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Software Engineer Data

Pune, Maharashtra, India
February 27, 2020

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Hirdesh Singh

D-***, Sai Laurel Park

New Sanghvi, Pune

Mobile No: +91-738*******


To seek the challenging position that needs innovation, creativity, dedication and enable me to continue to work in a challenging and fast paced environment, leveraging my current knowledge, strong analytical problem solving, development skills and professional as well as personal growth.

Professional Summary

Currently working as an ETL Architect with Ignite Technologies.

12+ Years of competitive experience in IT industry using Data warehousing Technologies (SSIS, SQL SERVER 2016/2012/2008/2005,SSAS, SSRS, BASE SAS, SAS DI Studio ETL, Database Design, Partitioning, Performance Tuning & ASP.NET 2.0,QlikView 11.20,Power BI, Tableau)

Knowledge in developing Data warehouse, Data Modeling, Database Administration and Business Intelligence applications.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in SQL Server 2008, Business

Intelligence Development and Maintenance

SAS Certified BASE SAS programmer for SAS 9

Pursuing PG Course in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence from Great Lakes Institute of Management.

Technical Skills

BI / Web Technologies

SSIS(ETL), SSAS, SSRS(Reports), SAS DI Studio(ETL), ASP.NET,MSBI, QlikView 11.20, PowerBI, Tableau 10


C#, Visual Basic 6.0 - Versions(1.1/2.0)


MS-SQL Server 2016/2014/2012, MS-SQL Server 2008, MS-SQL Server 2005, MS-SQL Server 2000,Oracle, MySQL, BASE SAS 9.3/9.4, TSQL

Operating Systems

Windows 2000/98/XP/7


R Statistical language, SAS management Console 9.4/9.3, SAS Enterprise Guide, LSF Scheduler, SQL Profiler, IIS 6.0, Visual Source Safe 6.0, FxCop, Team Foundation Server, SVN, Prism, Rally, JIRA, Performance Monitor

Statistics / Data Science

Linear and Logistic Regression, Anova, Regression, PCA, Factor Analysis, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Clustering, Decision Tress, Classification Algorithm, Hypothesis Testing.

Academic Credentials






B.E. - E & T


B.I.T.- Bhilai (C.G.)

Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur (C.G.)




Delhi Public School. - Korba (C.G.)

CBSE Board




Delhi Public School - Korba (C.G.)

CBSE Board


Job Profile

Current Organization: Ignite Technologies

Tenure: June 2015 – Till Date

Designation: Senior ETL Consultant

About Ignitetech: (

Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company that was reinvented in 2013 on the heels of an ownership and senior management change. Ignite’s mission from that point forward has been to develop and deliver an expanding set of unique business applications that help organizations perform better by enhancing the capabilities and impact of their workforce.

Previous Organization: Computer World WLL, Bahrain

Tenure: May 2014 – Jun 2015

Designation: BI Consultant

About Computer World: (

Computer World is one of the largest IT system integrator in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is a division of the Almoayyed International Group (AIG), a diversified business with a wide range of interest in Information Technology, Business Automation, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Safety & Security, Ironmongery & Fabrication, Electrical & Instrumentation Solutions, Packaging, Freight Forwarding & Logistics Services.

Previous Organization: SAS RnD India Pvt Ltd Pune

Tenure: Aug 2012 – May 2014

Designation: Senior Software Engineer(BASE SAS/DI Studio ETL Developer)

About SAS: ( )

SAS R&D India (Pvt.) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS Inc., USA headquartered in Pune, India, has been established as a key Development Center for research and development of products and solutions of SAS. The India office, being the largest R&D office outside the US, has been focused on developing strategic products and solutions of SAS over the last ten years.

Previous Organization: Syntel, Pune

Tenure: Nov 2010 – Aug 2012

Designation: Senior Software Engineer (BI/SQL Developer)

About Syntel: ( )

Syntel’s Global Development Centers in India are assessed at ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and Level 5 of the SEI CMM.

Previous Organization: CitiusTech, Mumbai

Tenure: Feb 2010 – Oct 2010

Designation: Software Engineer (BI/SQL Developer)

About CitiusTech: (

CitiusTech is a specialist provider of healthcare consulting and technology services to healthcare ISVs, healthcare providers, managed care organizations, health plans and disease management companies.

Previous Organization: Mastek Ltd., Mumbai

Tenure: April 2007 – Jan 2010

Designation: Software Engineer(Database)

About MASTEK: (

Mastek is a global software solutions and integration services provider. For more than two decades, they have been creating IT solutions that solve their customer’s business problems.

