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Air Force Manager

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
7500 QR
March 09, 2020

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G.Manohar Rajkumar

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Candidate, who is well versed in handling tools, repairing heavy equipment, and mechanical repair procedures, seeks a heavy equipment mechanic or hydraulic specialist position or Workshop manager or Workshop supervisor in a prestigious organization. Knowledge of:

Practices, methods, techniques, tools and equipment used in the installation, maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment and machinery common to water distribution and wastewater collection systems; machine shop procedures and practices; practices, methods, techniques, tools and equipment used in the design, installation, testing, calibration, maintenance and repairof industrial electric and electronic systems, equipment and devices; safety practices, safe work methods and safety regulations pertaining to the work; shop mathematics; use and operation of oxyacetylene and electric arc welding equipment and materials; relevant state and federal regu- lations; software applications related to the work; codes, ordinances and regulations pertaining to the work, Department of Transportation commercial driver’s license regulations Ability to:

Diagnose and repair a wide variety of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, systems and machinery, such as valves, motors, pumps and other equipment common to the water works field; use precision and diagnostic instruments to measure required tolerances of mechanical parts; arc weld and oxygen-acetylene cut; use modern, state-of-the-art precision and diagnostic instruments to test, calibrate and repair complex electrical and electronic devices and equipment; identify and implement effective courses of action to complete assigned work; read and interpret plans, specifications and manuals; exercise independent judgment and initiative within estab- lished guidelines; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those encountered in the course of the work; coordinate work assignments with other sections, divisions or depart- ments, operate and maintain assigned vehicles in a safe and skillful manner including commercial vehicles.


• Bharat Earth Movers Ltd – Govt Of India Ministry of Defense - KGF - India

• Mechanical in Earth Moving machinery (1997 to 2001)

• Hydraulic ( Manufacture of Earth moving equipment)

• Mark obtained in my degree – 478/650

• Certificated authorized by Govt of India

• Experience

Jan- 2003 – Nov- 2004

Maintenance Engineer / M/S Thriven Earth Movers Pvt Ltd / Salem – India Worked as Maintenance Engineer and workshop manager for heavy equipment Machinery

1. Ensuring all the equipment is in good condition to preformed the daily production 2. Maintaining the Equipment under their schedule of preventive maintenance and periodically Maintenance Carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment faults; and plan schedules for major Repairs 3. Diagnosing breakdown problems and prepare parts on time 4. Fitting new parts and making sure equipment is working correctly with quality checks 5. Carrying out quality inspections on jobs;

6. Repairing and troubleshooting the Hydraulic jobs on all cylinder, valves and hydraulic system

7. Repair and refurbish of drilling compressor Ingersoll-Rand ECM370, and Atlas cop co XAS 186 and inspect the drill bit according its wear and tear 8. Maintaining the records for all heavy equipment 9. Analyzing and Monitoring the Equipment working hours and its cost 10 Maintenance of crusher plant

11 Maintenance of fleet support equipment for road work, like Excavator, (BEML, L&T, CAT) Bull Dozer, (BEML and CAT) Wheel Loader, (JCB And BL-30) Grader, Trucks and Dumper more than 50 Equipment’s

12. Maintenance of labor and work roster for all fleet support equipment for road workRepairing and refurbishing heavy equipment machinery on, engine transmission, brakes, and differentials.

Jan- 2005 to Jun-2016

Hydraulic Mechanical Technician AGE, GSE,SPV / Al Raha group for Technical Service / Taif Saudi Arabia


1. Worked as Hydraulic Technician, but more additional duties was given like site foreman and site Supervisor according to my education and performance,

2. Responsible for repairing and maintaining hydraulic systems by referring technical guidelines and manuals

3. Perform tasks of diagnosing and replacing defective and malfunctioning parts and components

4. Providing guidelines to less skilled mechanics by interpreting technical manuals 5. Assigned tasks of conducting preventive and corrective maintenance of ground support aircraft systems

6. Responsible for troubleshooting hydraulic systems, updating hydraulic system documentation,

7. Perform tasks of assembling and installing hydraulic systems Repairing and Refurbishing of hydraulic cylinders, control valve, hydraulic pumps (gear and variable piston type) all other components, Hydraulic Valves, Power Packs, Hydraulic Components For Stationary / Mobile Applications, Directional / Solenoid Valves, Piston / Vane / Gear Hydraulic Pumps & Motors, Hydraulic / Mill / Tie Rod / Servo Cylinders

8. Worked on all GSE equipment, like Nitrogen Cart, cargo loader, oxygen liquid cart, tow bar, 20 ton aircraft jacks, 15 ton low lift jack, Aircraft Platform and all GSE and NON POWER AGE equipment for aircraft F-15

