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Python, Java, SQL, MySQL, Dart, JavaFX, C#, Octave, Git, MongoDB

San Mateo, CA
February 29, 2020

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Meng Zhou

San Mateo, CA 415-***-**** Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Python, Java, SQL, MySQL, Dart, JavaFX, C#, Octave Tools/Software/Platforms: Git, MongoDB, Flutter, DBeaver, Docker, CSS, Bigdata, Django, PostgresDB, Lucid, Chart, Tableau, Wireshark, Object-oriented Programming, SQL/NoSQL Database, Distributed Systems, AutoCAD Education

Northeastern University, San Jose, CA Jan 2019 - Expected Dec 2020 Master of Science, Information Systems

Relevant Courses: Application Engineering and Development, Data Science Engineering Methods, Program Structure and Algorithms, Data Management and Database Design, Smartphones-Based Web Development Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China Sep 2007 - Jun 2011 Bachelor of Engineering, Bioinformation Technology Relevant Courses: Fundamentals of Computer, Data Structure and Algorithms, Objective-Oriented Programming, Computer Network & Applications, Bioinformatics

Academic Projects

Garage Sale Application Design Jan 2020 - Now

• Designed a smartphone application with Flutter and Dart, compatible with both Android and IOS systems

• Offered post function for sellers to add products info, saved in a database, integrated into list view for browse

• Realized camera interactions to upload images and animations to present full-screen image thumbnail is clicked E-commerce Platform Database Design Sep 2019 - Nov 2019

• Designed a relational database with 12 entities to manage orders and products information of an e-commerce platform

• Inserted and stored all data on MongoDB, realized encryption and decryption on confidential column data

• Implemented the database by SQL DDL statements include column computing, table-level check constraints, triggers

• Created queries to retrieve views/tables for data-mining, visualized analysis multi-dimension reports by Tableau Kaggle competition--Airbnb Customer Prediction Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

• Preprocessed and purified raw data with Python on Jupyter Notebook with pandas, scikit-learn, Numpy libraries

• Applied various classifiers (KNN, Naive Bayes, Random Forest, XGBoost) and Cross-validation to select the most proper model for predicting new users’ destination, present the result in graphs with matplotlib

• Trained with 200k users, reached 65% prediction accuracy, ranked top 15% among all competition participants Image management Software Design Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

• Developed a GUI tool to present and convert image files using Java and JavaFX with im4java library

• Realized the functions of showing uploaded images thumbnails and properties, camera info and location

• Provided functions of recolor, resize, revise, reformat and crop, converted images can be saved in local folders Work Experience

Northeastern University San Jose, CA

Teaching Assistant Jan 2020 - Now

• Assistant on course INFO 6205-06 Program Structure and Algorithms (Java Based)

• Work 10 hours per week to answer data structure & algorithm related questions and explicit solution of assignments BentoCart San Francisco, CA

Volunteering Software Engineer Sep 2018 - Oct 2018

• Built web-based app with Django framework, edited and updated contents on the homepage with Python

• Managed the input data in database deployed on PostgresDB, created constraint and triggers for auditing Wuhan FiberHome International Technologies Co. Ltd Wuhan, China Account Group Director Jul 2011 - Aug 2017

• Led a team with 4 members, developed new markets and managed customer relationship in 4 Mid-East countries

• Presented company’s telecommunication technical solutions, organized 2 seminars and 30+ technical workshops

• Managed the implementation of projects, from bidding, offer technical proposals to configuration and cut-over

• Won 6 bids with 28 million USD in total, provided Internet and telephone access for 4 million end-users

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