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Electrical Engineer

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
February 27, 2020

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Syed Abdul Rahman

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

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Career Objective

Dedicated Electrical Engineer with 12 years experience in developing Electrical systems and managing all aspects of projects life cycle, offering the following core competencies. Well-rounded engineering experience – Design, Develop, Supervise the Installation, Maintenance of Electrical Equipment’s and Associated systems for Oil & Gas, EPC, Buildings, Power Plants, Industrial, Substation, Infrastructure projects.

Able to run engineering projects from inception to success.

Accuracy, Responsibility and Accountability – Excellent attention to details and well organized.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics (2003-2007)

Anna University, Chennai

Tamil Nadu, India.

Technical Skills & Certifications

Electrical : Electrical SLD, Cable Sizing, Voltage Drop, SC Current Calculations,

Cable Schedule & Distribution Boards Schedules,

Cable Insulation & HI pot test (up to 33Kv),

Bus Bar Testing, Panel High voltage AC Test,

Cable fault Identification & Maintenance.

Certifications : * Electrical 'C' License – UPDA Qatar

* Competent Electrical Person (CEP) – JGC

* Work Site Supervisor – Qatar Petroleum

IT Skills : MS-Office, Windows

Auto CAD

Field of Interest

Building Construction

Power Distribution

Electrical Power System

Work History:

1)Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L, Kuwait

Designation: Electrical Engineer

Duration: July 2018 to Current Date

Project Title: Supply, Erection, Operation and Maintenance of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine to

Upgrade Power Capacity at Sabiya Power & Distillation Plant Site (By 750MW) Stage-3

Client: Ministry of Electricity and Water

Ensure the available work front and obtain the permit to work before commencing job.

Reference of approved drawings and method statement for performing the job without mistaken.

Materials for the execution of job to request from the General stores as given part no and specifications mentioned in the drawing.

Construction Supervision of Electrical Equipment’s and Associated Systems in each area of the plant GT, GIS, GSUT, BOP, Auxiliary Building with approved drawing which is issued for construction.

Supervision for Installation of Trays, Raceways, Conduits for Pulling and Termination of Power, Control, Instrument Cables to the respective Equipment’s as refer through the Cable schedule and Route layout.

Supervision of Lighting & Small Power, ELV system to the whole plant.

Handling of Subcontractors to whom scope of works given in the respective areas.

Coordinate with QC, MEW and Siemens to carry out the inspection for obtaining the approval of work done

Assistance to Commissioning team to make sure the system is ready for Testing and Commissioning.

2)BEMCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Designation: Electrical Engineer

Duration: March 2018 to June 2018

Project Title: Emirates Global Aluminum Corporate Office

Client: Bechtel, UAE

Preparation of Shop drawing against construction drawing issued by the consultant.

Study the issued drawings to clarify the discrepancy with consultant by technical request for information.

Submission of drawing with transmittal and comply the comments as incorporated in the drawings

Preparation and Submission of Method statement, ITP, Check List as per project requirements.

Supervision for Installation of Electrical related LV Equipment’s Transformers, MDB, SMDB's, Capacitor Bank, UPS, and DB’s within the project scope of work.

Installation of Cables trays, Raceways, Conduits as per approved Construction drawing and to ensure not intersect with other services which is installed in the permissible height.

Coordinate with subcontractors for laying the cables and termination with approved Cable schedule.

Installation Supervision of Indoor and Outdoor light fixtures in each building with allowable LUX level.

Supervision of Fire Alarm system, CCTV, Lighting Control system, Public Address, BMS system to coordinate with vendor and supplier.

Inspection of work with client after every works done by submission of Inspection request.

Preparation of additional works as per site requirements for submitting to request the Variation order.

3)National Contracting Company Ltd., Saudi Arabia

Designation: Electrical Engineer

Duration: June 2016 to December 2017

Job Description:

Project Title: Conversion of Qassim II & III Simple Cycle to Combined Cycle Power plant.

