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Software Engineer

Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
March 01, 2020

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Technical Skills Summary:

Web Development – MVC4, Joomla, PHP, HTML, Perl, ASP, Javascript, JQuery, Dojo, Cake, Apache, Coldfusion, Flash CS4, ActionScript 3.0, CodeIgniter, Yii,Agile, SOAP, XMLRPC, DevExpress, Oracle APEX

Databases – MySQL, MS SQL 2003/2005,Oracle, Informix, Ingress, PROMIS, Firebird, Foxpro, PostgreSQL

Programming – C, Core Java, Powerbuilder, Informix-4GL, Foxpro, Foxbase, Clipper, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Pascal, ASM, Cobol. VB6, PL/SQL, VB.Net,VBA,2003/2005/2008/2010/2013, C#.Net

OS – Windows, SCO Unix, Linux

Tools – Netbeans, Gel, Easy Eclipse (for PHP) Tortoise SVN, Wiki PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE/EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Self-employed Aug 2019 – Present

Entrepreneur/Franchise Owner

Managing financial areas and oversee operational aspect of the business Create innovative marketing campaigns

Keep business running efficiently and profitably

Nexperia June 2017 – June 2019

Senior Software Engineer, Factory Automation

Reports to the Global FA Manager, functions include non-routine troubleshooting, checks site technical requirements check (config, version, access), drive continuous improvement, communicate issues, new requests and new functionalities; introduce new functionalities / releases to the sites, provide (after care) support, maintain training materials, and maintenance of the in-house application AWACS developed using Ada.

AWACS – Awacs is an application that acts as a gateway between equipment and various applications, but also collects and presents data from various sources. Currently involved in the modification of the application to change the GUI and make it modern looking. Uses ADA/HTML, JS, Bootstrap. Batch Scheduler - a scheduling tool that assigns batches to BIM lines/equipment and increases utilization by reducing change over times. Serves as software support to all sites using the planning/Scheduling tool. AMS Asia Inc. Aug 2015 – July 2017

Senior MES Engineer (Supervisor), Test Production Systems Reports to the Global Test Systems Applications Manager, responsible for managing and supporting manufacturing application systems, MES (PROMIS), Workflow Modelling, Tester-Data Interface (TDI), and SAP-MES Interface including maintenance of the in-house applications developed using Oracle APEX and VBA Excel Reports. Database used is Oracle.

Address: Unit 9 Compass St, Saint John

Townhomes Phase 6 Atdrmam Subd,

Bgy. Parian Calamba City, Laguna,

Philippines, 4027


Skype address: adiez0612

Mobile: 63-919-*******



ACP Test Inc. Jan 2011 – Aug 2015

Atmel is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, non-volatile memory and radio frequency components.

Senior Business Systems Analyst

IT Internal Manufacturing

Reports to the Global IT Internal Manufacturing Applications Manager, responsible for managing and supporting manufacturing application systems of the company including maintenance of the in-house applications developed using PHP, C#, VB6 and VB.Net 2003/2005/2008/2010,2013. Databases used are SQL Server 2005,2008 PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle 8i. Major Projects:

FA Database

FA Database is the Failure Analysis system for Atmel. This is an ongoing project to be used globally including US, Europe (Germany) and Asia sites. FA Db will be created using C#.Net, Visual Studio 2013 and DevExpress using MS SQL as primary database source.

PPC/Probe Reports

PPC/Probe Reports contains several tools and reports used by the Planning group and Operations in monitoring daily outputs. PPC Reports was created using PHP and C#, databases are MS SQL and Workstream/Informix. Travel Card

Travel Card is the Lot Traveler for Assembly Plant. It contains the different stations the Lot is expected to pass through and also some Marking instructions. Travel Card was created using PHP and accesses Oracle

(Build), PostgreSQL (Marking) and Informix, the plant’s MES backend. LoadPlan

LoadPlan is the Load Planning and Optimization software for the Assembly plant of ATMEL. It aims to aid Production and Planning departments in streamlining the daily production plan. LoadPlan was created using PHP and MySQL while at the same time linked to the plant’s MES, Workstream. ePM

ePM, or electronic Preventive Maintenance, is a web-based software created to assist the Maintenance department of ATMEL to track and define PM Scheduling with the aim of preventing failures before it actually occurs. Created using PHP and MySQL.

