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Data Sql Server

Dallas, TX
February 28, 2020

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CELL # 214-***-****

Professional Summary

* ***** ** ********** ** using the Microsoft Suite (Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio) (SQL) Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014.

Excellent backend skills in creating SQL objects such as Tables, Complex Stored Procedures, Effective Functions, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Rules and SQL Performance Tuning to facilitate efficient data manipulation and consistency.

Strong experience in client interaction and understanding business applications, Data Modeling, Data Mapping, Table Normalization, Optimization and Tuning.

Technical experience with design and hands-on programming on diverse technology platforms including RDBMS, Cube design & development, ETL engines, BI Scorecards and dashboards.

Experience in Project Management and Software Development lifecycle including analysis of business function, software design, specifications and software development, testing and documentation, and planning for redesign or transition to another platform.

Experience in logical and physical Dimensional Modeling, ER Modeling, Star Schema / Snowflake Schema, Fact and Dimensional tables and Operational Data Store (ODS).

Expert in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), DTS, Bulk Insert, BCP.

Proficient in Resolving Complex Issues and Error Handling in SSIS

Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and scheduled DTS and SSIS Packages.

Good understanding in database and data warehousing concepts (OLTP & OLAP).

Developed Multidimensional Objects (Cubes, Dimensions) using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

Good understanding of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with Report authoring, Report management, Report delivery and Report security.

Experienced in Database Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Monitoring, Backup and Disaster Recovery procedure and Replication.

Strong ability to prioritize multiple tasks. Excellent communication skills, proactive, self-managing and teamwork spirits.

Well-organized, goal-oriented, highly motivated effective team member with excellent analytical, troubleshooting, and problems solving skills.

Education/ Certification

Wollo University Bachelors Degree on Industrial engineering/2015

Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance.

Technical Skills


Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014

Programming Languages


BI Tools

SQL Server BI Management Studio (BIDS), MS Visual Studio

ETL Tools

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), DTS

Reporting Tools

SQL Server Reporting Tools (SSRS)



Role: SQL Server SSIS\SSRS Developer


Gathered business requirements, definition and design of data source and data flows.

Installed and configured SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Optimized the performance of queries with modification in T-SQL queries, normalized tables, established joins, and created indexes.

Experienced in working with many complex SQL queries using joins and date functions to generate various reports.

Involved in generating and maintaining SQL scripts.

Advanced extensible reporting skills using SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services (SSRS)

Extensive creating and testing the performance of the stored procedures and then developed complex reports like Drill Down, Drill Through, Gauges, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Sub-Reports using SSRS.

Designed and developed data warehouse, data marts and business intelligence using multi-dimensional models - star schema and snowflake schema.

Designed and developed SSIS Packages to import and export data from MS Excel, Xml, SQL Server 2012 table and Flat files.

Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases

Worked with different Control flow tasks in creating SSIS packages especially For Loop and For Each Loop containers with Execute SQL and Script Tasks.

Create stored procedures comprising of dynamic scripts using Bulk Insert, Insert and Update tasks to copy data from multiple flat files to SQL server staging tables.

Designing a data structure with multiple facts and dimension tables to hold the source data to be used for building new reports with SSRS and Built cubes using SSAS.

Involved in daily loads (full & incremental) into staging and ODS areas, troubleshooting process, issues and errors using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2012.

Applied various data transformations like SCD (Slowly Changing Dimension) to maintain the history of the data, aggregate, multicasting, lookup transformations, fuzzy look ups, derived columns, merge join, conditional split, data conversion.

Tools and Technologies

MS SQL Server 2012 Management Studio, visual studio Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), Analysis services (SSAS)

XPO LOGESTICS FORT WORTH/TX 08/10/2015 – 04/10/2018

Role: SQL Server SSIS\SSAS\SSRS Developer


Actively participated in gathering of User Requirement and System Specification.

Designed high level ETL architecture for overall data transfer from different sources to destinations which encompasses server name, database name, accounts, tables and direction of data flow, data dictionary and Metadata using SSIS.

Responsible for maintaining and scheduling packages.

Helped design and implement processes for deploying, upgrading, managing, archiving and extracting data for reporting.

Worked with a combination of multiple Dataflow Transformations to build packages in SSIS.

Troubleshooting of processes, issues and errors in SSIS Packages to improve their performance.

Worked with Master SSIS packages to execute a set of packages that load data from various sources onto the Data Warehouse on a timely basis.

Worked with other team members to document systems and process environments.

Administered SQL Server security, SQL server automatic e-mail notification and SQL Server backup strategy and automation.

Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures to generate data for reports.

Deployed and configured the reports in the Report Server.

Created Parameterized reports, Drill Down, Drill through reports by using SSRS.

Created report snapshots to improve the performance of SSRS.

Created and Implemented triggers in T-SQL to facilitate consistent data integrity of the database.


MS SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

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