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Electrical Engineer

Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria
February 29, 2020

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, Block *, Yaounde Street, Zone 6, Wuse – Abuja

Email Address:

Date of Birth:5th July, 1966

Marital Status: Married

State of origin: Rivers State

Nationality: Nigeria

Tel: 080********, 070********


Professional Summary:

I am a registered Electrical Engineer with over 25-year continuous experience both in Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, and Energy.

A hard-working person who can work under pressure independently, fast learner, a team player that can easily adapt in a new working environment. I possess effective organizational skills and the ability to work together with other fellow people and produce final output effectively.

My roles in different times have included being; Chief Instructor Electrical, Electrical Engineer, Electrical & HVAC supervisor, Power project supervisor, Electrical QA/QC inspector and Manager power.Familiar with the process of oil and gas production, permit to work system, and safety procedures and practices.

My skills include Diesel Power plant, installation, maintenance, inspection and testing, construction, onshore, project planning and management,Cable routing, pre-commissioning and commissioning, Microsoft word, excel & power point, and fluent in English language.


Work History :

(1) National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) Abuja.

Position : Chief Instructor Electrical

Duration : 2014 to date,


Training of young Engineers, Technologist and Technicians on power Generation,Transmission, and Distribution.

Training programme reports; status, assessment and evaluation,

Developing course materials for facilitation of Electrical training programme..

Formulation and Administration of template for impact assessment of NAPTIN training programme.

Assessment, evaluation and analysis of trainees performances.,

Perform regular field visits to ensure the quality of data collection from trainees on field practicals

Review performance of existing Quality assurance process of the Training Institute

Develop Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Systems for planning, and monitoring of programmes/ projects within the power Institute.

Collects, compiles and analyse data from trainees reports submitted.

Facilites evaluators access to minimum standard expected..

Provide quality checking and reviewing process through all phase of product development.

Supervises quality control checking of drawing, specification,environmental commitments, quantities and cost estimate.

Quality assurance of subconsultants, sealing and signing of documents such as engineering drawing, cross-section, specifications, engineering reports and formal technical memorandums.

Verify accuracy of data summitted

Review and analyse weekly reports with the M&E director.

Monitoring the maintenance of the institute equipments and facilities.

Represents the department at meetings, confrerences, courses, seminars, and workshops.

Writing of M&E project reports to management.

(2) Ponticelli Nigeria Limited (OIL&GAS)

Client: Total E & P Nigeria Limited

Position: Electrical Engineer

Project: OML 58 Upgrade Projects, Phase 1

Obagi, PortHarcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Duration: 2012 to 2014


Supervision of Electrical/instrumentation installation activities at Ogbogu Flow Station and Obite Gas Plant.

Coordination with contractors and corporate Engineering team to provide inputs on issues concerns the project as they get raised by the client .As- builts drawing check, test sheet document control.

Supervision of HV & LV power distribution installation network at Total E&P onshore Rig sites and general electrical duties.

Conduct inspections of Electrical installation,Testing and Maintenance of Generator Plants and control panels at Base and flow station.

Supervision of construction of civil work and maintenance of 100 rooms base camps Building(security& safety equipments, fire alarm, detectors) Electrical installation for both Obagi/ Obite Total E&P OML58 upgrade project.

Maintenance of sewage and water treatment plants for the base camps.

Full compliance to HSE regulation especially procedures related to work permits.

Corrective and preventive maintenance on power systems at the flow station and Base camps.

Supervision of installation of new control panels, motors, compressors and welding machine.

Participation of installation of Generating sets, rating from 20kVA, 50kVA, 100KVA, 350kVA, 750kVA up to 1500kVA caterpillar, Perkins,& Cummins and their distribution panels.

Preparation and coordination of daily activities involving subcontractors and other client.

Supervision of cable pulling including termination (LV - HV).

QA/QC Electrical inspection activities, testing, inspection, monitoring, punch listing, closing punch list for ongoing electrical/instrument at the Total upgrade project.

Inspection of cable laying (both in Trenches and cable tray), perform quality control activities.

Pre-commissioning and commissioning of E &I, Electro mechanical,Generating sets and control panels.