FG Picklist

FG Picklist enables the Shipping personnel to select outbound lot deliveries due for picking. It also auto-moves the lot transaction in Workstream

(MES) and sends via FTP a copy of the list to the SAP server. FG Picklist was written using PHP, MySQL and Informix database. Special Instructions

Special Instructions contain orders for handling procedures of the lot. This will be contained in the Lot Travel Card. Written using PHP and PostgreSQL.

Assembly Reports

Assembly Reports is a web-based tool containing such reports as Operations WIP, Planning WIP, Daily Lot Status, Hold Lots, Shipped Lots, Cycle Time, Historical Outs Per Station, Product Status, Operation Status ALEXANDER R. DIEZ


and Lot History among others. This also includes statistical metrics such as 95th percentile, Standard Deviation, Mean Cycle Time and Variance. Written using PHP, Mysql and Informix.

Isolation History Utility

Isolation History Utility contains the historical activities done by Maintenance and Engineering personnel whenever a Wafer Probe machine is to be taken down for Isolation testing. Written using PHP and MySQL. Plan Updater Tool

Plan Updater tools enables the Planning personnel to update/refresh planning targets and values. This is reflected in the Operations WIP and Planning WIP reports as 3-week horizon to which the daily output, inventory and station balances are computed against. Plan Updater was created using VB.Net 2005 and MySQL.


WIP CycleTime application was created to assist the Operations department by providing accurate and real-time reports for Work-In- Process and Cycle time. This application was created using Visual Basic

.NET 2005.

QAPE Database

QAPE is the Quality and Process Engineering application designed to generate the Yield reports. QAPE was written in Visual Basic 6.0. Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System (IMS), created using Visual Basic 6.0, has a user-friendly interface that will help users to encode data, maintain files and generate reports. It aims to help in efficiently managing and balance the supply and demand of materials.


Plant Performance and Monitoring system generates the OEE and MTBF reports via the downtime and machine performance per station of the plant. PPMS was created using Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Excel. TSPIC Payroll

TSPIC Payroll system was an in-house application system created using Visual Basic 6.0

Time and Attendance System

TSPIC TAS system was an in-house application system created using Visual Basic 6.0 for the purpose of to collecting, managing, & processing employee time-in and out.

Freelance PHP Developer October 2010 – Dec 2010

Home-based Programmer for a variety of clients. Duties include all general and specific programming needs of the clients’ objectives in a variety of industries and disciplines. Ophardt Hygiene Apr 2010 – October 2010

Ophardt Hygiene is worldwide manufacturer of high quality hygiene products and supplementary accessories made from stainless steel, aluminum and high quality synthetic materials developed into optimally coordinated dispensing and dosage solutions. ALEXANDER R. DIEZ


Software Engineer / Programmer

Global IT Department

Reports to the Global IT Manager. Responsible for the maintenance of the intranet and internet sites which were developed using Joomla CMS, PHP, Dojo, MySQL and Apache, manage and maintenance of online web server using Plesk Parallels, develop Joomla components and applications as needed, manage Backup and Restoring of site content and databases, works with Web designer to develop Access Control procedure, and transfer website to other hosts, as necessary. Maxim Semiconductor Mar 2007 – Apr 2010

Maxim is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of the analog, mixed-signal, high-frequency, and digital circuits. Systems Analyst / Programmer

Systems and IE Department

Responsible for the analysis, design, modification, testing, and implementation of enterprise wide intranet applications for use within the company. Systems mostly used are Firebird, SQL, PHP, HTML and Apache web server. Major Projects:

