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Food Safety Manager

Riverside, CA
March 09, 2020

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Looking for a suitable position in a dynamic work environment, which will enable me to apply my food safety, quality skills and problem solving skills gained through my academic background and work experience.


Passionate food technologist involved successfully in academic activities as assistant professor, practiced diligently as manager in restaurant industry and performed efficiently and efficacy as food safety and quality control management. Achievements include implementing a food academic pilot plant, increasing sales while food quality and service were maintained according standards, and promoting high quality performance by constantly educational training in food safety and quality control.


Competent at interpreting data, analyzing problems and formulating solutions. Developed ability to produce reports and presentations to a professional standard. Effective at managing time and prioritizing tasks. Adhered to tight deadlines during work placement. Strong team-working and leadership skills. Proficient in English & Spanish. Proficient user of Word, Excel, Power Point, Prezi, Visio, SPSS, email, internet. Dependable, diligent, proactive and dedicated.


Food Safety and Sanitation Manager

August 2016-Feb 2020

HARVEST SENSATIONS LLC. Los Angeles & Miami. Execution of PrimusGFS v2.1-2c, v3.0 and v3.1 audits. Conduction of CCOF organic annual inspection, and customers 2nd Party audits. Implementation of Food Safety and Preventive Control Program: HARPC and FSVP under FSMA scheme. Validation and Optimizing Ozone Washing Process. Conduction of Sanitation, and Environmental Operating Procedures. Food chain systems: Azzule, FoodLogiQ, Tracegains, Reprocitrack, others.

QA/QC Manager

April, 2014-June, 2016

HANDMADE REAL FOOD. Vernon City. Reviewed and Updated Quality System. Conducting Organic, SQF and third-party audits and re-certifications. SQF improvement for level 2 to level 3. Implementing Risk Assessment Analysis to Determine CQP’s. Executed and Reported Customer Complaint Investigation. Conducted GMP, HACCP and SQF Training. Conducted Corrective and Preventive Action of nonconformities plan. Monitored and followed Retain samples and Shelf life data base. Performed Daily Cutting and Sensory Evaluation. Performed and implemented safety and quality profile data base for new products. QA/QC Electronic data base implementation. Assessed and Approved new suppliers and/or new ingredients. Implemented Positive Release System. Implemented Ingredients Risk Assessment Analysis. Studied and Analysis: Oven Thermal Process Data to revalidate CCP1 and FSIS standard procedures. Interacted with USDA Inspector in Preoperational and Daily Operational inspections, Non-conformities and finished good export.

Food Safety & QC Coordinator

May, 2013-April 2014

HUXTABLE’S KITCHEN INC. Vernon City. Daily Food Assurance and Quality Control operational inspection. Daily physical and chemical analysis of sauces, dressings & soups. Identified, and solved quality issues related to plant operations. Daily environmental sampling and ATP testing. Trained personnel in Organic, GMP’s, HACCP, & SQF. Developed statistical analysis from historical data to define the target range of consistency, salt % and pH in sauces. Studied and Analysis: a. Influence of solids amount and temperature in the Bostwick consistency of soups and sauces; b. temperature penetration in pasteurization process of meat balls dish; c. effect of chemical sanitizer solutions in the validation of allergens. Appraised incoming new ingredients. Maintained company's compliance of FDA, USDA and SQF

Quality Control Technician

Sep – Dec 2012

HALIBURTON INTERNATIONAL FOOD. Ontario. Daily quality inspection of fresh, dried, pre-processed, IQF vegetables, and food ingredients. Executing daily documentation at receiving station of raw material and food ingredients. Daily GMP plant inspection.

Food Service Industry Store Manager.

Sep 2004- Apr 2013

LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA, Orange County. Overseeing daily store operations at five different stores. Managing food cost, labor cost, budged, payroll, schedule, and hiring. Maintaining customer appreciation while ensuring stores operate cost-effectively. Training associates and assistants in food safety and quality procedures

Product Development Specialist

Apr- Dec 2002


Developed instantaneous drink based on a mix of extruded Andean cereals for pre-school students. Improved sensory attributes of tropical fruit juices. Trained and implemented SSOP, GMP, and HACCP programs.

Assistant Professor

Apr 1992- Dec 2002

PERUVIAN UNIVERSITIES: U. Privada Antenor Orrego, U. Nacional de Trujillo; U. Católica de Santa María, U. N. de San Agustín, U. Peruana Unión, U. N. S. Antúnez de Mayolo, and U. Nacional del Santa.

Lectured: Food Chemistry, Food Technology, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Food Engineering, Biotechnology, Postharvest Handling and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables. Executed as Lab Chief of food science and food industries laboratories. Supported curricula of new Food Engineering Schools. Implemented food chemistry & microbiology labs. Designed/constructed academic lab instruments for teaching food engineering. Studied stability and shelf life of some Peruvian tropical fruit and Andean vegetables. Executed academic pilot plant for yogurt and juice. Developed probiotic yogurt flavored with natural tropical and Andes fruits. Researched: Enzyme Kinetics and Diffusional studies in immobilized cells. Developed of solar instrumental to optimize dry process. Developed psychrometric chart for different altitudes using electronic spreadsheet.


Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance: PCQI FSMA, FSVP & Listeria Program.

Food Safety Essential. AIB International Certification: Topics of the training: Allergen Control-Someone life depends. Built for safety. Equipment Maintenance- Design for Quality. Food Defense on the Front Line. Foreign Material-What doesn't Belong. GMP's and You. HACCP-It's a Critical Point. Incoming Material Inspections-The first line of Defense. Storage Practice-The Ins and Outs of Inventory. Traceability and Recall - Keeping Track to get it back. When Cleans Means Clean. How You Can Help Recognize and Control Pests. Outside Grounds - Not Out of Bounds. Temperature Control - Don't Spoil it for Everyone. What You Need to Know about Bacteria.

M.Sc. Food Science candidate. Chapman University, 2016; attended Classes: Food Processing, Food Sensory, Food Microbiology, Food Flavors, Food Chemistry, Food Ingredients, Product Development, Research Methods, Marketing and Management.

M.Sc. Food Technology degree. Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Perú

B.S. Engineering in Alimentary Industries. Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú, Huancayo.

HACCP and PCQI Certified

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