Projects in Ignite

Acorn PA5G Tool


Data warehousing, MSBI, SSIS, Qlikview


SQL Server, Excel, Text Files, Infobright DB


Technical Consultant

Team Size



Involved in Development of the SSIS packages. Designed the Database and performed Performance optimization of SSIS packages, Supporting Acorn Profit Analyzer tool for various clients. Created Stored procedures, functions, views, dynamic stored procedures. Maintenance of SSAS Cubes, Qlikview Reports, Infobright DB


Working as an ETL Consultant, customer facing role for Business Intelligence development. Developed Customized ETL solutions for different clients for loading data to Acorn software for Profit Analysis. Involved in development of QlikView apps.

Working on Profit Analyzer tool which provides detailed reports on company expenses for different activities and departments at a granular level.

Projects in Computer World

Investment Banking Client


QlikView 11.20, Data warehousing, MSBI, SSIS


SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Text Files,


Technical Consultant

Team Size



Create Qlikview apps for different industries, showcase them the features of QlikView and its specialties, understand customer’s requirement.

Design and development of dashboards, KPIs, Trends, What if Analysis, Charts, Comparative Analysis etc. in Qlikview 11.20 version.

Writing SQL Scripts to load data in Qlikview from Different sources like Excel, Flat file, databases, SQL server, Oracle, MS Access etc,Creating Mapping Tables, Link tables, Master Calendars, Input Fields, Inline Tables, Local and Global variables, Joins, concatenation, Dealing with Synthetic keys, loosely coupled tables, Preceding Loads, Interval Match and Class.

Development of SSIS Packages, SQl Queries, TSQL, Database, Stored Procedures, Performance Tuning etc.


Working as a BI Consultant, customer facing role for Business Intelligence development. Involved in Technical Presales activity for QlikView/MSBI. Prepared demos/POCs for different industries/domains and present it to customers for better understanding of QlikView/MSBI as their BI tool. Involved in development of QlikView apps.

Implemented Investment Portfolio in Qlikview (End to End) for an Investment Banking client successfully. Server Installation, Qlikview Development, Server Configuration, Assigning Users and Security, Alerts configuration, Reload Schedules.

Development of Dashboard and reports using Qlikview Charts and features like Comparative Analysis, What if Analysis, Adhoc reporting, Scripting, Sql programming, Set Analysis, Data Modelling etc.

Projects in SAS

Customer Intelligence :- CXA


SAS DI Studio (ETL), SAS Enterprise Guide, LSF Scheduler, Product Development, SSMS, MSBI, SSIS, SQL Server Agent, SSRS and SSAS


SQL, BASE SAS, Advanced SAS( Macros), Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Team Member

Team Size



Involved in Development of the SAS ETL packages, SSIS Packages, SSRS Reports, SAS Macros, SQL Queries, stored Procedures, Functions, Views, and Triggers etc.

Performance tuning of SSIS Packages, SQL Queries and database. Creation of ETL Flow Schedules using SQL Server Agent and LSF Scheduler, Unit testing of End to End product life cycle.

SSIS:- Implementation of SSIS Logging for Audit Trail, setting up configuration files for SSIS, creation of Event Handlers for proper Error Handling and communicating to Administrators via Email, Implementing Transaction Processing where required, Using SSIS Package Variables and System Variables, Implementing dynamic SSIS packages for code reusability, Deployment of SSIS packages on sql server/File Systems. Calling SSIS packages from Dot Net apps. Usage of best transformation techniques for data processing, implementation of child packages in case multiple sets of business rules or multiple modules.

Data Analysis and Extraction of the source data to filter out the required meaningful data for further processing.

Data cleansing: - Cleansing of data in order to clean out the garbage and irrelevant data, formatting the data (uppercase, lower case) so that it can be used by the front end applications, applying proper format and displaying the data as per the requirement, DE-duplication, validation of data so that accurate data is presented for reporting, grouping of data i.e. house holding. Etc.

Extracting data from various sources like SQL / Oracle/MySQL Database, text Files, Excel Files, Raw data files, csv files etc. using extraction rules. using for each loop and for loop containers for repetitive processing, sequence containers for grouping modules

Performance Tuning of SSIS Packages and Database. Selecting only columns which are required, implementing parallelism using EngineThread and MaxConcurrentExecutable properties, using fast load and commit size options for destinations, Playing with buffer size for performance gains, creating reusable components for similar logic, Fast Parse options for flat files, Using synchronous transformations and avoiding asynchronous transformations if possible, usage of proper select queries etc.