Maxim Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an intranet-based reporting system designed to provide structural and hierarchical linkages of Off-Shore Reports and other related reports available at MAXIM intranet and other Departments. Developed using Apache, PHP, Javascript, and Firebird. Provided main support for Cycle Time reports and acted as QA/Software Tester for the project. Online Training and Certification Database (MaxTRAIN) MaxTRAIN is a central tool and database for course trainings, scheduling and online certification. Access to the system is available to all Maxim employees via the intranet. Developed using Apache, PHP, Javascript, and Firebird.

Time Study Database

Time Study database contain IPH information for all Devices. All approved Time Study results will be fed to the WIP Optimizer and is used as bases for calculating end time for the Lots at Test Map. Developed using PHP, Javascripts, and Firebird.

AMI Semiconductor Philippines, Inc. Mar 2004 – Mar 2007 Designs and manufactures silicon solutions for the automotive, medical, and industrial markets, specializing in mixed-signal ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). The Philippines site is responsible for the test and assembly of the IC products. IS Engineer

Business Applications Group

Responsible for the analysis, design, evaluation, modification, testing, and implementation of enterprise wide database systems, intranet applications, and client/server applications for use within the company. Systems used are PROMIS, Oracle, and Apache web server. Languages used are SQL, Perl, PHP, HTML, and PROMIS scripts. Specific duties include the following: As developer

Coordinate with users and define scope of the project

Analyze system and data requirements

Setup a team for the project, both technical and functional

Design process flows, data flows, and database diagrams

Request tools needed/wanted for the project

Develop using tools available



Submit product to users for approval

Trains user personnel in the conversion and implementation of the systems

Deploy product if accepted

As maintenance

Execute scripts for the scheduling reports

Restart DF engine, SAP Bridge and UI router

Major Projects:

i2 System Maintenance

Designed and developed scheduling reports for the following departments: Sort, Final Test and Back Test for local AMIS, and Sort schedule for Pocatello, Idaho. The input of the reports is taken from the Master Planning

(MP) outs. These reports can be viewed in the intranet and are downloaded as excel/CSV files where the planners key-in the daily commits. Another script takes these commits and fed back to MP for posting. Developed using PHP/Linux/Apache and Oracle9i. Shop Floor Schedule

Designed an intranet-based tool which aimed to streamline the planning and floor scheduling for Sort and Final Test. Tools used were PHP, Javascript, Oracle9i, Linux and Apache.

Global PA

Maintained, developed and performed revisions on Global Performance Assessment system, an intranet-based tool for assessing the yearly performance of Exempts and Monthly Salaried employees. It is used worldwide by all AMIS offices and personnel. GPA was written in PHP, Javascript, Apache and Linux. It uses Oracle9i as DBMS. DNE PA

Maintained, developed and performed revisions on DNE PA, Daily Non- Exempt Performance Assessment system, also an intranet-based performance rating system for Manufacturing Technologists of AMIS. The database is in Oracle9i and the tools used were PHP, Javascript, Apache and Linux.

Equipment Database

Oversaw the development of an Intranet application that provides engineers and technicians information on the correlation of testers, handlers, kits, etc. Data is available for both test and sort/probe setups. Data comes from Device Specifications Database (SpecDB Oracle). SQL, JSP, Tomcat and Struts were used in development.


