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Software Engineer

Kitchener, ON, Canada
February 27, 2020

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Gursimrat Singh Bhundar 226-***-**** University of Waterloo - Graduating 04 / 2021

Joint Honours Mathematics and Honours Science (Physics) with Computing Option - Bachelors Degree Relevant Courses & Certifications:

- Object Oriented Software Development - Data Structures Fundamentals

- Algorithms I & II - Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction

- Designing Functional Programs - Statistics and Probability

- Linear Algebra - Bloomberg Analytics and Microsoft Office Education

CEO & Founder / Software Engineer - PetroWagon Chandigarh, India • 09 / 2019 - Present

• Software application that allows users to order Fuel as per their requirements.

• Application coded in Java (Android Studio) for Android and Swift (Xcode) for iOS.

• Gained over 200 B2B regular clients in the span of a month.

• $30,000 invested in the company by an angel investor. Software Developer - ARI Financial Services Mississauga, Ontario, Canada • 01 / 2019 - 04 / 2019

• Designed and created C#.NET based web applications. Improved website landing page speed by 67%.

• Developed and improved the accuracy of geocoding algorithms by restructuring API to locate 3X more company vendors in a specified region.

• Wrote SQL scripts to retrieve and update data on Oracle databases.

• Developed and maintained automation unit tests in C# and Ruby. Lead Technical Developer - CompuCom Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • 05 / 2018 - 06 / 2018

• Designed and managed Oracle databases and queries using SQL scripts for 100,000 voters.

• Worked with Elections Ontario to digitalise the voting procedure and introduce electronic polling for the first time in a province election.

• Providing on-site software application and hardware support for over 30 polling locations ensuring optimal workstation performance.

Technical Analyst - BoltonSmith Inc. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • 01 / 2016 - 06 / 2016

• Reduced loading times by 60% by improving web socket infrastructure.

• Created website layout using standard HTML / CSS practices.

• Managing website servers, Microsoft Sever 2008 and Linux environment. Work Experience

IPL Machine Learning Predictive Analysis: Python

• Coded an algorithm which uses machine learning metrics and a neural network approach to predict IPL outcomes, specifically if a batsman will get out based on input constraints. Artificial Intelligence Chess Game: C++

• A chess game coded using objected-oriented software development principles.

• Game has upto 4 levels of human vs. computer option where level 4 uses basic AI techniques to generate moves.

Machine Learning Spam Filtering: Python

• Created a tool using machine learning models which determined whether the text is spam or not using Support Vector Machines and Multinomials Naive Bayes models. Image Processing Package: C++

• An image editing software that enables photo editing features such as adding effects or filters.

• Coded using the decorator design pattern.



Languages: C, C++, C#, Objective C, Python, Swift, Javascript, HTML/CSS,Ruby, SQL (Oracle) Tools & Tech: Git, TFS, Bash, Linux/Unix, TCP/IP, Xcode, Visual Studio, .NET, React, Node.js

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