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Food Safety Manager

Hemet, CA
48,000 depending on location
February 29, 2020

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Virgil Moralez

*** *. **** **, *****, CA ***** / 626-***-****

Feb. 27, 2020

Cover Letter

Hello, I’m highly interested in inquiring for a Food Production Supervisor / Lead opportunity or where you may feel that with my Food Management experience, knowledge, & success I can effectively contribute to your organization. Although my experience & knowledge has been in the Food Industry, I’m confident and trust that I can effectively meet expectations & requirements for Food MFG. roles or related positions and develop into a key production team member. My experience includes full line of Bakery Product MFG. Experience & knowledge Includes high speed pizza Lines, dough Processing and garnishing of Frozen Pizzas, High Speed & Retail Bakery Production responsibilities, production of fresh, frozen, & laminated dough, breads, brownies, cakes, croissant, Danish, etc. Experience & knowledgeable of High Speed Bakery Lines & Packaging Equipment, as well as Retail Equipment! Knowledgeable of High Speed Plastic & Glass Juice Bottling, USDA experience with Hispanic Frozen Food Snacks, flour & corn tortillas. Experience with additional major Frozen Food Snack Organizations, Frozen Organic Products, Plant Sanitation Supervisor, Project Management, my Experience & knowledgeable with USDA Meat Processing, Government Food Safety Regulations, Safety Coordinator, & Project Installation Manager for Sanitation, Process & Production equipment shall also be an asset & benefit for this type of opportunity, etc. I posses QA/QC experience with Food Safety policies & regulations to assure product quality is to expected standards. Monitoring Maintenance tasks & functions expectations responsibilities for assuring Food Safety & Equipment Regulations are adhere to, etc. Executing facility Safety, Sanitation, & Food Safety Standards Inspections! Experience & knowledge to effectively train & coach team members in SPANISH to next High Leverage of execution, comprehension of SOP’s, GMP’s, HACCP, & Allergens, monitoring & assuring & reviewing that Food Safety Regulations documents are completed accurately & in a timely manner. Ability to execute Production, Safety & Seminars Meeting in SPANISH, as well as training & coaching team members in SPANISH. Posses ability to interface effectively with team member’s at all levels within a Union environment. I firmly believe these qualities, commitment, Team Player, shall be excellent qualifications & assets for a Food MFG. opportunity. I’m a team player at all levels seeking an organization with a true team spirit & philosophy! I’ve no challenges in relocating for a win-win opportunity. Looking forward in hearing from you soon!


Virgil Moralez

Virgil Moralez

Feb. 27, 2020

Objective: To effectively, contribute to the continued growth, success & supportive of company goals & objective. To develop team member’s skills, knowledge, commitment, & team spirit to the next High Leverage of Execution. To establish Contractual, Communication, & Competency Trust among team members at all levels.

Throughout the past thirty years years plus my food experience includes fresh & frozen dough, laminated dough, Naan bread, pastries, pies, muffins, cookies, etc. Pilipino cakes & Pastries, meat dishes, etc. Organic Frozen Dinners & Frozen Pizzas, Canned Soups, Pasta, Pot Pies, Pockets, etc. Hispanic USDA Frozen Meat Products. Salsa, sweet bakery product, tortillas chips, corn & flour tortillas, etc. Experience with processing frozen potato snacks, patties, triangles, & French fries. (High speed & manual natural juice bottling in glass & plastic bottles.)

Involvement & experience in monitoring & controlling Line Processing for a variety of Food Products, line efficiency, input/output, waste, quality, staffing, startup to expectations, maintenance of equipment to expectations, Process Lines adhere to Food Safety Standards, lines & equipment operating Safety, assuring line documents are completed accurately & timely, etc.

Assured & monitored that SOP’s, GMP’s, HACCP, Company Policies, Government Food Safety Regulations, Sanitation & Safety Guidelines, etc. are adhered to by team members.

Executed Production Projects for verification & installation of new Process Equipment, developed Resolution, Waste Control, Line Efficiency, Output, Safety Teams, etc.

Supported QA & QC Train Team Members on Gov. Food Safety Regulations, SOP’s, GMP’s, USDA, Company Processing Policies, Safety, Personal Hugeness, completing expected line documents accurately & timely, etc. Trained & coached team members Sanitation of line equipment to meet Gov. Food Safety Reg., etc. Executed daily standup, Production, Safety, Gov. Food Safety, USDA, HACCP, Sanitation Meeting as expected. Executed Meeting in Spanish as necessary. Maintaining harmony, team spirit, commitment, communication among team members, etc.

Monitored Sanitation & Maintenance Dept to assure Safety Guidelines were adhered to for personal & Food Safety. Assure that chemicals were under lock & key, MSDS were kept up to date and available to all team members. Assure that Lock/Out – Tag/ Out procedures were adhered to by Production, Sanitation, & Maintenance team members. Executed production walk through for assuring safety of team members, equipment safety, workstations neat & orderly, emergency pathways & doors were clear & free of obstacles. Assure expected line and warehouse materials & ingredients were ID. And Allergens were stored in their proper place. Monitored and assured sanitation team members followed Safety, SOP’s, & PPE for executed expected Sanitation cleanup and handling of chemicals.

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Key Qualifications

Leadership & Organizational skills to effectively track, monitor, control, direct staff to assure team members adhered to Company Policies, Food Government Regulations, SOP’s, GMP’s Safety Guidelines, Lok Out/Tag Out Guidelines.

Competency to maintain harmony, team spirit among team members to meet targeted Goal & Objective.

Capabilities to effectively Train & Coach team members to execute job performance to the next High Leverage, & resolution to process challenges.

