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Software Engineering Intern

San Francisco, CA
March 09, 2020

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Shahbaz Momi

Software Engineering @ University of Waterloo




Languages: Kotlin (Android), Java, Typescript/Javascript, Python, C Technologies: React, AndroidX, RxJava, Dagger2, Spring Boot, MongoDB Education

Bachelor of Software Engineering, 2A term, University of Waterloo Last term GPA: 3.9/4.0, 87%

September 2018 - Present

Work Experience

TradeRev Software Engineering Coop

• Working with the Core Android team to rearchitecture major portions of the app into modern Android architecture utilizing Kotlin, MVVM architecture, coroutines, and AndroidX libraries

• Developing backend APIs with Spring Boot using RESTful architecture alongside the Core Backend team January 2020 - Present

Dayforce Ceridian Android Developer Coop

• Implemented in-app updates with Play Core providing suggested and forced updates, and deployed to 2M+ users

• Developed contacts autocomplete UI using Retrofit and RecyclerView, averaging 20,000 users/day

• Created internal push notification tooling (standalone app) with custom JSON parsing, syntatic highlighting, and format error detection using Kotlin and Firebase and deployed to 120 devs reducing notification creation time by 60%

• Fixed over 60 client and QA reported bugs, helping to increase the crash-free rate to 99.89% (up from 98.52%) Projects

May - August 2019

Treat Typescript, Javascript, Kotlin, React, RxJS, Spring Boot, Firebase, MongoDB App facilitating the pick-up of leagal cannabis with a lucrative rewards program

• Created marketplace for users to discover local dispensaries, view their catalogs, and place pick-up orders

• Currently over 800 beta users registered along with multiple dispensaries in onboarding

• Developed PWA (Android/iOS) containing several dynamic pages such as home and search using React and Redux

• Created Kotlin backend using Spring Boot and MongoDB to facilitate dispensary discovery, transactions, etc. Workway Kotlin (Android), RxJava, Dagger2, Firebase, MySQL Android app incentivising users to share their school work among their peers with cryptocurrency rewards

• Developed Android app using Kotlin and Rx containing several server-constructed pages such as home and discover

• Architected app using modern MVVM principles including dagger injected repository and network layers, Android architecture components based view models and lifecycles, and 2-way databinding for reactive, realtime UI updates

• Placed 6th out of 800 participants in OST cryptocurrency contest for facilitating cryptocurrency actions betwen users (including granting, ledgering, and securing tokens for users who watched ads or liked other users’ posts) See all


• HackTheNorth, Compass, Facebook sponsor 3rd place prize out of 1,090 participants

• HackThe6ix, Realm, AWS sponsor 1st place prize out of 263 participants

• EngHacks, FrameAR, overall 1st place out of 128 participants, StdLib 1st place prize June 2019 September 2019

August 2019

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