Developed several intranet based applications and/or reports namely, Burn-In Window Report, Bake Unloading Schedule, Hardware Inventory Report, REL Logsheet, Subcon Cycletime Report. These were written in PHP or Perl and extracts data from PROMIS. Maintained the Oracle Financials tool for Accounting and Payroll System and was also a member of the team that transported the Oracle Databases to SAP HR tool. Cypress Semiconductor Philippines, Inc. Feb 2001 – Feb 2004 Designs and manufactures a broad selection of wired and wireless USB devices, CMOS image sensors, timing solutions, specialty memories, high-bandwidth synchronous and micropower memory products, optical solutions and reconfigurable mixed-signal arrays. The Philippines site is responsible for the test and assembly of the IC products. ALEXANDER R. DIEZ


IT Section Manager

Person-in-charge of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Section. Supervised IT development IT personnel in implementation of modifications of the different MES modules. Oversaw Ingress Data Administrators whose main function involves addressing program revision issues and concerns encountered from all end users through constant monitoring of incoming requests/hotlogs. Analysis and resolution of problems, based on available scripts and knowledge, or escalation to higher level support, with the follow-up on urgent calls and other open issues. Data retrieval and reports through UNIX scripts with constant monitoring and tracking of reports. Also, acted as IT Project Manager for the implementation of the i2 Factory Planning, a tool that accepts end demand requirements, expected receipts from Die Bank, and alternate routing decisions from Master Planner (MP) and generates a daily Assembly start schedule for the factory which is likewise communicated back to MP and other Planning tools as the Daily Perf System and the Due Date System. All procedures are done using Oracle 8i, Oracle PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Navigator. Also, created several reports using Unix scripts, Oracle PL/SQL and ColdFusion.

Senior Systems Analyst

Responsible for the modification, testing, and implementation of MES projects, some of which are Wafermapping, Die Sales, Materials Review Board, and several other Logistics projects. These systems used SQL/Quel-C, Unix C, and Ingres enhancements.

Iriso Electronics Philippines, Inc. Aug 2000 – Feb 2001 Manufactures and sells pins and multi-faced connectors for electronic parts. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Pins, Connectors and Others. Senior Systems Analyst

Headed a small Phil IT group of 4 people responsible for providing support to users of Electronic Manufacturing Information System (EMIS). EMIS runs on Oracle 7.2. Created and implemented several programs using MS Access, Visual Basic, and PowerBuilder. Some of these programs are as follows: Human Resources Information System, Monthly Production Schedule, and Invoice Facility for PowerBuilder; Label Printing, Outstanding Orders Report, Raw Materials System for Visual Basic; and Purchasing System, Packing System, Material Cost Ratio, Transfer Price Comparison, Sales Report for MS Access. Functions as a LAN/WAN administrator under HP-Unix, conducts feasibility studies for e-commerce, intranet, and maintaining an internet website. Responsible for maintenance and repair of office PCs, server, printer, modems and other network peripherals. Corporate Information Solutions, Inc. Apr 1992 – Jul 2000 Formerly Computer Information Systems, Inc., CIS is one of Asia's leading ICT solutions companies, helping clients harness information technology to achieve business objectives and to seize new opportunities with the broadest range of capabilities, from consulting to systems integration and outsourcing.

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant, was bodyshopped to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Y2K Certification of Shipment Control Library (SCL 3.0), a shipment tracking and management system of DHL Worldwide Express Asia-Pacific Information Systems Sdn Bhd. Duties include analysis of Y2K critical areas for both the database design and the application program codes, creation of test cases and scripts, actual testing and reporting of errors. SCL runs of Informix 7.3 Engine/HP-Unix and Informix 4GL.

Technical Specialist

Functioned as a Database Administrator for several Manila Electric Company

(Meralco) systems like Petty Cash System (PCS), the Automated Timesheet Facility

(ATF), Local Stores Information System (LSIS), and Materials Planning System

(MPS). PCS, ATF, and LSIS run on SCO Unix/Informix 4.1 engine while MPS uses ALEXANDER R. DIEZ


Novell and Foxpro (Clipper) LAN. Duties include management of the database and installation of system upgrades.

Programmer Trainee

Provided support in the development, replication, and maintenance of different Meralco systems.


Mapua Institute of Technology Jun 1987 - Mar 1992

Bachelor of Science, Degree in Computer Engineering NAMA Academic Scholar

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