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Food Safety

Centre de Flacq, Flacq District, Mauritius
February 27, 2020

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Ten years of experience working in 5 Star Hotel and Star Michelin Restaurant and well known Chateau in handling food and pastry. Strong background in preparing menus and developing recipes. High energy Chef who is well- trained, fundamentally sound and innovative with different cuisines. Well- versed with current food regulations, and culinary and nutrition HACCP principles. Comprehensive knowledge of food quality control standards. Top- performing Chef with a special leadership skill, managerial skill, technical skill, focus on fine dining and buffet high production. Well-versed in creating both aesthetically pleasing and scrumptious tasting delicacies and entrees. Specialist in a la carte French cuisine and Indian cuisine. EXPERIENCE

Cook Maritime Crystal Beach Resort and SPA (Belle Mare, Mauritius) AUGUST 2019 TO PRESENT

• 3rd In charge of a la carte restaurant dealing with 120 pax each service.

• Help the chef de partie and demi chef in preparing menu and mise en place to ensure a smooth service toward our customers.

• Preparation of all sauce brown stock for service day and night.

• Responsible for events and function production in bulk.

• Cost controlling and Ordering.

• End month Inventory cost and stock management FIFO.

• In charge for the hygiene of the galley in line with the company policy.

• Ensure food quality as per the HACCP Standards and customer services.

• Risk management regarding food wastage and spoilage.

• Accessing the quality of the ingredients and food served.

• Fridge management daily.

• In charged for lunch and dinner production in bulk.

• In charged of trainee and assistant cook as well managing the work flow of the galley department.

• Job task designing to assistant cook and trainee to ensure good Standard Operation process all time.

Gap: October 2018 to July 2019 was on final year hotel school of Mauritius HND CA management course. (10 Months)


Nanka Road Bramsthan Flacq, Mauritius



Chef de Partie (Management Levels) Chateau Vault de Lugny (France) APRIL 20, 2018 TO OCTOBER 05, 2018

• In charged of the Fresh homemade smoke pork leg Jambon de pomme.

• Homemade ratafia liquor for starter plating.

• In charged of all the vegetable preparation and butcher preparation.

• Fresh seafood product preparation, Hunted Faison preparation different cooking technique apply.

• Preparation and portioning Fresh Dorado fish, st Pierre lieu jaunes, lieu noir, st Pierre fish, couteau, calm, St Jacques, palourde, Coco tier crabs.

• Applying different preparation technique regarding quality Huitre de Tarbouriech

• Specialist in using different Spices from different country.

• Different terrine every month homemade fresh terrine.

• Work in the butchery alone clear cut and porting of fish and meat.

• Start early service intercontinental breakfast.

• In charged of vegetable preparation.

• Dealing with Cleaning and fridge management was in my responsibility FIFO.

• Ordering and replacement of dry stock and inventory check.

• Verifying of product and stock management upon delivery from whole seller.

• Learn how to develop new fine dining dishes and plating process as well.

• Good in live salon culinary show for marketing attracting more customers.

• Live cooking show and demonstrating cooking technique in front of customers during the summer session.

Gap: January 2017 to April 2018 was on second year school full time course HND CA management at hotel school of Mauritius

Demi - Chef de Partie (Food Production) Belle Mare Plage Hotel- Constance Hotel & Resort (Mauritius)


• Demi Chef (Tournant) work in different department upon the chef request, replacing all demi chef during their off days.

• Help during mise en place preparation and work as well in the fish butcher and meat butcher all daily preparation of meat and fish was in my responsibility.

• In charged of the Breakfast mise en place, time tea mise en place, and often work on the buffet line live food cooking demonstration to customers.

• Replace chef de partie during their absent in charge of the department upon my responsibility.

• Managing staff in different department under my supervision ensuring food quality and customer safety.

• Ordering and Inventory.

• Managing stock rotation by respecting the HACCP principal. Gap: August 2016 to December 2016 was on first year course full time HND CA Foundation Course at hotel school of Mauritius.


