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Data Engineer

Brentwood, TN
February 28, 2020

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Ahmet Faruk

Cakmak, Ph.D.

Phone: +1-615-***-****


GitHub: Ahmet_GitHub

LinkedIn: Ahmet_LinkedIn

Data Scientist – AI/Machine Learning Engineer - Natural Language Processing Expert Always devoted myself to scientific studies, and produced works and implementations to real-life applications and to create solutions with programming, data science, machine learning statistics, mathematical techniques, and algorithms.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Staff Scientist, Dec. 18 – Now, Nashville TN:

• Constitute NLP models for semantic knowledge representation, knowledge mapping, and sentiment analysis for predictive analytics. Apply deep learning tools such as TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch and implement deep natural language processing results by word2vector, sentiment analysis, machine translation, Seq2Seq. Phenotyping biomedical data from semantic knowledge representation with PheWas packages for machine/statistical learning results.

• Lead development of geocoding, geospatial data analysis program by managing docker container coding files. Data mining by MySQL/PostgreSQL for project managers. Creating clustering classifications for the providers applying, scikit-learn, KNN, Gaussian Mixture Model and Random Forest algorithms.

• Build AI algorithms and cloud solutions to utilize precision medicine algorithms in All of Us Program over Google Cloud Platform and providing coding support to implement complex problem solutions.

Middle Tennessee State University, Lecturer Professor, Aug. 16 - Dec. 18, Murfreesboro TN:

• Lecturing for calculus, applied statistics, and various mathematics courses using active learning in order to visualize real-life problems by formulas.

• Taking machine learning classes online and deploy real life projects:

• Constructing an optimized Q-Learning driving agent that navigates a smart cab towards destination.

• Evaluate the performance and predictive power of a model on data collected from homes in Boston, MA.

• Applied unsupervised learning techniques on product spending data collected for customers of a wholesale distributor to identify customer segments hidden in the data. Tennessee State University, Ph.D. Researcher of Computer Science, Oct. 15 – Aug. 16:

• Developed theory and algorithms addressing for subspace segmentation project sponsored by US Army.

• Maintain a framework for finding similarity matrices for the segmentation of data that can be used in clustering algorithms.

• Analyze graph connectivity of data nodes to develop theory for a general structure via SVD and Low-Rank Representation (LRR).

• Provide advanced mathematical and coding support to experiment possible outcomes and present the findings of the research project at international conferences. Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. Researcher of Mathematics, Sep. 2014 – Oct. 2015:

• Engaged in research that will resulting a solution to Dynamical Sampling problems which is applicable in Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) for signal reconstruction.

• Developed a model for normal operators in Hilbert space to use various applied and computational Harmonic Analysis techniques.

Yildiz Technical University, Research & Teaching Assistant, Jan. 2009 – Oct. 2014:

• Research in Applied Math and Computer Science, application of Statistical/Machine Learning. Attend and present advance research developments and publications at international scientific symposiums.

• TA for undergraduate classes on Calculus, Statistics, Programming Languages (on C++, Python, MatLab, SQL), Object Oriented Programming, Differential Equations, Algorithms and Data Structures, and Optimization Techniques.

• Lead and validate student internships on Applied Software/Computer Engineering Based Internship with industry related firms.


• Python, R, C++, SAS, MatLab, HTML,

JavaScript, MySQL/PostgreSQL, SQL,

Docker, GIS

• API, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service

(AWS), Git & GitHub, JupyterLab,


• Machine Learning, NLP, Information


• Regression, NLTK, LDA, Signal

Processing, PCA, Scikit-Learn, Pandas,

Numpy, LibSVM, Dynamic Programming,

Decision Trees

• Deep Learning, PyTorch, TensorFlow,

Keras, CNN, Clustering.


VUMC Biomedical Projects, Dec. 18 – Now, Nashville TN:

• Constitute NLP models for Semantic Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Mapping, Sentiment Analysis for adverse effect analytics. Apply machine learning techniques on variety of datasets to build predictive model.

• Build NLP Algorithms and cloud solutions, to utilize precision medicine algorithms in All of Us Program over Google Cloud platform and provide coding support for the group.

• Maintain substantial support for the division of geocoding and various clustering algorithms. Design, build and implement prediction, clustering and optimization algorithms to solve healthcare/ business problems.

UDACITY Machine Learning Program, Jul. 17 – Jun. 18, Nashville TN:

• Built a deep learning pipeline that can be used within a web or mobile app to process real- world, user-supplied images.

• Construct a Support Vector Machine (SVM) model for gathering randomly collected audio files to be able to extract digits out of each conservation.

• Applied Reinforcement Learning techniques to create an algorithm for training a self-driving car to drive.

Subspace Segmentation, Oct. 15 – Aug. 16, Nashville TN:

• Maintain a framework for finding similarity matrices for the segmentation of dataset that can be used in clustering algorithms.

• Analyze graph connectivity of data nodes to develop theory of a general structure via Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Low Rank Representation (LRR) EDUCATION:

• Ph.D. Mathematical Engineering,


Feb. 2014, Istanbul, TURKEY

• M.Sc. Mathematics, GEBZE


2007, Kocaeli, TURKEY

• BS, Mathematics, Uludag University,

Jun. 2004, Bursa, TURKEY

• UDACITY, Machine Learning Nano

degree Program, Jul. 2017, Mountain

View, CA.


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