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Engineer Software Developer

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
95 000
March 09, 2020

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Thornhill, Ontario Cell: +1-647-***-****

Canada, L4J 8Z4 Email:


Twenty years’ experience in software development and design, embedded and real-time systems, embedded applications, networking, wireless communications, device drivers developing, Linux kernel driver and device-tree development, firmware, POSIX threads, HMI, audio standards, video processing, 2D / 3D graphics, OpenGL, VoIP, Wi-Fi, hardware and operation systems

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Strong interpersonal relations and demonstrated leadership skills

Excellent organization and communication skills

Ability to adapt quickly to new situations, enthusiastic and efficient team player

Ability to see the big picture when working on a project


Programming: C/C++/C#, Object Oriented Programming, Java/JEE, Python, SQL, PHP, XML, JSON, Assembler, Perl, Ruby, UML, Bash, Shell

CPU: ARM, Intel, Atmel AVR, Motorola PowerPC, Infineon C167 CPU,


Database: SQL Server, MySQL, Relational Database

Operating Systems: UNIX, LINUX, VxWorks, PSOS, Embedded Linux, QNX Neutrino,

Windows 10

Cloud: AWS, Azure

Graphics: OpenGL, DirectX

Networks: Wireless network (LTE/GSM/GPRS, CDMA/1xRTT), Bluetooth, Zigbee, WAN/LAN

Protocol: TCP/IP, J1708, J1939, CAN, OBDII, MPEG, H.263, H.264, SS7, GPS, MGSP, SIP, H323, CDMA, GPRS, 802.11, WiFi, USB 2.0

Toolkit: JIRA, Confluence, CVS, SVN, Git, Github, GDB, JTAG

Office Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook, Email


Senior Embedded Software Engineer September 2014 – January 2020

Freldo Software, Toronto, Canada

Design, develop and maintain embedded software and related tools used for processing financial transactions in POS terminal environment for POS equipment vendors: Ingenico, Castles, PAX, VeriFone and Equinox.

Eugene Olkhovski Page 2

Design and implement device drivers for POS devices in the customer environment.

Linux kernel driver, device-tree and POSIX threads development

Design, develop and maintain user interfaces and underlying functionality for embedded point-of-sale applications that handle secure payment processing

Developed and implement information security, transactional security, PKI, tokenization, and Chip/Pin-ready Euro MasterCard & Visa.

Building software interfaces for common hardware such as SPI, I2C, Flash, RAM, USB and LCD displays. Debugging embedded systems using GDB and JTAG

Platform C/C++ / VxWorks/ LINUX/ QNX/ Python/ Perl/Ruby /SQL/GDB/ JTAG/ Bash/ Shell/ TCP/UDP/IP

Senior Embedded Engineer November 2008 – September 2014

ALT Software, Toronto, Canada

Designed and developed Open GL graphics solutions and driver level development for avionics, automotive and other applications

Developed and implement OpenGL extensions and port an OpenGL driver to custom hardware and adaptation to different embedded OS (QNX, VxWorks, Linux)

Development in a DO-178B environment, specifically working with avionic applications

Developing application for 2D / 3D graphics, DirectX, OpenGL, Audio, Video and Game Software

Performance analysis of graphics pipeline and benchmarks

Platform PowerPC/ARM/ C/C++ / VxWorks/ LINUX/ QNX / OpenGL/2D and 3D graphics/DirectX/ DO-178B/ Bash/ Shell/ TCP/UDP/IP

Senior Embedded Engineer May 2005 – September 2008

BSM Wireless, Woodbridge, Canada

Designed and developed Real-Time embedded software and firmware for

Sentinel-FM vehicle tracking unit. This unit uses 12-channel Global Positioning

System (GPS) technology to locate and track a vehicle to a high level of accuracy.

Developed and implemented data communication for the tracking unit in range of wireless networks including LTE/GPRS/GSM, 1XRTT/CDMA, Microburst, AMPS, 802.11, satellite (Orbcomm) and CDPD

Created and implemented drivers for GPS module, wireless modem, Analog and Digital I/O, Mobile Display Terminals, Key fob and flash memory

Designed and implemented security features, alarms, Over-the-air programming,

Geo-fencing and Store and forward capabilities.

Linux kernel driver, device-tree and POSIX threads development

Platform Atmel AVR Microcontroller/ARM/ C/C++ / Linux/ J1708, J1939, CAN, OBDII, LTE/GPRS/GSM/CDMA modems/ u-blox GPS / Microburst / Satellite modems/ Bash/ Shell/ TCP/UDP/IP

Eugene Olkhovski Page 3

Senior Embedded Engineer March 2001 – April 2005

Unitronics Industrial Automation Systems, Israel

Developed and maintained Real-Time Operation Systems for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Designed and implemented User Interface for embedded systems

Developed and implemented Communication & Networking between PLC by MODBUS Master/Slave Protocol, TCP/IP Network, CDMA /GSM/ GPRS / 1xRTT Support, Remote access via modem

Created and implemented device drivers for modems, LCD Display, Analog and Digital I/O

Created HMI Applications for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Designed and implemented Ladder Logic Elements

Platform Infineon C166 Microcontroller / LCD Display / HMI/ Analog and Digital I/O / C / C++/ Infineon C166 Assembler/ Tasking/ MS Visual C++ / ETHERNET / TCP/IP / UDP/ DNS / DHCP / OpenGL / SMTP / GSM / CDMA / MODBUS

Sr. Software Developer February 1996 – March 2001

VCON Videoconferencing, Israel

Managed real-time software for Group System Videoconferencing dual-mode communication set-top embedded appliance that operates over both IP and ISDN networks

Designed and implemented video and audio standards

Developed and implemented H.261 and H.263 Video Compression Algorithms

Created USB drivers

Developed stack of ISDN networks protocol

Designed and implemented User Interface for embedded systems

Platform C / C++ / Intel x86 Microcontroller / VxWorks / PSOS / QNX Neutrino / MPEG 2/ H.261 / H.263 / G.711 / G.722 / H.323 / Tornado 2 / pRISM / TCP/IP / SS7 / ISDN / USB


Master of Computer Science Degree 1997

Donetsk State University, Donetsk, Ukraine


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