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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

Metairie, LA
March 09, 2020

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Adam Michael Vesely

**** ****** **. *** # ***-D, Metairie, La 70003 (504) 810 – 0828 (Cell / Home)


Analytical, dedicated, and goal-driven mechanical engineer uses out-of-the-box thinking in problem solving, personnel management, and training. Time management and prioritization techniques result in proven track record of success. Skills and expertise include: Industrial and fire safety; fire protection and suppression systems; valve repair; engineering systems (such as steam turbines, steam generators, and their ancillary equipment); and quality assurance. EXPERIENCE:

Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, New Orleans, La 2019 – 2019 Summer 2019 Engineering Student Intern

• Designed an Excel program to calculate the water level in both water towers for the Carrollton Water Plant, based on pressure, height, and given geometry.

• Assisted in the writing of a bidding proposal for storage tank inspections.

• Gave valve maintenance inputs for future repairs and replacements for the Algiers Plant. US Navy 2001 – 2015

Fire Prevention and Valve Repair Specialist with Nuclear Power Training

• 5+ years of experience in the operation, maintenance, and inspection of fire suppression systems, water treatment, life support, ventilation, drainage, auxiliary systems, and air quality testing equipment.

• 5+ years of experience in the maintenance, repair, and testing of common valves (including relief valves).

• 5+ years of experience ship propulsion machinery, heat exchangers, lubricating and hydraulic oil, refrigeration and air conditioning, and water level control systems for Navy steam generators.

• 10+ years of training experience in Quality Assurance and Planned Preventative Maintenance practices, with an emphasis on the safe operation of all associated equipment as a priority. EDUCATION:

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, La 2016 – 2019 University, B. S. Mechanical Engineering (Dec 2019) TRAINING / CERTIFICATIONS:

Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy 2012 – 2015 Certified Valve Repair Technician, Valve Repair

• Performs I-Level Maintenance procedures in inspecting and repairing various marine valves, and other steam system components in support of Intermediate Maintenance Activity requirements.

• Demonstrates knowledge of repair procedures, repair and maintenance standards, quality assurance specifications, and the proper use of industrial machinery as per the Journeyman Qualification Standards. Gas Free Engineer 2014 – 2014

Certified as Navy Gas Free Engineer, Gas Free Operations

• Prepares personnel to assume the duties and responsibilities, and to perform the tasks as the designated Gas Free Engineer on board Navy vessels.

• Makes personnel aware of hazardous atmospheres, trains in use of various instruments available to determine if hazardous atmospheres exist; and deals with actual procedures that the Gas Free Engineering Program is functioning properly.


SCOTT SCBA Repair 2012 – 2012

Certified SCOTT Air-Pak Repair Technician, SCBA Air-Paks

• Performs SCOTT SCBA Air-Pak inspection, maintenance, repair, and testing procedures at the Intermediate Maintenance Level.

Work Center Supervisor Leadership Course 2007 – 2007 First Line Leadership Development Program

• Responsible for the growth, development, and daily direction of subordinates; by accomplishing mission, leading people, leading change, working with others, and resource stewardship.

• Applies leadership skill sets based on the content derived from the Leadership Competency Model.

• Provides with leadership skills necessary to function as effective leaders and managers within the job positions.

Nuclear Power Training Unit, Goose Creek, Charleston, SC 2002 – 2003 Nuclear Power Trained Mechanic, Student

• Describes the fundamentals of nuclear propulsion power and the interrelationship of its mechanical, electrical, and naval reactor subsystems.

• Develops and exercises oral communication skills; understand the physical nature of nuclear radioactive particles, their detection, interaction with matter, and human health consequences.

• Gains knowledge of the safe operation of a nuclear power plant and its subsystems with an emphasis on industrial safety principles.

• Identifies, troubleshoots, and corrects problems in nuclear mechanical, electrical, or reactor control systems at the component level with an emphasis on mechanical systems.

• Strengthens oral communication skills; mechanical, electrical, and reactor infrastructure emphasizing mechanical, chemical, and reactor plant safety systems manipulations.

• Applies technical classroom knowledge to the practical, safe operation of Navy nuclear power plants. Naval Nuclear Power School, Goose Creek, Charleston, SC 2002 – 2002 Nuclear Power trained Mechanic, Student

• Able to use hand tools, precision measuring instruments, and test instruments; describe working principles of machinery including piping, tubing, valves, breakers, various pumps, air compressors, refrigeration systems, condensers, and steam turbines; and perform maintenance of mechanical equipment and systems associated with a propulsion plant.


Michael J. Vesely, P.E. 504-***-**** Father

Gary Nixon, (Hull Technician Senior Chief, USN, Ret.) 757-***-**** Supervisor Wally Blackburn, (Machinist’s Mate Chief, USN) 757-***-**** Supervisor Brian L. Burns, (Damage Controlman First Class, USN) 781-***-**** Friend / Co-worker Donny Busch, (Engineman First Class, USN) 757-***-**** Friend / Co-worker

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