Demi - Chef de Partie (Food Production) Le Prince Maurice Hotel – Constance Hotel & Resort (Mauritius)

JULY, 2016 To AUGUST, 2016

• In charge of the grill section a la minute cooking fish, meat and a la plancha live cooking in the restaurant live demonstration.

• Work as well in the pastry department in charge of the breakfast department working in line with the bakery department providing croissant and viennoiserie on the buffet line.

• Work early shift at 03.00 am as well as helping in the bakery department.

• In charge of the continentals’ breakfast early morning.

• Was responsible for events and function of 120 to 350 pax customers.

• Trained the trainee as well was under my responsibility.

• Take feedback from guest in the restaurant daily to ensure food quality.

• Ensure the excellent quality service during breakfast time early morning.

• Managing and controlling food portion size avoiding wastage and spoilage. Gap: July 2015 to Mai 2016 was working at Maritime Crystal Beach hotel as cook waiting to join school on Mai 2016 for full time course diploma in hospitality management.

‘’Commis’’ Culinary Art (Food Production) Southampton England Head office- Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship

DECEMBER, 2012 To JULY, 2015

• Work as line chef pizza man, was responsible for the pizza production during lunch and dinner.

• Assist the demi chef and chef de partie during mise en place and service time.

• Provide fresh food on the buffet line during breakfast, Lunch and dinner service.

• Maintain high hygiene and fresh food on the line for customers.

• Provide different and fresh quality condiments on the line to customers.

• Live roast meat cut live demonstration to customers on the buffet line.

• Work as night production chef on the cold section providing breakfast to customers.

• Work on the breakfast line providing quality service and different cooking egg.

• Work on the a la carte restaurant fine dining providing Indian, American, French, and Asian dish, plate dressing and finalizing presentation.

• Work as helper in different section during service to ensure continuous service and ensure the flow on the line service.

• Work on the cold buffet preparation section night shift preparing salad, cheese, dressing, cold cuts.

• Work in line with the company policy and principal along with UKPH and USPH public health regulation in team.

Gap: July 2012 to December 2012 was working as cook at amber hotel for 6 month and then left to work for Cunard Cruise Ship Ocean Liner. 4

Trainee Culinary Art (Food & Pastry Production) Columbus Hotel (Monaco Monte Carlo- Hotel De Paris, Star Michelin Restaurant

DECEMBER, 2011 To JULY, 2012

• Basic food preparation and under the guidance of the chef.

• Prepare ingredients for dishes upon the instructions of chefs.

• Assist in operating commercial cooking equipment such as stoves, cookers, ovens, and fryers.

• Make sure that food supplies are stored properly and used resourcefully.

• Ensure that food items are properly rotated in refrigerators and any near expiry ones are dealt with according to the restaurant’s policies.

• Help chefs in cooking activities by providing input and managing work

• Make sure that recipes are followed properly during food preparation and cooking time.

• Handle portion control requirements and presentation standards arrange food items aesthetically on serving plates.

• Make sure that the kitchen is clean and organized at all times.

• Ensure that best food practices and kitchen hygiene protocols are adhered to guide kitchen staff in upholding high culinary standards.

• Assist in checking food deliveries for both quantity and quality standards.

• Provide input into stock rotation activities and make sure that food inventory is in check.

• Maintain a “clean as you go” work ethic.

Gap: July 2011 to December 2011 was on foundation course at hotel school to join the Lycee Technic ET Hotelier of Monaco Monte-Carlo for an exchange of education at the same time was following course fruit and vegetables carving. Demi Chef de Partie (Food & Pastry Production) Ambre Hotel and La Plantation Hotel (Mauritius)

AUGUST, 2010 To JULY, 2011

• Assist the chef de partie in all the preparation day and night rotation menu planning.

• Replace the Chef de Partie during his absence and off days.

• Fully autonomy in the preparation of the m.e.p and assure the service within dead line time.

• Preparing, cooking and presenting dishes within your specialty.

• Preparation of salad, dressing, was also in charged for the cutting of fruit for early breakfast.