Supervised pre-commissioning of Hipot test for high voltage termination of 3core cables and Bus bar merger, mechanical interlocks on the feeder panels,

Transformer insulation Resistance test,Ratio test,Excitation test,Capacity test and Impedance test of HV/LV, installation of Grounding/ earthing and lighting protection system.

Witness, participate and monitor all pre-commissioning review of various commissioning operational test procedure performed by the contractor and vendors.

Site activities and check of any necessary corrective actions, close follow up on contractor punch list, bus bars clean joints, Torque bolts, and Ducter test at each joints,

Monitor status performance and behaviour of machine and ensure safety of the operator.

Summit project reports to management

(3) TOTAL E&P Nig Ltd. (OIL &GAS)

Position: Electrical and HVAC Supervisor

Project: OML 58 Upgrade Projects, Phase 1,

Obagi, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Duration: 2008-2012.


Supervise and control the electrical and HVAC activities, including sub-contractors’ performance.

I ensure that power plant for Ogbogu flow station and Obite gas plant were built as per drawings specification, procedures and schedule.

Management of start up, drawing control, field mark ups and AS-Builts, Test sheet document control.

Supervise construction /building and maintenance of 200 rooms base camps for both Obagi/ Obite Total E&P OML58 upgrade projects

Electrical inspection activities, identify punch lists and corrections.

Review site drawing and documents for final modification and specification

Monitoring and evaluation of sewage and water treatment plant installation by subcontractors.

Good and quality engineering practices were followed together with proper planning and cost.

Generators installation with control panel, diesel fuel tanks, operation and maintenance, Generating sets, 720KVA, 800KVA(Caterpillar & Perkins), GDM, MDB/LDB control & distribution panels,starter batteries, and earthing system

Inspection of major Electrical installations for both Ogbogu and Obite Gas plant sites,all isolation procedures followed.

Witness and participate for SIEMENS Gas turbines (2x25MVA plants) installation at Total Obite Gas plant

Installing lightening protection, Bus Duct (LV&HV), cable tray and cable gland & termination. Testing and Pre commissioning and Commissioning of Generating Sets,switchgear, insulation Resistance, contact resistance testing, Hipot test.

Witness HV cables up to 33kV gland termination, Gas plant switchgear inspection and installation, cable loop check, merger test on high power HV cables.

Good supervision for all Electrical activities, inspection of power cables and termination, electrical equipment, motors, pump, mechines, instrument controls, fire fighting system and safety procedures in the flow station..

Daily, weekly and monthly project and technical reports summit to management

Ensure provision for safe working environment on onshore Rig sites, Electrical installations, operation and maintenance, pre-energization check lists, first energization procedures,isolation procedure, phase rotation and other measured system parameters.

Reviewed AS-built drawing submitted by the contractors, bill of quantity, project meetings and progress report.

(4) TELNET Nigeria Ltd, Lagos(TELECOM)

(Client; MTN/PLESSEY Project Abuja

Position : Project Supervisor( Power)

Duration: 2000-2003


MTN GSM power installation operation and maintenance, BTS Site building project.

BTS Site planning and drawing,power survey,main supply,installation of standby Generating sets, control panels, ups system, Backup DC batteries, Rectifiers, power distribution,earthing system,BTS lightning protection internal and external system, lightning arrester, construction of diesel fuel storage tanks and fuel supply to all base stations.

Supervise building of different height of telecoms towers ranging from 36meters to 120meters including rooftop towers, modification of cable tray for cable routes.Earthing of RF Antennas and trunk cables.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of Generating sets that power all BTS Sites and Repeater stations.

Installation of air conditioners both split window units and central units (HVAC) testing, precommissioning and commissioning.

Transformer installation and testing for insulation,Ratio,Excitation,capacity and impedance tests.

I supervise the building of 21 MTN BTS sites,along Abuja, Kaduna, Jos, and Kano from civil work, Generator plinth, container plinth, retainingwalls, concreteapron, underground feeder entry and over head feed entry.Tower foundation soil test, soil compaction test, moisture content,concret compression,underground earthling connection network.

Preparation and coordination of daily activities involving subcontractors activities and other client.

Apply safety rules and procedure for power plants and Telecommunication equipment installations.

