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Tomball, TX
February 27, 2020

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Senior Logistic Operations Management & Training Professional

Professional, vision-driven logistics and operations/training manager with extensive experience building and leading high-quality, efficient operations worldwide. Innovative forward-thinking leader successful in identifying and resolving critical operational issues. Proven track record in the recruitment, training and empowerment of operational and training teams. Solid presentation and communication skills with the ability to connect benefits and value of recommendations to stakeholders’ needs. Winning record of cost reduction and profit improvement through expertise in:

Strategic & Tactical Business Planning Budget Development & Management

Quality & Performance Improvement, Staff Development & Leadership

Regulatory Compliance & Auditing and Information Technologies Applications

Six Sigma Methodologies Supply Chain Optimization

Cost Containment & Profit Improvement in Multisite Operation Management

Employment Experience

PAE – Current Employer

NMS-GVS Afghanistan National Army (ANA) Training Manager – Sept 18 – Present

Duties/Responsibilities included but were not restricted to:-

oManage, oversee and provide recommendations to improve the training program for the NMS-GVS – National Maintenance Strategy/Ground Vehicle Support – contract.

oMaintain, manage and update several components of the NMS-GVS Contract, included the overall, all site training plan, a comprehensive set of courses with detailed learning outcomes and objectives, and the weekly training schedules to successfully execute a National Level maintenance and repair parts training program in accordance with the contract and applicable USG regulations and policies.

oEnsure the training program complies with the PWs (Performance Works Statement) and C-DRL 11 (Technical Training Plan) at all times.

oManage and provide recommendations to the NMS-GVS training program (Course Curriculum, training/lesson plans, visual aids and operating procedures) that can be readily tailored to suit regional and local site requirements.

oManage and provide recommendations to the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) Apprentice Program. Provide feedback to senior NMS-GVS Management/Corporate on graduated ANDSF students job placements and follow on skills capacity.

oManage and provide recommendations to the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) student pre-assessment process. Ensuring all potential students are aligned on relevant Tashkil (Afghan Manning Records) and USG Att 003 mandates (USG Monitored student lists) for course compatibility and eligibility.

oManage and provide feedback to the transfer of training locations to the ANDSF. In addition, develop metrics and manage training sites to ensure ANDSF trained mechanics, logisticians and quality control staff have the appropriate skills required for Afghan Self Sustainment.

oManage and maintain the Class IX (9) Spare Part database for Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) issued parts. Maintain overview of parts issuance between NMS-GVS and ANDSF and ensuring constant communication and reporting lines with Contracting Officers Representative (COR’s) are kept open.

oWork and manage functional SME’s to set requirements and conduct design/readiness reviews.

oOversee and manage proof reading of all translated technical material and lesson plans.

oRecruit, interview, train and certify all replacement instructors and mentors.

oManage all site Leads and Instructors, manage and approve vacations to ensure no operation risk to site training.

oConduct 3, 6 and annual staff assessments of 50plus instructors and mentors – ensuring pay scales are compatible with performance and results.

oEnsure all sites have the training tools and aids required to complete contractually mandated curriculum training.

oAct as senior NMS-GVS POC for all training interaction with the Afghan Ministry of Interior/Defense and the Afghan Army senior officers.

oRefine metrics to effectively monitor trainee progress and overall training program success. Plus, track performance metrics and develop reports to demonstrate contract performance for submission to USG and ANDSF.

oEnsure training meets acceptable Performance Levels (APL) and Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) standards.

NMS-GVS Kabul Central Supply Depot Site Lead Trainer/Mentor Dec 17 – Sept 18.

Duties/Responsibilities included but were not restricted to:-

oSupply Chain Management Training and Mentoring (SCMTM) to train and mentor ANDSF logistics management personnel on supply chain management.

oSupply Support Classroom and shoulder-to-shoulder Training and Mentoring (SSTM) to ANDSF maintenance supply support personnel.

oWarehouse Supply Chain Management Training and Mentoring (WSCMTM) to train and mentor senior warehouse logistics management personnel on warehouse supply chain management.

oWarehouse Supply Support (WSS) classroom and shoulder-to-shoulder training to train warehouse supply personnel on warehouse supply support.