9. Worked with all AGE and SPV equipment, like hydraulic test stand, flood light TP-5, Bomb lift, (MJ-1A,MJ-1B &MJ-1C) Bomb lift MHU-83C tow tractor ( Clark, United tractor, Harlan), Heavy equipment, forklift, Hyster, Caterpillar, Lansing, Kalmar, JCB, ( all type of FORKLIFT from small to 50 TON ) ( Groove Broderson crane,)

10. SPV EQUIPMENTS (SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE) – Like – Towing Tractor Dodge, MB-4 Entwistle, NMC Wollard MB-4, Cargo Loaders TALU66”

11. Worked in maintenance of IDG and Hydraulic shop,( Test Stand) 12. Worked as maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic system in Hush House

(engine test cell for F-15)

13. Repair and maintained, NON power Age Equipment Like, (1. Aircraft axle jack 15 ton, Nitrogen unit, tripod jack 20ton, platform, oxygen trolley,4000a

&4000B Engine stand ) power AGE and Munitions repair,refurbished and maintained, Bomb lift MHU, MJ-1A, Munitions trailers, all type of ground support for AGE and Munitions dept)

Maintain, troubleshoot and repair:

• Reciprocating engines and associated components.

• Turbine engines and mechanical components.

• Reciprocating compressors and associated components.

• Centrifugal pumps and associated equipment.

• Rotary screw compressors and associated equipment.

• Reciprocating pumps and associated equipment.

June – 2016 to Dec -2017

Quality Inspector Promoted / Al Raha Group for Technical Services / Taif- KSA

Quality Inspector

1. Studies existing company policies and procedures and helps in delegating them to all employees coming within his functional area

2. Inspects and coordinate Quality Assurance activities within his functional area, Carries out Inspections of incoming parts and inducted equipment. Interpreting and 3. Implementing quality Assurance standards.

4. Coordinating all Quality Audit reports and related issues with appointed Monitors of other disciplines like the Tools Monitor, Preventive Maintenance Monitor etc 5. Confers with Site Manager to plan preventative maintenance programs and to schedule Inspections for incoming and outgoing equipment and provide Quality stamp of approval.

6. Reviews inspection and repair reports and observes progress of work to evaluate efficiency of work quality. Performs other duties, that may emerge as a result of changes to the process, thereby ensuring the quality of work and material is maintained at all time

7. Assists the site management during the final inspection activities, further ensuring that all related documentation is complete and duly acknowledged and provide Quality stamp of approval.

8. Raises internal CAR (Corrective Action Report) where required for any item which is non-Complaints.

9. Receives any CAR/CAP from the PMT which was raised/approved by DCMA( Defense company management agency) and ensures the correct action is taken and that the site is fully compliant Maintains all quality related documentation. 10. Inspection on corrosion control, inspected the coating thickness of paint, painted to the equipment as per the technical order of USAF, 35-1-3 ADDITIONAL MONITORS DUTIES

• Worked as site foreman when he was in his absence, his responsibility was taken over in preparing of the task in induction to delivery of equipment to base,

• Worked as site logistician / accountant in his absence for 8 yrs

• Worked as also site Monitor duties like, TO’s, Health &Safety, PMS & parts Stores,

• Worked as TO monitor and document controller- ( like TO’s monitor responsibilities will include assuring that all Technical Manuals (TMs) which include TOs and OEM Manuals are well maintained, up-to-date, and controlled IAW Publication Technical Manuals “Inspections and Index Checks” procedures. The TO’s monitor further ensures that the TO’s internal issuance and return to the TO cabinet is controlled. All TOs identified as not current shall be reported to Site Manager.

Awards & Acknowledgements

• Trained in BAK -14 and BAK -12 AAGS project


• Trained in quality inspector by company

• Trained to attend ISO audit and DCMA audits

• Award certificate for safety by RSAF(Royal Saudi Air force) From Dec-28-2017 to Present



Hydraulic Operator

1. Maintaining the power pack for logging unit

2. Repairing the hydraulic pump Rexroth and hydraulic motor for winching logging unit 3. Troubleshooting the fault on Hydraulic system and repair the unit according to technical manual

4. Repair and Refurbish the Gyro logging unit and Skid Units 5. Periodically and PMS done as per schedule and pre job check 6. Inspects, maintains and repairs hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

7. Keep the stock of spare parts and consumables at the appropriate level by verifying the stock levels and reporting to his/her superiors the deficiencies taking in consideration future Monitors maintenance requirements and delivery time; the reliability of spare parts utilized;

8.Ensure that before any maintenance activity is started, a proper investigation is carried out, precautions have been taken and the “work permit” has been signed;

9..Carry out his/her duties according to the Emergency Preparedness Action Plan when needed

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