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Consultant /Program Director / Professor American English (Int l App)

Bogota, Colombia
60000 (was in NY)
February 29, 2020

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Jeffrey M. Frank

Apt. ***

Calle *** No **B – **

Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia



Management Section

Capacity scheduling and planning yield through-put.

Continuous process improvement as relates to customer demands.

Supplier relationship management, outsourcing skills to support delivery requirements (premiums and packaging).

Purchasing Section

Purchasing of raw materials at best price based on future accounts insuring supply chain management.

Administrative follow through on incoming and final approval of purchase orders.

On demand customization of materials (packaging) for final delivery on order by order basis.

JIT scheduling on per plant basis for optimal production capacity and cost control.

Production Section

Purchasing across multiple vendors across the United States and Asia

Book production programs as relates to major New York City publishers, financial and commercial.

Quotation specialization based on raw material procurement and cross plant scheduling.

Distribution Section

Receiving and inventory control of both customer goods and corporate properties.

Overall pallet based build-ups / container and ship outs per 53 foot trailer requirements or railway car sectioning(s).

Capacity scheduling per floor and rack requirements (infractures).


English Consultant/Professor – Republic of Colombia 2014 – Present

Escuela de Ingenieros Militares – Bogota, Colombia

Escuela Superior de Guerra de Colombia – Bogota, Colombia

Escuela de Logistica – Bogota, Colombia

Currently assigned to various military divisions (army, aviation, naval) for language training in support to American, NATO and UN Forces. Personnel are selected by various English Testing level evaluations in Bogota for overseas training with American military forces in the United States and Israel. Personal presentation required for C1 level communciations. Private and Corporate classes arranged on demand for certification(s). Designed and produced multi-level training courses (A1 basic – C2 advanced) in use today.

Designed and produced English seminars to introduce and upgrade professors in / with the American English Language Acquisition Program for the Ministry of Education in rural towns by assignment. This includes document creations and customized course planning. Outside personal language training conducted for independent certifications (APTIC, IELTS, TOEFL).

Owner e2 – English as a Second Language, special project work to our valued clients in the Colombian National Army, international and domestic industrial energy companies and private citizens. This work includes document translations, book/manual developments, international trade show presentations and PET, MICHIGAN, IELTS, TOEFL Test preparations for students and professional teachers at the university level. Our work is both private and by contract depending on client needs.

Universidad Pedagogica y Technologica de Colombia 2011 – 2013

Tunja, Boyaca, Colombia

English Professor for the Language Institute Department to include TOEFL test preparation for international continuing education professionals. Professional Advisor on a on demand basis.

Tampa Bay Engineering Corporation 2005 – 2007

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Surveyor bridges, roads and tunnels for the Florida Department of Transportation. Exclusive work on the Interstate 95 Corridor from Port St Lucy to Homestead, Florida. Second busiest transportation corridor on the east coast (after New Jersey). 80% highway (including SR) and 10 % canal work primarily with elevations and cross sections, subterrian utility locations (SUE). Final 10% was subsurface utilities location (fiber / obtical) and designations including precise digging for relocations for new construction.

The Mill Stores Corporation 2003 – 2005

Hyannis, Massachusetts, United States

Coordinator and Expeditor of raw furniture shipments across 13 retail outlets throughout New England (6 states) exceeding their 5 truckloads per week loading capacity by 4 overloads per week. Perfected raw material recycling concerns with management at their main warehouse meeting OSHA Requirements.

Crescent Publishing Corporation 1999 – 2000

New York, New York, United States

Magazine Print Production Manager on two adult market magazine titles and their “best of” and “special edition titles” working in conjunction with editors, photo ops and advertising creating a concise magazine workflow. All manufacturing was conducted in Montreal, Canada for world-wide distribution. On site press okay`s required for worldwide distribution monthly.

The McGraw Hill Companies 1985 – 1999

New York, New York, United States

Specialized Print Production Manager working directly with multiple corporate units to include their largest school division and financial information networks (Standard & Poor`s). Developed nation-wide multimedia development projects as related to manufacturing, scheduling and implementations to achieve all goals both internal and external in the industry. These projects were sales driven including purchasing, estimating for presentation, logistics, quality control and future vendor / project selections, color and press okay`s required. Pioneered the introduction of Hexa-chromatic and Hi-fidelity printing functions and practices. 100% use of JIT management procedures for ground, maritime and air vendor services.

Related Experience

Writer/Author – Handbook of Basic English Learning and Teaching – UPTC, The Roadbook to Conversational English, The e2 Handwriting Book and The e2 Passport Dictionary, 2010 - 2014.

Preparation, presentation and production of Estrategias “Didácticas para el acompañamiento a Estudiantes de Primaria en su Proceso de Aprendizaje del Idioma Ingles” in collaboration with UPTC, 2011.

Specialized English Teaching Seminar – Cambridge Publishing, conducted in Bogota, Colombia, 2009.

National Tractor Trailer School– Syracuse, New York. Intensive trucking logistics, maintenance and safety procedures (HAZMAT + all endorsements) in the transportation industry, 2002.

Specialized Book Manufacturing Seminar – RR Donnelly and Sons, Willard, Ohio. High volume book manufacturing. America`s largest printer, 1997.


Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 1981

BFA – Advertising Design

Related studies included Sociology, Marketing, Photography and Media development. Studied abroad as an exchange student in London, England. Extensive travel activities throughout free and then communist Europe.


Available upon request.

Military references by Colombian Government permission only in writing.

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