Summition of daily and weekly power technical project reports to management.

(5) Cimimuntubi Nigeria Limited – Bonny- Island Rivers State

Position: QA/QC Electrical

Duration: 1999-2000

Project: NLNG Train I & 2 Bonny Island project


Documentation; management of start up drawing control, field mark up and AS-Builts, test sheet document control, Oversee/coordination of all Electrical activities relative to pre-commissioning test procedures

Witness. Supervised – Industrial lighting operation and maintenance.HV Cable gland and terminations. HV Motor Test, LV Motor test, HV Switch board test, LV Switch board test, HV/LV cables test, Bus duct test, power transformer test, Voltage transformer test,transformer oil test, tapchangers, dc motor test, batteries test.isolation procedures and acceptance test.

Implements relevant quality control plan/ inspection and test plan,review inspection and test records and other documents

Examine Plan and Specification of Installation to ensure that matches project- requirement.

Conduct inspections of Electrical Installation, Layout, Supports and other System.

Inspection of cable laying (both in Trenches and cable tray), perform quality control activities.

Inspection of installation and pre-commissioning of High, medium and Low voltage Switch gears, Protective relays and Motor Control Centers

Inspection, moitoring, punch listing,correction, closing punch list for Electrical and Instrument.

Hold and witness point of pre-commissioning all medium and low voltage cable, megger test, equipment test,insulation, HI-Pot test switchgear bus bar, dielectric test, motors, pumps tests, Telecommunication cabletest, UPS and loop tests, Power and Distribution Transformers, High, Medium and low voltage Control Panel function tests of the electrical equipment (MCC, transformers,Continunity, Ratio,Excitation,Capacity,Impedance tests. Relay panels, CT, PTs,UPS, etc)

Review of Electrical drawings, Termination drawing and Cables routing at operation sites.

I Liais between 3rd Party quality control, tools coordinators, and field supervision to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Collection of quality data on the projects.

Finding root causes of some equipment fauilts and initiates reports and measures to eliminate them.

Installation recommendation to project leadership based on best practices coming out of data analysis and field input.

Monitor application for all quality assurance processes and recommend corrective action for all processes.

Participation in the preparation and revision of the pre-commissioning document,meeting/ liaise with QA/QC Manager to ensure that RFI test reports are in order.

To conduct kick off inspection work order approved between client and construction teams.

Conduct of Insulation resistance test, winding resistance test, Hipot test continuity check .

Transformer installation and protection testing. Building lighting protection system. Neutral earth resistor test,trace heating test, earthing system installation and testing.Inspection, witness and participation in testing and commissioning of fire and gas alarm system, heaters test,and other facilities.

Installation of Generating sets, and control panels with strick compliance to isolation procedures specifications.

Liaise with construction site activities of Electrical power installation for routine check.

Liaise with commissioning teams in participation together for the progress of the project.

Preparation and clearing of punch list items,checking of commissioning procedure, check sheets, dossiers as a part of mechanical/ Electrical completion check and test activities.

Attend and participate in meetings, review of AS-built documentation forsystem completion.

Prepare progress reports on Electrical pre-commissioning activities.

(6) Nigeria Telecommunication Ltd, (NITEL) Abuja.

Position: Manager (Power)

Duration: 1985- 1999


Head of power section- write daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly progress reports.

Supervise Installation, operation and maintenance of Generating sets, Automatic control panels, changeover switchgears, diesel fuel tanks, power distribution for five( 5) Repeater stations around Abuja FCT.

Power Rectifiers Panels, inverter panels, solar PV panels and earthling system installation. Backup DC batteries for Telecoms Exchanges and Repeater stations.

Installation of Solar power system, modules, junction box, solar Hybrid power cabinet, storage batteries, and cable routing.

Supervise Pre-commissioning and commissioning of solar power plant,Generating sets, control panel,power Transformers test,earthing system

Diesel fuel distribution (supply) to various exchanges and repeater station around Abuja FCT.

Clack of work for five NITEL upgrade projects handled by Siemens;.

NITEL optic fibre cable ring and power supply project by SIEMENS.

NITEL DC batteries installation project to all exchanges inAbuja.

