMBA and SFTP for remote data sharing with Linux and Windows clients.

Setting up LAMP STACK on RHEL: Linux server, Apache web server, MySQL Database server, MariaDB and PhpMyAdmin. Secured and successfully deployed the LAMP stack in a production environment.

Writing and debugging basic BASH Scripts and scheduling CRON JOBS.

Setting up DATE, TIME, TIMEZONES and NTP (Network Time Protocol) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems to ensure accurate time synchronization required for scheduled jobs and programs.

Skills using systems and Network monitoring tools and software: VMSTAT, IOSTAT, SAR, PS, TOP, LSOF, NETSTAT, HTOP, TCPDUMP, WIRESHARK, NAGIOS AND SPLUNK.

Skills in implementing USER security including managing user and groups, setting up ACL’S and password recovery.

Experience installing and configuring SPLUNK on a Linux system for DATA AND LOGS MONITORING: Installed and configured SPLUNK INDEXER on the command line and on the web. Configured the firewalls to allow inbound access to the indexer through the following ports: 514/UDP, 8000/TCP and 9997/TCP. Installed and configured SPLUNK FORWARDER including editing inputs.conf, outputs.conf and server.conf in /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local and indexed the following files: /var/log/messages; /var/log/secure; /var/log/yum.log; /var/log/httpd/*; /var/log/maillog.

Some Python programming and Bash Shell scripting.

Backups (compressed and uncompressed) and system recovery.


Linux Systems Administrator

Gateway Global Technologies LLC 2018 – Present

Our end-clients are small healthcare companies in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, HP Residential and AT&T residential.

Set up and configured NFS for remote clients and ensured the performance of the remote disks.

Performing on-site troubleshooting of client’s servers’ network issues including IP address, NIC cards issues, port configurations such as TCP, UDP and UNIX ports.

Troubleshooting Linux systems and hardware issues using command line tools and software.

Monitoring processes with PS command, top command and using htop command including adjusting the priority of the processes with nice and renice commands.

Using file system tools to create files, directories and manipulating files and data. Setting up files and directory permissions using chmod, chown, chgrp, stickybits, setgid bits, and ACL’S as part of the general security implementation.

Installing and upgrading packages using RPM, YUM and EPEL repositories; including compressing, decompressing and creating archives of files with TAR.

Setting up cron jobs with crontab and AT tools and ensured that the date, time and NTP servers are synchronizing the server and hardware clocks.

Participating in major projects.

Writing and debugging basic bash shell scripts, Intermediate bash and python scripting

Red Hat Satellite, and source code management (SVN, Github/Gitlab, Jenkins)

Configuration management (Ansible, Puppet, CFEngine, Chef)

VMWare Storage, RedHat OpenShift Origin,

Break/Fix, Provisioning & Decom, Patching, Migrations, Documentation Analyzing, troubleshooting

Linux Systems Administrator/Information Security Analyst

VERIZON – Jericho, New York February 2016 – November 2018

Working with a Team of five Linux systems administrators supporting a mixed environment of Virtual and physical Linux systems:

Set up and configured LVM, mounted logical volumes and ensured that the logical volumes are performing.

Responded and closed client’s ticket requests.

Set up and configured monitoring software such as NAGIOS, TCPDUMP, IPTRAF, WIRESHARK for network monitoring.

Wrote and debugged basic BASH script for basic tasks such as checking the systems performance.

Scheduled jobs with crontab and made sure that the jobs are running as intended.

Set up time, date, time zone and NTP to ensure that the systems clock is synchronizing with the hardware clock.

Some programming in Python

Managing users and groups: creating user accounts, group accounts, setting password expiration policies on Linux Red Hat systems.

Implemented and recommended security policies designed for servers and users.

Applied security patches, updated and upgraded RHEL/centos servers, upgraded Memory and SWAP space for better performance.

Resolving system OS, software, and performance issues

LAMP Stack set up, installation, configuration, and deployment,

IT Support Analyst/ Linux Administrator

CAMTEL - Douala, Cameroon November 2012 – July 2015

Installed and configured virtual Linux servers.

Updated and upgrading Linux systems for performance tuning.

Created file systems on raw disks and monitored file systems for better performance.

Created and managed users and group accounts. Implemented user authentication security.





DL 160

ML 350 G9 5U TOWER



VMware ESXI and workstation


Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

University of Buea – Cameroon, October 2006 – July 2010.

Cameroon School of Computer Technology, September 2010 – August 2012


Available upon request

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