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Software Engineer

Millbrae, CA
February 28, 2020

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**** ********* **. #*, **********, CA 94010 (415) 730 - 5001 EDUCATION

Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive

Curriculum: Full Stack JavaScript & Computer Science University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Economics & Policy Graduated May 2017


Movie Time

RESTful React app that displays top movies, searches movies, and saves movies to a watchlist using MovieDB API

– Integrated a session-based authentication system utilizing temporary request tokens to enable users to add movies to a personal watchlist and retrieve them after logging in with a MovieDB user account

– Conditionally rendered components and data to create multiple views for trending, search, and watchlist

– Searched MovieDB with user entered query text to dynamically render movie results after each keystroke

– Implemented data pagination for MovieDB API to render data results on multiple pages with page navigation Bid World

Single page, full stack clone of’s auction page created using React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

– Collaborated in a team to build 4 individual services using service oriented architecture and rendered them together through an Express proxy server to display different item pages based on an item’s ID

– Created user interface with Styled-Components for modularity and ease of conditional style rendering

– Automated component build and upload processes to Amazon S3 using webpack and Grunt

– Deployed Dockerized service components and proxy server to AWS EC2 instances for streamlined deployment

– Achieved 70%+ front-end unit test coverage by practicing test-driven development with Jest and Enzyme and implemented integration testing for API and database Sorting Algorithms Visualizer

Educational tool and visual aid for learning different sorting algorithms built with React

– Experimented with various implementations of sorting algorithms to extract and animate comparison values

– Applied asynchronous Javascript to display sorting animations and handle button disabling and re-enabling

– Styled React UI with Reactstrap components and grid system for consistent and scalable design WORK EXPERIENCE

Cloudflare, Inc. San Francisco, CA Nov 2017 - Oct 2019 Systems Analyst - Sales Operations

– Wrote a Python script to scrape DuckDuckGo search results and increased lead generation efficiency by 75%

– Doubled output on JIRA tickets that required matching csv data against Salesforce by utilizing Salesforce API

– Worked cross-functionally with the finance team to integrate NetSuite with Salesforce to streamline billings

– Managed Salesforce and Tableau KPI dashboards and provided sales leaders with reporting and analytics TECHNICAL SKILLS

Languages & Frameworks: JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, SQL Database Related: MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL, Sequelize, PostgreSQL Other: Node.js, Express, Git, Jest, Enzyme, Styled-Components, Webpack, AWS, Grunt, Docker, Heroku, Axios

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