HACCP, USDA, BRC, GMP, SOP, Sanitation, Safety, Team building knowledge & experience.

Competency to be analytical to execute sound decisions with the ability to vision for the future.

Effective communication skills in English & Spanish, verbal, written,, being precise & clear & profession interpersonal skills under all circumstances,

Effectively conducting daily, weekly, monthly production, maintenance, safety, training meeting etc.

Competency in assuring line documents are completed accurately & timely as expected.

Competency to develop Resolution, Safety, Process Improvement, Quality Teams, etc.

Experience with Fresh & Frozen dough, Laminated dough, Pastries, Cookies, Donuts, Cakes, Pies.etc. Experience with Hispanic Frozen meat snacks, chips, pastries, chips, flour & corn tortillas, salsas, etc.

Organic frozen products, pasta, pizzas, pockets, veg. burritos, pot pies, veg. canning, etc.

Knowledge with Bakery Equipment, Tortillas Lines, Processing Equip, fryer’s, spiral freezer’s, Packaging Equip.

Experience & knowledge for Bottling Natural Juices.

Experience with frying potato frozen snacks, french fries, patties, triangles, etc.

Career Achievements:

Amy’s Kitchen, startup of new process equipment the Pocket & Pizza dough mixing lines. Trained & coached team members utilization of new process equipment, Safety, etc

Gourmet India Food CO. (GIFCO) Reduction of Mixing & Packaging team members by 40 & 30 % by addition automated equipment, effective training & coaching in utilization of new equip.

GIFCO, designed installation layout for new Bakery Equipment from Packaging to Receiving.

GIFCO, reengineering of production environment facility designed product line flow from mixing to Packaging Dept. Designed new production Office & relocation of Maintenance Dept. new Scaling Rm. And installation of inside 50,000lbs flour silos.

GIFCO, involvement with HACCP,BRC, GMP, Safety, & BRC Consultant for modifications of facility to meet BRC Regulations. Facility received 4/years in a row Audit Score of 94.0 or higher! Maintained excellent control of Line Documents to be completed accurately & timely!

GIFCO, trained & coached supervisors, Leads, & Operators in developing skills for executing job tasks & functions according to SOP, GMP, HACCP, Food Safety Guidelines

Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Jollibee (RRB), Trained & Coached Team Members (TM) to execute job tasks, functions, SOP, GMP, to procedures, policies, & next High Leverage of execution.

RRB championed a Safety Incentive Program & Plant Safety Committee was able to reduce accidents significantly & WC yearly cost! Assisted in the designing production lines layout for new 60,000 sqft facility. Involved in the purchasing of 30” tunnel Washer, Dough Dividing Line, Rack Oven. Improved Sanitation conditions, efficiency in Process & Baking Dept.

RRB sent to Hayward, CA facility to improve Sanitation, Processing, & Organization conditions. Was sent to new East Coast facility for Plant Manager opportunity, however, RRB was sold to Jollibee and I was kept in CA.

Nestle, responsible for startup of reengineered Potato Processing Specialty Line. Line failed to meet targeted product quality of 97%. This was due to voids in the formed units. Developed Resolutions Team to rectify challenge. It was discovered that the interior cavity of the Die Cut forming the units was starving for potato product due the V-shape plates at both ends of the Die Cut. This was not allowing the raw potato product to flow freely to the plungers forming the units. By removing the V shape plates and installing 180 degree curved plates that allowed the raw potato to pass freely into the plungers. Targeted formed units quality reached 97%.

Nestle, team member for developing Up Stream Grading for First Time Quality for Line Process Lines. TM for developing Process Manual for French Fry & Specialty Lines

Nestle, Responsible for installation of San Quantum Chem, System. Executed Monthly Safety Meeting. Assigned Special Processing Project, Waste, Efficiency, Output, and Sanitation.

JEJ Foods Responsible for Processing of Hispanic Products, Burritos, Start Up of vacuum salsas Packaging Line. Bottling Jalapenos, training & Coaching team members to next High Leverage execution of job tasks & functions. Received a facility Superior Sanitation rating from AIB.

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Work History:

Executed a three months Cement Yard Inventory Coordinator Project and worked two months with Lovestick Bakery in CA. Decided my ambition was to return to Southern, CA. Feb 2018 to May 2019

Rider & Sons Plant Supervisor & Sanitation Nov 05-16/ Nov. 24-17

Watsonville, CA Bottled Natural Juices

Moon Juice Night Supervisor Nov. 16-15 / Jan. -16

Culver City, CA Bottled Organic Juice

Gourmet India Food Project/Plant Manager Jan. 2008 / Jan. 2014

Whittier, CA. Naan Flat Bread

Red Ribbon Bakeshop / Production Manager 2004 /2008

Jollibee Corp. Pilipino Pastries, cakes Rolls, Meals

Amy’s Kitchen Night Production Manager 2002 /2003

Santa Rosa, CA. Organic Frozen Products / Veg. Canning

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies Night Supervisor 2001 / 2002

San Leandro, CA. Frozen Cookies / Muffins

Specialty Brands / USA Process Manager / Night Superintendent 1998 / 2000

Riverside, CA. Frozen Hispanic USDA Products

Nestle / Carnation Division Specialty Line Manager 1992 / 1998

Nampa, ID Frozen Potato Snacks

Ruiz Foods Process Manager 1987 / 1991

Tulare, CA. Frozen Hispanic USDA Products


Psychology Major 70 semester hrs. /Eldorado Jr. College Eldorado, KS.

Psychology & Management 24 semesters credited hrs. College of St. Mary’s – Creighton Univ. Omaha, Neb

Management 20 semester credited hrs. / Boise State Univ. Boise, ID

Attended several additional universities focusing on Management / Project Management

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