oMobile Supply Support (MSS) and Mobile Warehouse Supply Support (WSS) at various locations. MSS and WSS are capabilities consisting of one or more personnel that will travel away from the regional locations to a temporary duty location and provide supply or warehouse supply support training.

oMaintenance supply support for repair operations and property accountability;

oCapturing vehicles and ground equipment information for accountability, maintenance support, and OR.

oEnsuring all authorized equipment is accounted for.

oClass IX parts are on a valid requisition or a redistribution order.

oManaging equipment funding requirements and coordinating funds availability with supported organizational units and resource management activities.

oEstablishing and overseeing a command supply discipline program, including internal supply Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

oExecuting, monitoring, and providing recommendations to the annual supply budget.

oDeveloping, executing, and monitoring the redistribution of equipment, to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of the ANDSF supply system.

oPrepare and deliver an Inventory/Utilization Report IAW CDRL A004, Inventory/Utilization Data Report.

oEstablishing and maintaining stock records and other documents such as property or Class IX parts inventory, material control, disposal, accounting and supply reports.

oRaising the quality and accuracy of performance, cost and Class IX parts data through improved maintenance management.

oAssisting with documenting and turning in of property and unserviceable repairable Class IX parts.

oClass IX part inventory management and distribution at the national and regional levels.

oProperty accountability, ensuring all authorized equipment is on hand, on a valid requisition or a redistribution order.

oEstablishing and overseeing warehouse management supply discipline utilizing the ANDSF supply system, and internal supply SOPs.

oExecuting, monitoring, and providing recommendations to the annual supply budget.

oMaintaining inventory controls by identifying stock locations.

oProviding oversight to ANDSF personnel for entering required information in the ANDSF supply systems to complete reports.

oTrain and evaluate personnel of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) in accordance with the appropriate supply chain management (SCM) guidelines.

oVerify and confirm that all required SCM training publications are current and complete.

oAttends meetings as required with Customer(s), USG (COR) and Senior ANA/ANP Staff Officers.

oWorks with client to establish daily SCM operational goals, objectives and priorities for implementation to achieve stated rates.

oResponsible for providing direct interface and daily status reports as required between staff for training status, mission assignments, mission planning, and crew status.

oResponsible for compliance with established SCM systems, processes, procedures and reports that provide immediate situational awareness of platform OR rates.

oEnsures all SCM operations and related support activities are conducted in a safe manner.


Senior Project Development Consultant (Global) May 17 – Dec 17

E-Trend is a China, Houston & LA based market leader in providing total logistical solutions from supplier to purchaser in the hectic E-Commerce business field who are expanding in the US sector. We also specialize in Freight Forwarding by all modes (Air, Sea, Road and Rail) from China to mainland USA and beyond. My role as Senior Project Development Manager is to ensure client requirements are analyzed, business plans drawn up and costed, and operational systems and SOP’s implemented from conception to operational within an agreed timeframe. I am currently in overall charge of 4 regional warehouse start-ups in the e-commerce fulfillment facility sector. These are Houston, LA, Cincinnati and New Jersey – all at various points in the startup implementation schedule.

Duties/Responsibilities included but were not restricted to:-

oReporting directly to the MD and China based Shareholder Board on all Financial, Operational and HR related matters within the startup implementation phase

oArranging the Freight containers from China to US by Sea, and urgent cargo by Air including working with all Customs, Border Authorities and Shipping/Air Cargo companies to ensure seamless supply chain operations

oSourcing suitable buildings within client catchment areas and reconfiguring the interior to cope with the 10000+ orders per day e-commerce clients regularly post

oSourcing staff of all levels to run a complete and efficient order fulfillment center

oSourcing all equipment required for the smooth running of an order fulfillment center (Purchase, Lease or Credit terms negotiated dependent on requirement and available resources

oNegotiating rates for storage, order fulfillment and value-added services with demanding global clients

oQuoting and arranging all import/export duties and documentation for global clients.

oMeeting new clients (US and China Based) and promoting the services E-Trend provide.

