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Software Engineer Manager

Saint Paul, MN
February 28, 2020

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Xiaofan(Joey) Gong


Mobile: 651-***-****


Experienced Solution Architect with strong system analysis and design experience.

oDesigned central metadata management system based on ISO metadata standard for Thomson Reuters.

oDesigned key modules of metadata registry in both on-prime and cloud solutions for Refinitiv.

oWork closely with business owner to gather the business requirements and did system highlevel and lowlevel

oDeveloped POC or demo implementation for the key functions

oExplain design to development team and follow up implementation.

Experienced Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in financial information and service.

oBuilt up metadata management dev and QA team globally include Beijing and Bangalore staff and manage their performance and delivery.

oTransferred project to US and built up development team.

oCommunicating with product manager and stack holders to gather business requirement and follow up on project schedule

Skilled in .net and C# including 15+ years experience in .net framework and .net core, and MVC.

Skilled in Java, Spring, including 5+ years experience of Java.

Skilled in AWS, familiar with both container and serverless solutions, noSQL database, caching, step functions, cloudwatch and etc.

Skilled in relational database, include both Oracle and SQLServer, MySQL.

Skilled in CI/CD practice, include Jenkins on prime and code pipeline/code build in AWS.

Skilled in Scrum and Agile practice, scrum master

Skilled in RDF, Ontology, SPARQL and RDF related technoledge/tools

Experienced in Python

Experienced in single page application like Angular, Css with bootstrap.

Experienced in bigdata related technology, include Spark, HDFS, Kafka, etc.


Solution Architect at Refinitiv

August 2019 – present

Refinitiv, formerly the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters, is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure. Serving more than 40,000 institutions in over 190 countries, we provide information, insights, and technology that drive innovation and performance in global markets.

Development Manager at Refinitiv

October 2018 – August 2019

Development Manager at Thomson Reuters

January 2016 – October 2018

Technical Team Manager at Thomson Reuters

April 2011 - January 2016

Principle Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters

July 2007 - April 2011

Senior Development Engineer/Testing 3 out-sourcing to Microsoft

October 2004 – June 2007

Principle Software Engineer at Kingdee Software Group

July 2002 – September 2004


Project: EDP Metadata Registry

Company: Refinitiv (Original Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk)

Role: Development Manager/Solution Architect


This is the metadata catalog and management system of next generation of content platform EDP (Enterprise Data Platform) in Refinitiv. This project leveraging ontology to define metadata in RDF, and build metadata driven data access api.

I participate in gathering requirements from business holders from beginning as the software development manager and solution architect later.

I designed ontology process in serverless by lambdas and step functions in AWS and implement the POC workflow.

I designed core validation function in metadata registry, first it is in serverless and implemented in lambdas, and then I migrate it to container solution.

I also managed team to deliver ontology processing and validation; implemented some key modules; code review and run scrum.

I managed team to build an ETL tool to migrate metadata from existing system to metadata registry.

Project: Metadata Management System

Company: Thomson Reuters

Role: Technical Team Manager/Development Manager/Architect


This is the fundamental module and metadata management system of content marketplace in Thomson Reuters financial. Metadata managed in system contains DIR and TRCS: In DIR, we registered all content items and related data elements in content marketplace. In TRCS, we provide management function for reference data, like geography, commodity, currency, industry scheme and etc.

I worked as technical team lead and then as team manager to design and build system from scratch, including work with business owner and gather business requirement, reference ISO metadata standard to define customized metadata model for whole enterprice content platform. I designed whole database schema based on ISO metadata standards and combine with business requirements and did the system high-level and low-level design include both UI and business layer.

I built the team to start development work. And as a team manager, I manage whole metadata team. Team members locate in both Beijing and Bangalore.

Project: Metadata Strategic Service Interface

Company: Thomson Reuters

Role: Technical Team Manager


This is the restful endpoint for metadata management system. It provides CRUD operation of every resources.

I designed the whole restful endpoint agreement and guide the team to implement the key feature of whole API endpoint.

Project: Snapshot Server

Company: Thomson Reuters

Role: Principle Software Engineer


This system is the endpoint where all Thomson Reuters financial products getting analytic data feed. It built up on KDB+ (column-based database) and provide query of all pricing, fundamental and estimates data.

As principle software engineer, I initiate and host the system design. I wrote the whole data ingestion application and wrote key module of estimate and fundamental.

I did the knowledge transfer to Bangalore when this project transferred.

Project: Analytics Gateway

Company: Thomson Reuters

Role: Principle Software Engineer


This system is the endpoint where all Thomson Reuters financial products getting analytic data feed. It built up on KDB (column-based database) and provide query of all pricing, fundamental and estimates data.

I worked as the principle software engineer start from transferring project to Beijing team and review existing code and update to second version, and production support as well.

We load the data feed from fundamental, estimates and pricing, and we build a union service to support analytic gateway and front-end application power link. I developed all modules for second version update, including fundamental (company financial reports), estimates and pricing analytic module. I also developed data loader application for loading data from all resources to KDB.


Tsinghua University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science, 2000 - 2002

Lanzhou University

Bachelor's degree, Chemistry, 1996 - 2000

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