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Social Media Marketing

Fremont, CA
February 29, 2020

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Laura Ortiz


• Product Development

• Strategic Planning

• Negotiation

• Team Building

• Market Research


• Corporate Brand Development

• Investigations & Reporting

• Marketing Program Design

• Event Planning & Execution

• Vendor & Client Communication

• Budgeting, Planning

• Public & Media Relations

• Sales & Operations

• Business Continuity

• Brand Awareness

• Maintain contact with vendors and distributors to get critical input on how product design and implementation can be improved.

• Expert in the technical, conceptual and content development of sales driving collateral. Produce record high marketing campaign response rates and execute successful product launches.

• Collaborates with sales team for specific strategies for client.

• Extensive knowledge of successful public relations campaigns and practice.

• Provides report to allow proper measurement of marketing activities and strategic recommendations based on analysis.

• Profound experience with numerous advertising and marketing campaigns.

• Utilizing category and consumer insights to identify growth opportunities and drive innovation in product development as well as marketing initiatives.

• Language proficiency, Spanish native and English fluent.

• Computer proficiency includes Word, Excel, SAP, IBOPE, other MS and Apple applications. EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE

Regal Ware Distributor Manager 2014 – 2018

Key Responsibilities/Achievements:

• Promoted the brand facing customers, demonstrating the product -how to use- and the benefits of the features.

• Recruited and supervised new consultants with the ability of managing a team of 10+ people.

• Helped the marketing agency with the communication and training contents for social networks

(including newsletters).

• Enhanced the concept of luxury brand in Central America region (CAM).

• Organized training workshops, set monthly goals and motivated the team to maximize their potential.

• Contacted new and existing customers (outbound calls) to discuss how their needs could be met through specific products and services.

Distributor Nov 2015 – Aug 2018

Key Responsibilities/Achievements:

• Ranked as Top Distributor twice (2015 y 2017).

• Exceeded the quota by 12% and 8% in Q1 and Q3.

• Recruited a staff of 10+ people and maintained consistency results within my team.

• Became Top Seller and Top Distributor for Latin America in less than a year.

• Earned more than 4 super bonuses (2017), multiple travel trips and prices for different achievements.

Sr Consultant Jan 2015 – Oct 2018

Key Responsibilities/Achievements:

• Ranked in the top 10 Sr. Consultants in Latin America.

• Exceeded the yearly sales goal by 4%.

• Surpassed my team goal by 5% in Q1, Q2, and Q3 on 2015.

• Recognized for superior performance and Customer Service in the region (CAM).

• Honored for achievements and best team leading in the region (CAM). Highly proficient and versatile product specialist incorporating marketing and advertising experience to successfully increase brand awareness. Special talent for enhancing corporate marketability through electronic and print marketing tools as well as clear, effective corporate messaging. Stellar organizational and planning skills, as demonstrated in successful event planning experience. Gained extensive experience communicating with vendors and event support personnel, and effectively managed overseas marketing team. Seeking to leverage skills and abilities in an organization where I can display an outstanding ability to plan, operate, multitask, organize, coordinate, and implement practices and procedures to bring significant improvements in processes towards the successful attainment of goals.


Baccalaureate in Business


Cambridge International School -

London, UK

2008 - 2008

Food Marketing

University de Panamá

2007 - 2007

Universidad de Panama

Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics and

Clinical Nutrition




Fremont, California


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NOVA Victim Assistance Academy

National Advocate Credentialing



Distributor Nov 2015 – Aug 2018

Key Responsibilities/Achievements:

• Ranked Top 5 consultants in the first 4 months.

• Managed a team of 3 permanent consultants.

• Exceeded sales goals by 15% in the first 6 months and escalated to Senior Consultant.

• Awarded for being the best recruiter and best performance on December 2014 Nestle Central America Communication Specialist 2010 – 2014 Key Responsibilities/Achievements:

• I was in charge of training 700+ people from marketing and sales, starting basic to advance in the company quotient (NQ) (including 3 Plants and 6 Distribution centers) resulting in 100% staff trained by 2013.

• Analyzed the results of the consumer studies and used them to customer understanding and brand knowledge, identifying gaps and developing new communication on pack and advertising

• Defined new media and communication concepts with brand managers and marketing agencies.

• Ensured the Innovation and Renovation process for more than 12 main SKUs in Nestlé's portfolio.

• Support brand development plans and marketing managers with communication development for campaigns and retail major initiatives.

• Develop communication plans based on the results of more than 200 consumer knowledge studies I supported to organize. Including more than 70 SKU's performance studies in the region.

• Drove meaningful content through social media developing more than 150 articles and nutritional guidelines for training purposes, social media, magazines and local content via the intranet.

• Tracked results of SKU's nutritional performance in the market and elaborate reports to key internal and global stakeholders.

• During my performance, I support the improvement of the portfolio with the Nutritional Foundation from 69% to 83% and we increased by 18% the Nutritional Competitive Advantages.

• During my role, I drove the implementation of the mandatory Guideline Daily Amount for all new products (FDA requirement). Total GDA label implemented: from 0% to 48% with compliance and better product on-pack communication. Grupo Editorial Panamá America Marketing Coordinator 2014 – 2019 Key Responsibilities/Achievements:

• Marketing campaign and project manager for educational newspaper named Dia a Dia.

• Implementing monthly strategies to support and promote retail sales.

• Create seasonal marketing campaigns to promote and increase awareness within the region and group.

• Ensure the proper communication between sales, graphic design and marketing department regarding new campaigns or promotions.



Complex Problem Solving:

Identifying complex problems

and reviewing related

information to develop and

evaluate options and implement


Coordination: Adjusting actions

in relation to others' actions.

Critical Thinking: Using logic and

reasoning to identify the

strengths and weaknesses of

alternative solutions, conclusions

or approaches to problems.

Judgment and Decision Making:

Considering the relative costs

and benefits of potential actions

to choose the most appropriate


Multitasking: Juggle multiple

tasks and responsibilities while

remaining composed and

meeting deadlines.

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