Client: Saudi Electricity Company

Construction supervision for Installation of Generator Step Up Transformer, IPBD and Accessories with vendor assistance. NGR panel, CT's for Turbine Generator as per Generator vendor drawing.

Supervision for Unit, BOP, ACC Transformers, NSPBD from Transformers LV side to Switchboards with structure supports. Unit, BOP & ACC Switchgears & Starter Drive panels, MOV DB’s, HRSG MCC's, MLDB, HVAC panel at Local Electrical Building.

Power (380KV, 13.8KV, 480V), Control & Instrument cables to the above equipment’s with terminations.

Installation supervision for 150KVA AC UPS, 230V,120V DC charger Batteries, Battery Monitoring Panels, Static UPS panel, UPS DB's with associated cables.

DCS control and I/O cabinets, DCS network panel, PLC panel, Turbine Protection panel, AVR panel, Electric Governor Panel, Generator protection panel, Generator Monitoring panel at LCR building.

Power, Control & Instrument Cable trays in LCE, LCR Power Gallery, Pipe Rack, STG Building, ACC Unit, HRSG Units according to the areas classified in the approved drawing.

Installation supervision of GI Conduits, Lighting fixtures to the entire plant.

Supervision for Grounding, Lightning protection system to all the plant Equipment’s & Buildings.

Coordinate with QC for inspection of every works done after installation as mentioned in ITP.

Preparation of Red markup drawing after completion of construction if any changes from IFC.

Assist with vendor for Testing and Commissioning of the plant equipment’s.

Snag list clearance before and after Commissioning.

4)Q -Tec Engineering W.L.L. Doha, Qatar.

Designation: Senior Project Engineer - Electrical

Duration: July 2008 to August 2015

Project Title: Construction for Power Distribution Network

Client: Kahramaa, Qatar

Issuance of CWR by Kahramaa to commence the job as described in the work request.

Obtain the COO from the Kahramaa Material Department for delivering the Equipment’s and Cables from Kahramaa store to Contractor General store or site.

Preparation for MV and LV Cable Trench Excavation route as shown in the Network scheme which is to be done by surveyor to mark accurately with coordinates.

Invite Kahramma Consultant for inspection of Excavated cable trench by inspection request

Installation supervision of MV/ LV, Pilot Cables in the Excavated trench after approval.

Installation Supervision for Equipment’s 11KV Switchboards, RMU, Transformers and Feeder Pillars when the substation ready to put up those Equipment’s.

Inspection of Equipment’s and Cables by the Kahramaa consultant after installation.

Preparation of Shutdown chart for each CWR whenever the substation ready to Charge.

MV/ LV cables Insulation Resistance and Hi-Pot test before Termination.

MV/ LV, Pilot Cables Jointing and Termination by the Kahramaa approved jointers while shutdown.

Coordinate with Kahramma Engineer for Commissioning the Substation Equipment’s and Cables.

Project Title: EPIC for the Replacement of Obsolete Switchboards at PWI-1, 4,

5,6,7,8,9, Fahahil North & South Degassing stations.

Client: Qatar Petroleum, Dukhan Operations

Daily work permit from QP for Commencing the job with attached Method statement, IFC drawings.

Lead the installation of Transformers (3.3/0.415 KV, 3.3/2.2 KV, 33/0.415 KV) and intelligent switchboards (415V, 3.3Kv, 33KV) in each station as per the requirements and modifications.

Supervision of HV, LV Power, control, Instrument cables Laying to Transformers, Switchboards, Pumps and Motors with Termination & Jointing as per QP standards.

Installation of Cable trays and ladders according to the approved cable tray layout drawing.

Supervision for Installation of 110V AC, DC UPS, Batteries, Disconnecting switch, Main, sub Distribution boards, HVAC Control Panel, DDC panel & PMS System in New Built substations.

