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Machine Operator Food Safety

Cincinnati, OH
March 01, 2020

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45232



Seeking a challenging position as an active employee, that rewards personal responsibility. Enjoys working with others as a team member to achieve best quality products. Advancement and growth potential within the company is highly important. Handle and operate heavy-duty production equipment and provide sustainable, high yield production performance on manufacturing floor.


• Over 10 year of experiences as an order picker operator, fork lift driver, tugger, scissor lift, electric pallet jack, clamp truck, slip-sheet truck….

• Profound ability to operate any materials handling equipment safely and efficiently

• Extensive experience in assisting in placing inward items in inventory

•Ability to conduct physical inventories.

•Highly skilled in assembling and packaging finished goods and ship in a timely manner

• In-depth knowledge of sorting, scanning and labeling all packages for shipment

• Proven record of operating automated packaging equipment and shipping systems

• Able to clean shipping area on a daily basis

• Thorough understanding of shipping reports and documents including bill of lading, international formalities, and end of day processing.

•Quick learner at operating new machines.

•Knowledge of machine parts and adjustments.

•Ability to work in high noise environment.

•Follow all the safety policies and procedures at all times.

•Follow companies GMP’s, SOP’s, and SSOP’s at all times.

•Wear appropriate PPE at all times .

Skills and Abilities

• Ability to operating equipment used in warehouse

• Basic math skills

• Ability to interpret and understand complex, multi-step written and oral instructions

• Excellent computer skills, EXCEL

• Good physical stamina

• Ability to use RF SCANNER

•Ability to lead and train employees

• work overtime to meet the customers demand.

• Profound accuracy in picking and receiving stock

• Ability to adhere all safety rules and regulations



High school diploma 2004

Some College Credits at UC Blue ash


BORDEN DAIRY, 415 john st. Cincinnati oh. From January 2019-now


* visually inspect bottles placed on the line for production and remove damaged bottles, as applicable.

* complete all required documentation and scheduled product checks.

* monitor weights, seals, caps, and general packaging of product, as applicable.

* ensure that the proper packaging materials are used for each product being produced.

* perform changeovers in safe and efficient matter to include first-off protocol.

* prepare equipment for next run to include size change as needed.

* ensure proper code dates and monitor ink jet printers, as applicable.

* applies and develops basic skills in procedures, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment in appropriate area of specialization.

* Assembles components to applicable procedures using lubricants, power tools, torques wrenches, specialty tools, etc.

* follow all GMP and SOP.

* follow all food safety and quality system requirements by committing to meet all pertinent regulatory, customer and safe quality foods(SQF) requirements.

KELLOGG’S SNACKS, 1 Trade st. Cincinnati, OH. from July 2017- January 2019


*Ensure the proper ingredients have been delivered. Verify the ICN numbers and lot numbers are correct. Document on mix sheet.

*Monitor raw materials for changes in these lot numbers and change accordingly.

*Check off each ingredient as is introduced into the mixer, not all at the same time.

*Record the time the dough completed mixing. Check dough PH.

* Check and record the dough temperature; make adjustments to water temperature settings as required.

*Understand the basic principles associated with the flour and sugar weighing systems, including the wheat super sack system.

*Keep ingredients barrels covered at all times when not actively weighing from these barrels.

*Weigh all ingredients accurately and complete personal safety and food safety issues form.


*Maintain housekeeping in entire work area.

*Ensure that all guards are in place and never by-pass a guard.

*Record time that each trough of dough dumps into primary hopper.

*Maintain accurate, timely weight sheet and adjust finishing rolls accordingly.

*Increase or decrease back up roll pressure as required( adding and taking off cuts)

*Make necessary adjustments to machine at oven operator’s request: cuts, weight, Salter setting, etc.

VERSTGROUP LOGISTICS, 2200 Gateway Blvd. Hebron, KY. From Feb 2013 – July 2017


*Making sure that our inventory is 99% accurate.

*Make sure all employees are busy.

*Check the time of employees to make sure they clock out for lunch.

*troubleshooting solver (every time when the forklift drivers have problem I have to solve them)

*check the water level on batteries of the forklift, if low. Water the batteries of all the electric forklifts. *Change propane tanks for propane forklifts.

*certify and train new drivers on how to operate the forklift, cherry picker, electric pallet jack, scissor lift.

*Safety is a number 1 priority at the facility. Make sure to do the safety observations on all the forklift drivers twice a week (ask them safety related questions.)


• Receive in all the labels that come to the company. Inspect them for the temperature, and damage.

• fill out the inbound tally sheet. Put them in the computer so they can be in the system.

• put them away and scan the location.

