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Developer Oracle

United States
February 27, 2020

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Oracle DBA(10g,11g,12c&18c)

Postgres DBA

SQL Server

Mysql DBA(limited)

AWS (limited)

Greenplum (Limited)

Backup and recovery

Production support






Golden Gates

Performance tuning


Shell scripting

Data modeling


Data security

Bash Scripting


Master’s Degree in Biostatistics, Hasselt, Belgium, 2013

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics /computer science

Buea, Cameroon, 2005

Oracle Database 12C

SQL Fundamentals


Databases: PostgreSQL 10, 11 Oracle 11g, 12c

Operating Systems: Linux, Centos7, Windows HP-UX, AIX, RHEL

Tuning Tools: PgHero, KPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, AWR, and ADDM, clustercontrol

Languages: SQL, PL/PGSQL, R, PERL, SAS

Utilities: RMAN, OEM, PgSQL*Loader, EXP, IMP, Data pump, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer PgAdmin, PgAgent, Crontab, PgBadger, PgBouncer, PgDump, PgDumpAll, Pgbackrest.

Other Skills

Teaching Experience 6yrs

Data science 2yrs

Statistical Consultancy 4yrs

Data Modelling 1 yr

SQL developer 1yr

Scripting 2yr

Leadership Skills: -

DBA Team Lead

International Student Representative University of Hasselt(2010/2011)

President University of Buea Students Union (2008/2009)

Coordinator Youths for Life Movement (2005-2008)

Cell: 302-***-****

Oracle/Postgresql Database Administrator


Extensively used Database Administrative tools like, Enterprise Manager (PEM), OEM, PgAdmin, Postgres SQL*PLUS, SQL*DEVELOPER, TOAD for tuning and monitoring purposes.

Enforced Security Administration, system monitoring by adding and removing users, configuring quotas, auditing, TDE, network and database encryption.

Production support, database management and performance tuning

Worked on different Oracle database versions (10g, 11g, 12c, and 18c)

Greenplum some exposure with Greenplum database architecture parallel processing as a postgres warehouse solution

Good exposure in Configuring and managing Logical and Streaming Replication

worked as a team member for 24*7 support with on call rotation in PROD, QAT and DEV environments

Good experience in applying Critical Patch Update(CPU) for security and Patch Set Update(PSU) for security and bug fixes using OPatch utility.

Expertise in upgrading and migrating postgres databases using Pg_upgrade

Migrated databases ranging from 200GB to 10TB to different platforms (PostgreSQL and AWS) using Migration Tool Kit, AWS DMS, AWS Schema Conversion Tool and Goldengate

Participated in Strategic Planning, Logical and Physical Data Modeling & Application Tuning.

Experience in Oracle Flashback Technology to recover logical corruptions and Performance Tuning (Pg_Stat_Activity, I/O, Memory & SQL Tuning etc) by using tools/utilities such as AWR, ADDM, Explain Plan, Autotrace, TKPROF.

Excellent in Hot/Cold Backup with or without catalog, full backup, incremental, cumulative backups, Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN.

Extensive knowledge with OLTP and OLAP systems.

Data loading using external tables, SQL*LOADER, PgSQL*Loader, Logical and physical backups using full export, Pgdump, PgDumpall and DATAPUMP.

Configured Master-Slave replication and monitored on-going replication

Installed, configured and maintained Goldengate on Oracle 11g, 12c for disaster recovery and data protection purpose

Speaks English, French and Dutch. A very good team player with advanced analytical skills, self-motivated, dedicated in any work environment and excellent in documentation.




Implementing Best Practices for migration Oracle to PostgreSQL

Design and implement disaster recovery for the PostgreSQL Database.

Patch, Upgrade and keep the PostgreSQL DBs current. Develop and enhance scripts to automate and execute various DBA tasks.

Configuring and fixing the Issues with Pgadmin-III client application. Responsible for monitoring environments using monitoring tool viz. Nagios,, pgOn, custom scripts and other supporting tools like pgBadger and tailnmail.

Implemented Oracle database 12C RAC databases using Oracle Clusterware for achieving high Availability.

PostgreSQL Installation, Configuration, Migration, Upgrades and Patches. Server versions ranged from PostgreSQL 8.2 to 9.5.

Disaster recovery planning or Emergency Recoveries and Ensuring Recoverability of Databases.

Optimize postgresql.conf for performance improvement. Review all PostgreSQL logs for problems.

Experience working on POC of 12c new features like Redaction policy, adaptive query optimization, multiple indexes on single column, Restore table through RMAN.

Installed and set up High Availability Oracle Golden Gate (OGG) systems on Oracle 11g and 12c environments. Upgraded Oracle Golden Gate (OGG) systems from 11g to 12c.

Have implemented two type of standby databases supported by Data Guard, logical standby and physical standby databases in 11gR2 on two node RAC

Having hands on experience in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN.

CALPINE CORP - HOUSTON, TX Jan 2015 – Jan 2017

Oracle/Postgres Database Administrator

Created tablespaces, tables, indexes, set privileges and user logins on PostgreSQL and oracle databases.

Perform maintenance activities like checking auto vacuum jobs, and customized vacuum on certain tables.

Configured PgBouncer for connection pooling

Configured PgBadger for generating statistical reports

Supported Oracle DB backups (online/offline), logical backups and UNIX scripts, created clone databases, performed DBA day-to-day activities

Implemented shell-scripts for automation of day to day activities.

Monitor database systems and provide technical support for database system issues and application performance enhancement/improvement using both OEM (client), Oracle 10g database control & SQL*Plus, as well as pre-developed UNIX shell scripts.

Applied Critical Patch Updates (CPU) and Patch set updates (PSU) on Oracle databases and interim patches for various bugfixes on database products.

Created and managed PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers, functions, Indexes and Collections to implement business logic using SQL developer and SQL navigator.

Hand on experience in cloning the non-multitenant container database to pluggable database in 12c using the PDB Metadata clone, PDB Remote Clone and PDB Snapshot cloning feature.

Backed up and recovered/Cloned/Migrated databases using RMAN and traditional Datapump export/import utilities in Oracle 10gR2 and 11g.

Backup Oracle DBA for two major projects involving periodic administration, troubleshooting & tuning of 10 Oracle databases (10g & 11g single instances running on both IBM AIX 5.3, SunOS 5.8 & HP-UX B.11.11.

Used to run scripts to check the status of databases such as growing table sizes, extent allocation, free space, used space, fragmentation etc.

Created Physical Standby databases, performed Failover and Switchover using Data Guard Broker and manually when required.

Involved in Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration and monitoring.

Care Heath - Edison, NJ

Mar 2013 – Jan 2015

Oracle Database Administrator

Successfully installed and configured Oracle, Oracle databases on AIX platforms.

Oracle Production Support Database Administrator

Administered and monitored over 150 databases both on 10g/11g on prod/test/dev environments.

Administering Oracle Databases 10g/11g of sizes ranging from 100GB to 5TB.

Migrated databases from File-system to Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

Involved in migrating applications from Solaris 10g/11g to Linux using Transportable Tablespace, RMAN Convert.

Up-gradation of single instance databases from to on

Installed 12C grid control and Used Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control 11g/12c for monitoring databases.

Programming in shell to create shell scripts that automate the database backups and maintenance.

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