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Linux, Windows, Desktop Support

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
February 28, 2020

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Proficient System Professional around 4 years of experience in Linux Administrator Life Cycle is looking for a responsible and challenging position in the Organization.

Linux System Administrator

●Having work experience on Linux environment like Ubuntu, RedHat and CentOS.

●Strong grasp of Server installation and configuration, numerous open source applications and mixed -platforms.

●Performance monitoring using top, sar, vmstat, netstat, iostat and analyzing the reports for any performance issue

●Disk Management with Extending and reducing the partition in LVM.

●Automation of Backups and reboot services by using Crontabs

●Hand on experience with database backup (Linux – Mysql)

●NFS mounting in servers

●Installing and Configuring Apache Tomcat and Web Server.

●Software and Packages installation using YUM, RPM .

●Hands on experience in Cloud Server (AWS-EC2, Vultr & Linode)

Windows System Administrator

●Talented systems administrator offering more than ten years of experience in a Windows environment and expertise in several flavors of Windows Servers 2003, 2008, 2012 & 2016 and Desktop widows 7 & 10 .

●Strong grasp of Server & desktop installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting

●Active Directory, Group Policies & folder access permissions

●Creating and Managing Virtual server (VM) with Hyper-V, Virual Box & VM Ware

●Managing Dell rack servers and GPU desktop server

●User Permission and folder access rights


●System Administration

●Mixed Platform Environment

●User Training & Support

●Physical component handling

●Server installation,configuration& repair

●Open-Source installation

●Strong Problem solving skills


●Masters in Computer Applications- 2007

●Bachelors in Computer Applications- 2003


●Patch managing Services:


●Disk Management: primary, extended, logical, LVM

●Operating systems:

-LINUX: RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu etc.

-WINDOWS: Windows (windows 7, 10, windows server 2003, 2008, 2013 & 2016).

●Hardware & Networking: PC Engineering, Assembling & Disassembling of Computer & Laptop Hardware, Network information & configuration troubleshooting.

●Databases: MySQL & Mongo DB.

●Monitoring tools: top, sar, vmstat, netstat, iostat



Name of Organization : ECS Inc, Chennai

Duration : Feb 16 – Till date

Role : System Administrator

Short description : Ensure that 24x7 system Support for Linux Production and Non-Production Environment including configuration of Cluster, Hardening Of Servers, Automating Servers, user Management. Also, as security point of view validating all the users which are being created on servers on Production and Non-Production is main concern and maintaining & monitoring of local backup servers.


Installing, Configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting of all Desktop, Laptop Switches, Netgear Wireless Routers, Dell Routers and Access point

Installation, Configuration and troubleshoot of RHEL 7/8, Ubuntu Server 16.04/18.04, Ubuntu desktop 12.04/16.04/17.04, Windows 2008/2012 and Windows 10 systems,.

Implement hardware and software setup based on user requirement.

Responsible for monitoring & Management of all the Servers, Desktop & Laptop.

Configuration and troubleshooting on network services like DNS, DHCP

User creation using Active Directory & folder access permission assign.

Employees data backup using TAR and SCP to server

Managing the jobs with Cron and at command

Handling VPN tunnel creation & accessing process

Load balancing for running servers using HAProxy

Installing and Configuring Apache Tomcat Web Server in production and development server

Performing daily checks for all UNIX/WINDOWS servers.

Cloud Servers handing (AWS-EC2, Vultr & Linode server)

User management, package management, load balancing and trouble shooting.

Maintaining the network inventory, data backup and documentation.

Responsible for Data Backup (Desktop, laptop, Servers & System Update, Recovery and Restore

Managing Dell rack servers and GPU desktop server

Name of Organization : AIT Resources

Duration : May 15 – Feb 16

Role : Technical Recruiter


Co-coordinating with Account Manager for gathering the requirements, profile submitting, arranging the interviews with shortlisted candidates and placing the successful candidates.

Name of Organization : ITBMS Inc, Chennai

Duration : Apr 08 – May 15

Role : Administrative Assistant

Short description : Ensure that 24x7 system Support for infrastructure, server and system. Supporting office works and taking care of server and system. Handling data backup of all employee systems. Microsoft exam conducting systems process handling and pre-causion activities. Rack servers performance monitoring.


More than 50 Desktop systems and laptops handling and maintenance.

Expertise in installing, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting of Desktop, Laptop (Windows & Linux) Switches, Netgear Routers, Cisco Routers and Wireless Routers

User and Group administration

Extensive knowledge of deploying & troubleshooting TCP/IP, Implementing IPv6.

Extensive knowledge in developing test plans, procedures, and testing Various LAN/WAN Products and Protocols.

Configuring of IP Allocation and sub netting for all applications and servers and other needs throughout company.

Installing server, domain name creation, access control, creating Virtual Servers.

Assisted with troubleshooting all network issues with routers and switches when necessary and consulted with on call tech as needed for onsite

Working experience with VOIP.

Maintaining the network inventory, data backup and documentation.

Building the VPN tunnel and VPN encryption

Responsible for Data Backup (Desktop, laptop, Servers & System Update, Recovery and Restore

Managing Dell rack servers.

Handling Infrastructure works

Supporting US Technical recruiting works


Name : B. Karthik Raja

Date of Birth : 21st November 1981

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Languages Known : English, Tamil

Place: Chennai B. Karthik Raja

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