• pick all orders for assembly lines, using the reach truck and RF scanner.

• Once the orders are done. Measure or weight the left-over labels, adjust them in the system.

• Cycle count all the labels so we can know how many we have in the system.

TOTES ISOTONER, 9655 International Boulevard, Cincinnati, OH. from June 2012 - Dec 2012

*Cherry Picker, reach truck…

• Received pick tickets or labels from a supervisor and read order to determine catalog number, size, and amount of goods

• Picked customer orders for consignment, ensured that the accurate number and type of product is loaded and shipped

• Obtained products from bins or shelves

• Re-packed and weighed orders which require such handling or take them to the packers to pack them out.

• Maintained material handling tools by noting and reporting any damage or fault and connected battery to recharging station at the end of shift

• Carried and transported orders to shipping locations or delivery platforms with materials handling equipment, ensured orders are staged in array of delivery.

• Inventory cycle counting. Perform physical inventory count and compare results with system data.

• communicate cycle count to those responsible for inventory.

• Adhere to the cycle counting guidelines

• create a new pallet ID for the find merchandises that was lost.

AMAZON.COM, 1600 worldwide blvd, Hebron, KY. from June 2011-June 2012

Picker / Packer

• Read customer, work and shipping order to determine items to be shipped

• Operated a reach truck, order picker, and manual pallet jack for moving and storing material

• Sorted and placed materials or items on racks, shelves, and bins in keeping with predetermined sequence

• Filled work orders and requests for materials, tools, or other stock items

• Helped in loading and unloading trucks, checking in merchandise by means of receiving documents

• Documented information relating to receipt, storage or distribution of materials for processing

• Matched and reviewed purchase orders to packing lists to make sure all required items are included

Shipping & Receiving

• Scale in all loads and check in trucks to confirm proper load and merchant numbers

• Print out day by day truck schedule with proper inbound and outbound load sheets

• Perform the inbound and outbound paperwork

• Download and assign pictures to a variety of shipments

• Verify weights to scale tickets

• Comprehensive knowledge of inventory control and warehouse operations

• In-depth knowledge of processing shipments by means of database

• Able to answer phones, check in drivers and order follow up

• Thorough understanding of operating forklift trucks, and miscellaneous power equipment

• Knowledge of utilizing the Fed-Ex and Ups systems

• Expert user of MS Word & Excel

• perform TDR (truck dock release)

DHL EXPRESS, Covington KY from April 2011-february 2012

Mail agent specialist

•operates RF scanners in the breakdown of material customs status and sorts product.

•assist with operational procedures including sorting, loading/unloading activities.

•assist with the load/unload of DHL aircraft adhering to policies and procedures to facilitate the on time departure and safety co-workers and flight crews.

WORNICK CO. 10825 Kenwood rd, Cincinnati OH. from July2010-march 2011


• sample and inspect incoming finished product including final disposition

• maintain product testing program: evaluating, recording, and reporting it to manager.

• inspect sample, sort, test, weigh, and measure the first piece out…..

• cook helper

• Palletizer

BAE SYSTEMS. Cincinnati, OH. from NOV 2006-NOV 2010


• Cuts flat glass and mirrors to specified size and shape, using patterns, straightedge, tape measure, and glass cutting tools: positions pattern on glass or measures dimensions and marks cutting lines, using glass cutting tool.

• Scribes around pattern or along straightedge, using cutting tool.

• Break away excess glass by hand or with notched tool or glass pinchers.

• Make the rough edges smooth, using belt sander.


• Removes rough edges and surface convexities from formed glassware, using belt or disk grinder: turns valves to regulate flow of abrasive compound and water on metal disk or to regulate flow or water on grinding wheel or belt grinder.

• presses and turns edges and surfaces of glass or glassware against revolving grinding tools to remove rough and uneven areas.

• may measure glassware for conformance to specifications, using steel tape, template, and fixed gauges.

• may grind glass container mouth with mating glass stopper to ensure fit and be designated stopper grinder


• Making sure the vacuum bagging systems is at best quality and applied, tried with proven techniques.

• Leak detector should be used to check for any leaks in the bag or connections, when the vacuum has been fully established.

• take the cart out for the next procedure, which is the auto-crave.

PRESTIGE PACKAGING. Cincinnati, OH. from SEPT 2004-NOV 2006

Machine Operator

• Worked on high speed machine equipment precision machinery used in mass production.

• Prepared machine for production process by equipping it with the required tools and parts.

• Assured the constant availability of raw materials and inputs so that the machine could function at all times.

• Made sure the products manufactured from the machine were of high quality; made adjustments to improve the quality

when possible.

• monitored the machine regularly to avert preventable breakdowns.

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