• Managing and training any commis and apprentice working in the same department.

• Ensuring each department had high standards of food hygiene and follow the rules of health and safety as food safety responsible.

• Monitoring portion and waste control to avoid high cost.

• Ensure no food spoilage and left-over food recycle by serving night shift staff.

• Work according to the menu specifications by the Chef de Partie.

• Follow the instructions and recommendations from the immediate superiors to complete the daily tasks.


• Ensure the highest standards and consistent quality in the daily preparation and keep up to date with the new products, recipes and preparation techniques.

• Instruct and lead subordinates through their daily requirements in food preparation and actively take part in set up of buffets and special functions.

• Coordinate and participate with other sections of requirements, cleanliness, wastage and cost control.

Cook (Food & Pastry Production) Ambre Hotel –Spa & Resort (Mauritius) AUGUST, 2009 To AUGUST, 2010

• Hold the responsibility for all vegetable preparation.

• Work on early shift breakfast and ensure good service on the breakfast line.

• Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas for cleanliness and functionality.

• Order and maintain inventory of food and supplies.

• Maintain and Monitor sanitation and follow kitchen safety standards.

• Responsible for FIFO stock rotation Management.

• Hold the position of Grilled man for an a la carte dining restaurant during service time.

• Work as well in Meat and Fish butcher basic raw meat and fish preparation portion size for fine dining plating.

• Work as Pizza, Pasta man in an Italian restaurant.

• Preparation of basic sauce: White butter sauce, brown, white stock, fish stock and bisque de fruit de mer.

• Keep all time a sanitized and orderly environment in the kitchen.

• Preparation of different starter international dish.

• Play the role as Chef Tournant. (Rotation)

Trainee (Food & Pastry Production) Ambre Hotel – Spa & Resort (Mauritius) AUGUST, 2007 To AUGUST, 2009

• Basic Food Preparation technique.

• Demonstrate safety, health, HACCP and personal Hygiene Principal.

• FIFO regulation and procedures.

• Familiar with the preparation of different types of cold hors D'oeuvre.

• Identify the different types of pasta and their cooking techniques.

• Be familiar with basic techniques and methods of preparation in pastry.

• Acquire and be up to date with food microbiology and parasitology.

• Acquire Human Skill, Managerial Skill and supervisory Skill. Education

HND Level 5 Hospitality Management Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School of Mauritius MAY 2016 TO MAY 2019

NC Level 4 Food and Pastry Production Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School of Mauritius

AUG 2010 TO AUG 2011


NTC Level 3 Food and Pastry Production Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School of Mauritius

AUG 2007 TO AUG 2009

School Certificate Professor Basdeo Bissondoyal College Mauritius JAN 2002 TO OCT 2006


Basic Fruits and vegetable carving 2011-Certificate of attendance Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School of Mauritius

JUL 2011 TO AUG 2011


2nd Runner up in the Aquacasia Chef Competition Shanti Maurice Hotel Mauritius Year 2016

Best student Awarded (Distinction) NC Level 4 Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School of Mauritius

Year 2012

Best student Awarded (Distinction) NC Level 3 Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School of Mauritius

Year 2009


• Planning, Organizing and time

management skills.

• Problem-solving and decision making in

critical situation.

• Ability to understand and adapt to

different workplace culture.

• Leadership skills delegating team of 21

students at hotel school of Mauritius.

• Wine tasting and wine making


• Very aware of hygiene and food safety

HACCP principal.

• Long working hours with high concentration.

• Capability to work under and high pressure.

• Cost control using menu engineering while

designing a la carte or banquet buffet menu.

• Great control on FIFO stock rotation.

• Very punctual at work.

• Open to public speaking conference.

• Self-reliance, fully autonomy.

Personal data

Gender Male

Nationality Mauritian

Date of birth July 26, 1989

Civil status Single

Passport No. 1709856

Family size 1



English Fluent Creole Native Speaker

French Fluent Hindi/Punjabi/Italian Good Command


Available upon request

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