oNurturing existing client relationships to promote new services and value-added services they may not be aware E-Trend provide

oEnsure startup costs remain within initial budget restrictions

oEnsure that operational costs once start up is complete remain within the agreed range to optimize client satisfaction and shareholder return

oEnsure all staff receive training and support during start up and into operational phases

oEnsure QA SOP’s are instilled in staff thinking and operating – minimizing damage and reputation risk

oInstill a “Can Do” attitude in all staff during stressful and difficult implementation phases

oEnsure that the “Lean” system philosophy is adhered to – always striving for improvements and standardization from all sectors of staff and systems

oEnsure that the “Lean” system philosophy is adhered to – always striving for improvements and standardization from all sectors of staff and systems

oCreating partnership accounts with US/Global couriers in order to maintain 100% on time fulfillment KPI’s for our clients


Senior Logistical Consultant/Auditor Jan 17-Mar 17 (Israel UN & Guam US Navy)

SUPREME FZE (Promoted multiple times throughout employment with Supreme FZE)

General Manager US NAVY & COASTGUARD DISTRIBUTION CENTRE - Panama April 2016-Dec 2016

Sole Management responsibility for the Prime Vendor Contract in Panama for the US Navy and US Coastguard. This required ensuring timely sourcing &delivery of all required provisions with the correct customs clearance ordered by the vessels or DLA (US Govt – Defense Logistics Agency).

Duties/Responsibilities included but were not restricted to:-

oManaging local employees with consideration of language and cultural differences

oEnsuring costs remain consistent with contractual budget restraints

oEnsure targeted department service levels are achieved through daily monitoring and setting of KPIs

oDevelop and establish relationships with DLA officers and ensure high standards of service

are maintained

oDevelop and establish relationships with US Naval and Coastguard Captains & Crews

oDevelop and establish relationships with local suppliers

oInventory management

oReduce department waste and increase recycling

oConstantly negotiating and implementing strategies to reduce procurement costs

oEnsure 100% department compliance with agreed quality standards, SOP’s and audits

oConduct regular department / cross department audits

oControl and monitor the freight forwarding department for US based goods to ensure all Air, Sea and Road cargo reach Panama in a safe and timely manner.

oLiaise with US and Panamanian Customs and Border officials to ensure freight forwarding in and out of Panama is seamless for the US Navy

oFoster a culture of continuous improvement

oEstablish and implement departmental policies, goals and objectives

oEnsure a respectful working relationship with Panamanian Customs is nurtured

oOverall responsibility for all HR matters, including disciplinary procedures

oEnsuring compliance to all Supreme Group H&S goals and objectives

oLiaise and cooperate with Head Office in Dubai to ensure corporate compliance

oMaintain high standards of MHE Operations with regular MHE Training

oDevelop succession plans targeting local employees for key department roles

oEnsure each Month End Petty Cash Register is 100% accurate and submitted to Finance as required

oEnsure all QA SOP’s are followed and documented as per ISO Audit compliance

oResponsible to ensure operation was compliant with all random inspections by the US Military and passed with distinction

o100% Inventory to System Compliance at all times


Senior Logistics Consultant - Seven Seas Houston (Head Office Dubai) Oct 2014-April 2016

Supreme FZE purchased Seven Seas (Global Shipping and Freight Forwarding) and I was selected as the Head Consultant sent to Houston to evaluate the operation and report back to the Head Office in Dubai. At that point, I was tasked with implementing the procedures I recommended and training the staff until the office was self-sustaining and profitable.

Duties/Responsibilities included but were not restricted to:-

oDevelop operational communication with Supreme/Seven Seas Central Services in Dubai and other global depots to develop strategies and concepts for the improvement and on-going development of all sites

oEnsure all modes of delivery (Air, Sea and Land) complied with all local, state and federal customs laws

oReview all local sub-contractor contracts (MHE Equipment, Staffing Agencies, Suppliers) and renegotiate where supply was below what we demanded

oMaintain Supreme/Seven Seas reputation as a world class foodservice supplier

oReview existing procedures as directed by Supreme /EMS Central Services – Dubai, recommending improvements and methods of implementation.

oSets performance goals and monitors performance targets for line managers

oLead regular operational meetings including Service level meetings and QA/HACCP meetings

with relevant staff

oDevelopment and training of sites teams ensuring a cohesive focused team of specialists

oSuccession Planning - Develop strategies and concepts with the Managing Director for the improvement and on-going development of the Staff and Operations

oImplemented new SOP’s and internal KPI checks to ensure compliance with local and governmental legislative requirements

oImplemented new SOP’s and internal KPI checks to ensure compliance with local and governmental legislative requirements

oPlan and manage a corporate cultural change, including managing staff expectations and ambitions.

