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Social Media Python

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
February 28, 2020

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Mansi Lende

Third Year Undergraduate

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

R Indian Institute of

Ó+91-774******* Information Technology, Nagpur


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur 2017 - 2021* B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering; GPA: (7.38/10) High School 2015-2017

Senior Secondary (MSBSHSE); (84.77%)

Secondary School March 2015

Secondary (MSBSHSE); (93.20%)


Self Learning AI bot(Ongoing): It is an AI program that gains basic knowledge from its sur- roundings. e.g. learning the pronunciations of alphabets and recognizing the objects that are shown to it. It involves extensive use of AI, NLP, Reinforcement learning algorithms. Reconstruction of missing data in satellite Imagery(Ongoing): Implementation of CNN to reconstruct the missing parts/pixels of SWIR images. Prediction of Parking-lot occupancy according to day and time provided: Dataset used was the car parking dataset on uci-repository. We trained the model using MLP CLassi er. Web Scrapper for data analysis purposes: We built a web-scrapper for data extraction and analysis using BeautifulSoup, pandas, numpy, matplotlib libraries in python. Songs Online Database Management: It is a web interface for displaying songs playlists and social media system. It is implemented using PHP, HTML and CSS. Database management was handled using PHP and MySQL.

Single layer and multi-layer perceptron in python: Implementation of single layer perceptron and error back propagation algorithm for multi-layer perceptron in pandas, numpy, etc in python. Client-Server Chatting System: Implemented a real-time client-server application using Socket programming in Python.

CRC Algorithm and sliding window Algorithm: Implementation of CRC algorithm and Sliding Window algorithm using Python.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, Java

Web development Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP

Machine Learning Skills:supervised, Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks, Regression, Classi - cation, Clustering, etc.

Web Scraping and Data Analysis Skills:Selenium Web driver, Beautiful soup, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.

Tools and Frameworks: Anaconda, GIT, LaTeX,Android, Arduino IDE, MySQL Workbench Platform: Linux

Database: SQL


Computer Programming, Data Structures, Application Programming, Digital Electronics, Analog Elec- tronics

Discrete Mathematics, Computer System Organization, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engi- neering, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems Soft Computing, Theory of Computation, Computer Networks, Database Management systems, Tech- nical Communication

Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing, Maths in Data Science, Compilers, Cryptography and Network Security


Machine Learning by Andrew Ng, Stanford University, Coursera. Machine Learning A-Z on Udemy by Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves. WORKSHOPS ATTENDED

Attended a Robotics Workshop conducted by IIIT Nagpur in 2017. It gave an insight towards working in the eld of IoT.

Attended a Cisco Networking And Cyber Security Workshop conducted by IIIT Nagpur. Participated in a 2-day hands-on Machine Learning workshop conducted by IIIT Nagpur. RELEVANT INTERESTS



Competitive Coding

Machine Learning


Achieved 2nd position in 400m and 200m sprints in Institute Gathering. Achieved Bronze medal in IMO at school level.


Heading the creatives team in TANTRAFIESTA and ABHIVYAKTI . Participated in SIH 2019, 2020.

Talked about "DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT" in Master Orator Championship 2019 2-star coder on codechef. Active coder on hackerrank. LINKS

Github here


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