NITEL solar PV panel installation, GSM and CDMA power project

Supervised contractors for both Electrical power and civil works.

Installation of central Air conditioner (HVAC),Window, and split unit’s.


Power Supplies for Transmission System, Siemens Training School Kaduna 4 weeks.

Basic Digital Electronic, Kaduna Polytechnic, 2 weeks.

Electrical Installations Practice, NITEL Training School Oshodi Lagos, 4weeks.

Fault finding’s and Repairs of standby power generating sets and control panels, NITEL Training school Oshodi-Lagos -4weeks.

Power Supply Maintenance for Transmission, Siemens Training School –Lagos, 4weeks.

Central Air-conditioning specialist course, Siemens training school – Lagos 4weeks.

Power Control and Rectification Techniques, NITEL Training School –Lagos 4weeks.

Solar PV Installation course at NITEL Training School -Lagos 1week

Quality and Productivity Circles, Prime Management Consultants, 5days.

Pipeline Pre-commissioning and commissioning Tools and procedure, 1 week

Factory safety course, TSKJ Training school Bonny Island 1 week.

Power Transformer Installation and Testing course, at Siemens Training School Lagos, 3days

GSM Power Installation and commissioning Training, Plessey Nig. Ltd. 2weeks.

Fire Preventive and Fire Fighting Course, Total E &P Port Harcourt, 2 days.

Risk Awareness Course, Total E&P Port Harcourt, 2days.

Basic Life Support and First Aid (BERTIA) Basic Emergency Response Training Ltd., P-H, 1week.

Electrical Safety for Electrician and HVAC Technicians (ELECTRICAL AUTHORIZATION APAVE) 2Weeks.

Basic Permit to Work, Total Training Centre Obagi .2days.

Power System Protection, NAPTIN Training Centre Kainji Station, 2 weeks,

Power orientation Programme in Distribution, Transmission and Generation. NAPTIN Training Centre, Kaduna, 2 weeks

Field Experience course on Transmission power system, APO TCN, Transmission Station Abuja.3 months.

Research Methodology at Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), Lagos for 1 Week.

Leadership and Management Course, at Abuja Graduate School, Abuja for 1Week.

Project management planning,implementation and monitoring workshop,at Abuja Graduate school. 1week.

Quality Assurance Quality control (QA/QC) Course, at CIR Africa Lagos Nigeria. 1 week.

ISO9001:2015 Management Training at Standards Organisation of Nigeria. 2days


The University of Aston, UK BSc Hons.Electrical/Electronic Engineering 2008

Project Management College UK Executive Master’s Certificate in Progt.Magt 2007

Carolina Christian University USA MSc in Project Management 2002

AbubakarTafawaBelewa Uni. Bauchi PGD, Electrical Power Engineering 1997

TheFederal Polytechnic Bida HND, Electrical Engineering 1991

Post and Telecoms School, Lagos Diploma in Power Engineering 1981

Alison Galway-Ireland Diploma in Quality Management 2018

Alison Galway-Ireland Diploma in Health &Safety in Workplace 2018

Govt. Tech. College Port-Harcourt. G CE O’level C&G Part1&2 1977


Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) Registered No.11984.

The Nigerian Society of Engineers – Members(MNSE) No. 14685

The Institute of Engineers and Technicians London, Associate member (AMIET) No.84/12285

Association of Supervisory and Executive Engineers UK, Associate member (AMASEE) No. 50/A27543

Nigerian Institute of Management – Association Member (AMNIM) No. 27491

The Institute of Professional Managers and Administrator Britain- Associate Member (A1NSTPM).

The Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-Member(MNIEEE)No.14685

Electrical Safety for Electrician and HVAC Technicians (ELECTRICAL AUTHORIZATION APAVE)

NVQ LEVEL 3 ELECTRICAL in Assessig Competence in Work Environment( UNEVOC )


Mr. I.I. Izu,Deputy General Manager, Community Relations, Total E & P Nig. Ltd – PH - 080********.

Mr.Inatimi Spiff, Deputy Director Project, NCC, Abuja. 080********.

Dr. J .N.MPI, Divisional Manager, Nigerian Agip Company Ltd,Abuja.-070********

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