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Plant Optical / welder/ system owner

Dalton, PA, 18414
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February 27, 2020

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Resume for Theron (Russ) Dickinson Jr.


**** ********* **** *********** **** High School

**** ********* **** **** ************* in welding

**** *********** ** ******* *******, pvc, polyethylene, polypropylene, Bekaplast,

1998 Certificate in optical alignment and calibration, Brunson Instrument Company

2000 Bridges

2001 People supporting people

Work Experience:

March 1982-December 1984 General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division, Groton, CT

December 1984-July 2016 Procter and Gamble, Mehoopany, PA

Currently Dickinson Optical Alignment Inc, Dalton, PA

Role Description for Procter and Gamble Optical alignment, proprietary construction:

Leadership Mastery:

Manage and lead safety/confront issues

Manage optical alignment system 24/7 and system owner

Manage contractors on site

Manage all doors/locks for entire plant

Manage building 94 shop as backup system owner

Manage optical shoots thru SAP, work orders and technical data input

Lead meetings to resolve equipment issues from outcome of optical shoots

Work issues across site for premature failures

Support Confidential Product Machine (CPN) 24/7

Supporting other plants throughout the Procter and Gamble plant network with optical alignment

Building optical system to expand

Annual system audit and forecasting

Project leadership

Confirm labor in SAP

Daily BOS and stop program

Supporting to drive out high cost areas on equipment

Technical Teamwork/Interface:

Optical Alignment twenty-four years’ experience

Systems owner

Field Calibration

Analytical approach toward optical shoots

Able to shoot anywhere under all conditions

Shoot elevation for plant needs (boiler house, stock prep, paper machines, tissue & towel converters, diaper lines)

Welding skills thirty years’ experience

Navy Mil Spec. and Procedures:

Heat input methods (Joules process for inter pass temperature (Electric Boat)

Welded 8018 High Tensile /11018 & 13018 High Yield metals

X-ray Mig pulse over ceramic tile

Twin Arc process full penetration (stick)

Twin Arc mig pulse arc full penetration (X-ray)

Flux-core all positions 80,000 lbs. tensile strength

Procter and Gamble Qualifications:

600 lbs. Steam (GTAW)

Dissimilar metals (GTAW, SMAW)

Weld cast iron (stick SMAW)

Stainless steel (304, 316, and 317) (GTAW,SMAW)

Hastelloy, Carpenter 20, Inconel

Pressure vessel qualified

Bekaplast plastic welding

Pipe welder #1 &2

Millwright #1 #2

Plasma arc

Basic machinist


Failure analysis

Developed new CBA’s (Current Best Approach) set up and standard operating procedures (Cape Gerardo-OVES unit)

Interface with every department in plant for trouble shooting problems

Support line speed-up for diapers projects

Support CPN millwright, welding and optical with short notice

Interface with Dover Wipes on alignment issues and developed optical system in plant

Support plant during outage for any skills needed

Build optical skills in technicians on floor for additional help

Help develop new contractors and individuals starting in plant when needed.

(Russ) Dickinson Jr.

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