Database performance tuning using sql profiler, performance monitor and execution plans. Creating proper index strategies and eliminating improper and unused indexes, using proper where clauses in the TSQL queries, writing efficient SQL for selecting and reporting purpose, creating views as required for reporting purpose, Using DMVs for finding out statistics

Implemented Database Partitioning (Sliding Window) using partitioning functions and partitioning schema.

Creating SSRS reports as per the requirement of the product, tabular and sub reports, parametric reports etc. SSAS cube creation for multidimensional data analysis.


Development of a product which is owned by SAS. It’s a pure data warehouse which deals with huge data. Involved in first release of the product. It’s based on Customer Intelligence which is applicable across all domains. It helps an organization to keep a track of trends and real time generated reports to take organizational decisions. It’s operating on real time data and at the same time generating reports which can help management for decision making.

Projects in Syntel

Healthcare :- Provider


MSBI, Data warehousing


SSIS Packages, SQL Server 2012/2008, SSAS, SSRS, QlikView


Team Member

Team Size



Involved in Development of the SSIS packages for Databases > 500GB. Created SSAS OLAP cubes for Analytics. Carried out Performance analysis and Performance optimization of SSIS packages and Database. Created Stored procedures, functions, views, dynamic stored procedures, complex queries and joins. Index Tuning for Queries. Involved in creation of Database design, mapping documents, workflows, Partitioning of SQL Tables to enhance Performance. Qlikview Dashboards,Scripting


Working for a Healthcare Project for their Provider side requirements. Reporting directly to client having daily stand up meetings. Need to Develop ETL packages which run on a daily basis and more than 100 GB of data transaction is involved. Responsible for optimization of Package and creating stored procedures, views and functions.

Projects in CitiusTech

RelayHealth-BI-Clinical Framework


MSBI, Data warehousing, Product Development


SSIS Packages, SQL Server 2008/2005, SSAS, SSRS


Team Member

Team Size



Involved in Development of the SSIS packages to cater the Requirements of the Product. Involved in creation of SSAS Cubes for Data Analysis. Performance optimization/Tuning of SSIS packages and Database, Enhance Healthcare domain knowledge. Created Stored procedures, functions, views, dynamic stored procedures and complex queries. Mapping document


Citiustech has developed a BIClinical framework on top of the Microsoft BI framework. We are providing this framework to many other healthcare providers to cater their business requirements. Relayhealth is one of them. Implemented integration of their datawarehouse with our framework.



MSBI, Data Warehousing, Product Development


SSIS Packages, SQL Server 2008/2005, SSAS


Team Member

Team Size



Involved in Development of the SSIS packages using mapping document. Designed the Database and performed Performance optimization of SSIS packages, Enhance Healthcare domain knowledge. Created Stored procedures, functions, views, dynamic stored procedures. Creation of SSAS cubes.


HCP is a healthcare provider and it requires a systematic maintenance of the data, Business intelligence to cater their needs for their efficient and better functioning I was involved in creating packages, testing and maintaining them.

Projects in Mastek

CMMi L5 Implementation


MSP 2003, ASP.Net,, C#, ADO.NET, JavaScript.


SQL Server 2005/2000, SSIS Packages, DTS to SSIS Migration


Team Member

Team Size



Involved in Process Cycle/ Development of the application to cater the CMMi Level 5 Requirements. Carried out Performance analysis and Performance optimization of the project. SQL Development, stored procedures, queries, views.


Mastek is currently CMMi Level 3 certified organization, planning to go for CMMi Level 5. For this initiative we were required to do some major changes in customization done to MSP 2003. This also required some changes in defect capturing part in our custom Defect tracking application as well as productivity and efficiency reports.

Timesheet Application


ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, Outlook.


SQL Server 2005/ 2000, SSIS Packages, SSRS, DTS to SSIS Migration


Team Member

Team Size



Involved in Process Cycle/ Development/Maintenance /Enhancement.


Timesheet application is used by all the Employees to fill in their Timesheet.

It tracks time and expenses for attendance, payroll, costing and client billing.

Project managers can generate timesheet exception reports and view specific timesheet information of Team.

Timesheet data is processed on weekly and monthly basis. Processing of data is done using SSIS Packages which is an automated process.

Carried out Migration of SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005:-

Involved in migration DTS Packages to SSIS Packages.

Personal Information:



Date Of Birth

19 June 1983

Linguistic Proficiency

English, Hindi

Marital Status



Playing cricket, listening music, Mathematics, logical puzzles, Data Analytics, Data processing, Data Science

I hereby declare that the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: Yours Sincerely

Place: Hirdesh Singh

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