oRecruit, develop and train staff where appropriate

oRelease underperforming staff where appropriate with sincerity and empathy

oRecognize and develop key performers

oImplement business plans to align yearly business performance with agreed financial budgets

oEncourage and gain commitment and ownership of the operation by all


Sr. Warehouse Mgr. /Operations Mgr. US ARMY DISTRIBUTION CENTRE – Kabul Afghanistan Dec 2008-Oct 2014

Supreme FZE was the Sole Prime Vendor (SPV) supplier to the US Military for the War on Terror in Afghanistan. This contract was to supply all foodstuffs (FF&V, Dry and Frozen), Bottled Water and Fuel (Transportation& Aviation) to all US forces deployed in Afghanistan. My duties here were comparable to duties in Panama, but on a much larger scale. I managed 300 local employees and 20 western staff daily, and the security state was increasingly severe and working conditions were harsh. I was also one of 3 in country “Mobilization Managers” trained in the quick start and set up of new warehouses in the event existing premises were compromised or destroyed. In addition to my warehouse operational duties I was also one of 2 senior managers cleared and authorized to work on the air cargo side of Kabul International Airport. This was an extremely important task as we could on occasion have up to 3 Boeing 747’s per day land in country with fresh fruit and veg (FF&V) for the US troops.

A further duty/role I trained into was that of an Internal Auditor/Lead Auditor. For a period of 3 years I managed the contractual compliance audits for the United Nations Mission contracts in Israel, Mali, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Somalia and the US Naval contract in Guam. Each audit concluded successfully.


Senior Warehouse Operations Manager Mar 2006 - Dec 2008

Senior warehouse ops manager overseeing night shift operations at the Sainsbury’s (large UK supermarket chain) distribution center for the north of England and Scotland. I was responsible for over 250nightshift employees with duties ranged from picking goods, loading out for deliveries and the receiving and subsequent organization of new product. Responsible for staff work shift rotations, budgets and disciplinary actions. Appointed as the lead manager on the change from WMS (warehouse management system) to Red Prairie. This was a 20million pound investment for the company and the implementation secured my reputation with senior management.


Non-Commissioned Officer (Army) 1985-2006

Army – Royal Engineers


Royal Engineer Duties include but are not restricted to: -

Bridge Building

Bulk Fuel Installations

Oil, Gas & Fuel Delivery and Distribution Installations

Clean Water & Water Purification Installations

Construction (Buildings Roads and Infrastructure)

Minefield (Construction and Clearing)



The Snaith School (York, UK)

High School Diploma (Advanced)

Army Apprentice College (Chepstow, UK)

City & Guilds Mechanical Engineering Parts 1&2

Vehicle Technician Diploma

Royal School of Military Engineering (London, UK)

Bachelors (BSc) Degree (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Achieved over 6 Year Process due to operational requirements.

Advanced Plant/Heavy Duty Vehicle Technical Certificate Parts 1&2

Tracked Vehicle Technical Certificate Part 1

BTEC Mechanical Engineering Parts 1&2


Parachute Trained

Diver (Salvage & EOD)

Craft Operator Specialist (Rigid Raider & Combat Support Boat)

Skill at Arms Instructor

Sniper Trained

First Aid/First Responder Instructor

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project Manager

Risk Assessment

Accident Investigation (Workplace).

Internal Auditing Level 1&2 (Lead Auditor)

Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures

Red Prairie Level 12 Super User

3 Day NEBOSH Certificate

NEBOSH General Certificate (UK OSHA Equivalent)

NEBOSH Oil & Gas Add-on Certificate (UK OSHA Equivalent)

NEBOSH Environmental Add-on Certificate (UK OSHA Equivalent)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Level 1-5 (All Distinction Passes)

US Greencard Holder – issued Feb 2017

US TWIC Card Holder – issued March 2017

Internal 6 Sigma & Lean Sigma Courses (Currently undergoing Black Belt Training with IASSC)

Currently undergoing PMP Training – Exam scheduled to be sat mid 2020

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