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Plant Molecular

London, ON, Canada
March 09, 2020

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Mississauga, Ontario- L*T*X*



Experienced Biotechnologist being part of several collaborative projects such as C$ 184,408.05

Ecorestoration Project, with experimental and management skills to understanding Plant immune

system under in vitro, Greenhouse and field experiments and in Microbial fermentation

technology (Industrial experience).

These experiences make me competent for gaining a research grant of C$ 62167, for women

scientist along with, 6 international and 12 conference scientific publications.

The net results were the molding happens in me as collaborative, team player, with strong

leadership skills to manage projects as well as research professionals, mentorship qualities,

successful in preparing research grants, able in reports documentation, scientific writing,

presentation and office automation with more and more devotion for continual learning.


Research Development Project Lead/ Project Management April 2014 - September 2019.

(Rice Research Station (RRS), Kerala Agricultural University), India.

Plan, design PCR based genomic characterization, enzymatic, non-enzymatic biochemical assays

phenotypic and cellular responses in the rice genome to understand it’s immune responses

resulted in identification of molecular markers and varieties which will be helpful for further

economic advancements in the food industry.

Core duties: Performing laboratory experiments : NGS QTL analysis DNA RNA RT PCR

Spectrophotometry Protein- BCA, SDS PAGE Green house field experiments Procurement of

chemicals and instruments Data analysis Report interpretation and presentation Budget

planning and proceedings and thereby molding the management skills and successful grant

renewal every year for five years.

Entrusted with supervision of research projects of students and fellows, developed several

interpersonal skills to lead a research project in time framed conditions.

Research Analyst/ Research Coordinator August 2012 - April 2014.

(Rice Research Station (RRS), Kerala Agricultural University), India.

Experimental and multi-disciplinary tasks involved in biotech laboratory, thereby adept to

characterization of stress tolerance in rice genome and resulted in the identification of the

molecular and phenotypic markers which were helpful for the developing novel trait specific

rice genotypes.

ELISA – assay to validate the tissue cultured banana for pathogenic infections for improving

the commercial cultivation and economy.

Overall experience leads to gaining amble team playing skills in a biotech laboratory.

Project Research Associate October 2007- August 2012.

(Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Indian Council of Agricultural Research).

Analysis of drought tolerance in Saccharrum spp using candidate genes and microsatellite


Core duties: Hybridization HPLC Biochemical assays DNA RNA PCR Electrophoresis,

SDS PAGE, BCA Western Blot Sugar analysis Spectrophotometry Molecular Cloning Plant

Phenotyping Report and presentation as demonstrated by publication and conference


Research Coordinator December 2009- April 2010.

(Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Indian Council of Agricultural Research).

Complete DNA/RNA/Protein extraction, purification and sequencing studies on time as

evidenced by 2 conference papers and reports.

Honorary Researcher October 2006- October 2007.

(Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Indian Council of Agricultural Research).

Good Lab management practices Instrumentation documentation Molecular, Cellular and

Biochemical assays on photosynthetic pigments, osmolytes and enzymes accumulated under

stress resulted in transforming towards a professional analyst.

Project Associate- Microbiology Industrial Internship November 2004- April 2005.

(The Fertilizers & Chemicals Travancore Limited,India)

Fermentation technology and downstream process Identification and Isolation of bacteria

Culturing / Spread plate analysis MPN assessing different physiological paramenters of

bacteria under study resulted in optimization of fermentation time of biofertilizers in an

industrial firm.


Technical Skills: Transferable Soft skills:

Molecular Biology : Project Management

DNA RNA extraction purification PCR Electrophoresis Good lab practices

Sequencing Molecular Cloning

Resource Management

Proteomics : Protein extraction purification SDS Phage Western Blot HPLC

Biochemistry: Enzyme, Metabolite, Chloroplast and Mitochondria extraction Leadership skills

Organizational skills

and assays Osmolyte estimation : Pigment,Nitrogen Flame photometry

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Time management

Microbiology: Isolation, Identification and culturing of bacteria Spread Plate Team player

analysis MPN Fermentation technology and downstream process ELISA

Professional awareness

for virus/disease detection.

Scientic Writing,

Bioinformatics & Biostatistics: DNA/RNA sequencing and analysis NGS

reporting and

analysis on CLC genomic workbench SPSS SAS POPGENE ARLEQUIN


NTSYS 2.02 GGT 2.0.

Product and Market

Computer Proficiency : MS Office software / Adobe

Knowledge /current

Industry trends


PhD (Biological Sciences/ Botany) Bharathiar University, India. 2007-2012

MSc (Biotechnology) Bharathiar University, India. 2003- 2005

BSc (Botany- Sub:Biochemistry/ zoology) Mahatma Gandhi University, India. 2000- 2003


EMERGENCY- FIRST-AID and CPR, Cheeky Scientist Associate.

Served as reviewer for several international journals.

Canadian Red Cross (2020).

WHIMS 2015 Certificate, Canada 2015. Reading as a hobby and I am a story teller.

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