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Manager Safety Environmental

Titusville, FL, 32780
March 09, 2020

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Kevin Fred Colgan, MBA



* Environmental Health & Safety * EHS Training Programs * Strategic Planning * Effective Team Leader

* Regulatory Compliance * Environmental Protection * Waste Reduction/Elimination * EHS/Operations Analysis

* Cost Reduction/Avoidance * Resource Optimization * Continuous Improvement * Securing consensus by

* EHS/Quality Evaluation/Audit * Cost Reduction/Avoidance * Loss Prevention Cross-functional teams

* Best Management Approach * Benchmarking Metrics * Root Cause Analysis * Zero Incident Culture

Board of Directors – Northeast Florida Safety Council


MBA - Florida Institute of Technology

BS - Safety Sciences - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) – anticipated 05/2020

TS-SCI Security Clearance – Formerly Held

OSHA OTI 501 Train-the-Trainer – U.S. Department of Labor

40-hour HAZWOPER – Northeast Florida Safety Council

DOT Hazardous Material Transportation & IATA Training

Certified First Aid CPR & AED Responder – American Red Cross


ENVIRONMENTAL & SAFETY MANAGER – JPD, LLC., Kennedy Space Center, FL. August 2016 – August 2019

Management – Managing and executing the company’s EHS Activities: Facility, Operational processes and OSHA

related EHS programs to achieve EHS goals. Make recommendations to management regarding risk level and risk

acceptance of site and contractor employees.

Policy & Procedure Implementation – Analyzing, Designing, Implement, Advising & Coordinating efforts with

Management direction and Audit performance based EHS programs by reducing high risk areas by 50%.

Staff Development – Provided effective EHS training for Site/ off Site employees by 100%.

Regulatory Compliance/Environmental Protection – Assessing, Design, and Implementing Environmental program

per EPA regulations.

Waste Reduction – Design and monitor waste minimization

Continuous Improvement – Design and Implement site-specific EHS training program for both employees and


Documentation/Recordkeeping –Reporting and inspection requirements for Multi-site locations. Detailed root cause

analysis for all incidents & near misses.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGER – ATC, Inc., Jacksonville, FL. April 2013 – March 2016

-Electronic Manufacturing- Capacitors/resistors and thin board components.

Policy & Procedure Implementation – Designed performance based EHS programs.

Audit Management – Developed & Managed site-specific EHS team - supported compliance-driven process for

reducing high risk areas by 25% (focused on High-Risk identification, evaluation, control and corrective actions).

Make recommendations to management regarding risk level and risk acceptance.

Staff Development – Provided effective EHS training for 180 employees thus increasing EHS Awareness by 75%

Regulatory Compliance/Environmental Protection - Developed and Implemented detailed Environmental program

which resulted in “No Issues” inspection by FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) - previous FDEP

inspection resulted in million dollar fine - thus saved company 1 million+ dollars. Received 2-year award from JEA

(Jacksonville Electric Association) for regulatory compliance regarding wastewater discharge permit requirements.

Waste Reduction - Developed waste minimization program - reduced waste by 25% - a $55,000 annual savings.

Program Implementation – Developed and implemented Hazardous Energy Control, Cryogenic Material handling and

Compressed Cylinder Handling programs for 12-month period.

Continuous Improvement – Developed and Implemented site-specific computer based EHS training program for both

employees and contractors.

Documentation/Recordkeeping – Oversaw reporting and inspection requirements for Wastewater discharge permit

(NPDES) Reports (daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly), Air permit Reports (quarterly and annual reporting), SPCC

(monthly and yearly), radiation permits (annual), Biennial reporting, Tier 2 reporting and OSHA/EPA/FAA inspections.

Detailed root cause analysis for all incidents & near misses.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGER - Louis-Dreyfus Citrus, Corp., Indiantown, FL. April 2011 – August 2011

- Citrus Processing Facility

Managed and developed ALL Environmental Health and Safety programs, benchmarked safety programs & techniques

to enhance workplace safety, support compliance, prevent and reduce number of injuries – clearly communicated

mandate to drive change that led to a Zero Incident Culture, Continuous Improvement & Best Management practices.

Staff Development – Provided EHS training for 380 employees, thus increasing site EHS Awareness by 75%.

Presented - corporate “Element Training”, 5S program and EHS Protocols.

Strategic Planning/Innovative Leadership – Developed and Implemented structured EHS processes scorecard that

measured and communicated EHS performance, determined highest risk potential of facility and provided corrective

action items for best practice approach and continuous improvement.

Cost Reduction/Avoidance & Resource Optimization - Created and Coordinated Safety Committees, Emergency

Response Teams, and Hazardous Energy Control Teams - Reduced associated accidents by 25%.

EHS/Evaluations/Audits - Conducted SH&E audits, Job Hazard Analysis, Hazard Analysis, Job Safety Observations.

Implemented corrective actions that exceeded corporate policy expectations for continuous improvements.

Regulatory Compliance - Managed all site permits: Wastewater, water consumption, Title-V (air), Above Ground

Storage Tanks, OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) / EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) for

covered unit - ammonia refrigeration system.

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SAFETY/ SYSTEMS ANALYSIS COORDINATOR - Space Exploration Technologies, Inc., Cape Canaveral, FL. March 2007 – July 2010

-Aerospace Manufacturing and Processing

Management – Responsible for managing, coordinating, monitoring, performing duties, executing the company’s EHS goals: Assessing launch services in facility, operational processes, site & contractor employees engaged in OSHA related EHS programs. Provide analysis and evaluation of F9 launch vehicle systems, to management regarding risk level and risk acceptance.

EHS/Program Implementation – Developed, Assessed launch systems and Implemented hazards analysis database for hazardous processes using MIL-STD-882: Process Hazard Analysis, Hazard Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Failure Mode Effects Analysis and Job hazard analysis programs for operations safety programs for expendable launch vehicle and associated spacecraft. This also includes analysis of launch vehicle systems, Dragon and ground support equipment and development, production, integration and testing and launch safety operations.

EHS Training Programs – Provided EHS training for 170+ employees - increased site EHS Awareness by 100%

Cost Reduction/Avoidance - Managed accident and injury investigations using root cause analysis and ensured corrective measures were subsequently applied.

Regulatory Compliance - Developed & Managed company programs/policies to comply with OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) & ISO 14000/14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Updated and Implemented Spill Prevention Control Countermeasures (SPCC) plan. Detailed root cause analysis for all incidents & near misses.

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