Construction Supervision of Lighting Conduits, Fixtures, Power Socket outlet to the new substations.

Supervising the Fire Alarm, HSSD system for the substations and interfacing with CCR.

Motors, Pumps testing and pre-commissioning through PLC with vendor and plant operator.

Preparation of Red Markup and As-Built drawings after installation according to the site condition.

Punch List clearance before and after commissioning with warranty of Maintenance.

Submission of Project Dossier after taking over by End user.

Project Title: Barzan Onshore Project – Raslaffan

Client: JGC, Qatar

Design Construction drawings for Single Line Diagram, Cable Schedule, Cable Sizing Calculations and Cable Tray Selection, Cable trench and Route layout.

Supervising the Installation of Package Substation comprised with RMU, Transformer, Feeder Pillar and Main Distribution Board to the Company and plant premises according to the Ras Gas Specifications.

11KV, 415V Cable Installation through Cable trench with IFC drawing as per Ras Gas standard.

Supervising the Installation of Fire Alarm System as per the NFPA standard followed by RLIC.

To obtain the site instructions and Change Order Request from the Client if any variation from the BOQ.

Claim the progress invoice for completed work on every month.

Testing and Commissioning of Electrical System and Fire Alarm System done as per SOW.

Project Title: Traffic and Patrol Headquarters- MEP

Client: Ministry of Interior, Qatar

Design the shop drawing for Lighting, Power, Fire Alarm and Cable tray route layout with reference to the issued drawing from design consultant and get approval from consultant before commencing the works.

Preparation of cable sizing, cable tray selection, Voltage drop calculation, DB schedule which is necessary to deliver the required materials at site.

Coordinate with Procurement to purchase the approved materials to deliver at site for inspection.

Supervision of Electrical equipment’s 11KV Switchboards, 1000KVA Generators, 1600 KVA Transformers, 2500A Switchboards, 300 KVAR Capacitor Banks, MDB's, SMDB's, DB's, UPS, Central Battery system.

Supervision of Power and control Cable Trays, Ladders and accessories with reference of Installation Section drawing for laying the cables.

Installation of Power cables to all the Electrical Equipment’s, Chiller, Fire pump, AHU Units.

Supervision of technical crew for installing the GI, PVC conduits and necessary accessories at ceiling, wall to pull the wires for lighting, small power, fire alarm, Data, Telecom, CCTV and other related electrical points as per Kahramma Specifications and Qatar Construction standards.

Installation of ELV system such as Lighting Control System, Fire Alarm, Data, Telecom, Public Address system, Security access system & CCTV with specified cables which are needed to the building.

Conduct the inspection with consultant where the works completed according to ITP.

Preparation of daily and weekly report to record the progress of job.

Approval of works done with client QC by request for Inspection.

Testing and Commissioning of the Electrical, ELV equipment’s and cables with vendor assistance.

Operation and Maintenance of system till the completion of warranty period after Hand Over to End User.

Project Title: General Aviation Stands & Relocation of ULD Rack, Workshop

Client: Doha International Airport, Qatar

Design the shop drawings for GA Stand, Workshop and ULD Racks Electrical, Fire Alarm Layout.

Obtain the approval of shop drawings and the proposal of modifications from client.

Installation of High Mast Light Pole, Air Field Ground Lighting system (AGS), Video Docking Guidance System (VDGS) and Jet Blast deflector at each aviation stand.

Supervise the Installation of 415V ATS panel and Generator MSB to ULD workshop.

Installation of power cables from substation to ULD Rack SMDB’s and DB’s.

Supervising the Installation of Lighting, Power, Isolators at ULD Workshop & Racks.

Supervision of Fire Alarm, Data, Telecom system to the workshop with OFC cable laying, splicing

Inspection of works done by Airport Authority before the Commissioning.

Testing and Commissioning of the installed system in the presence of Airport authority.

Project Title: Wedding Hall Complex Building – MEP

Client: Private Engineering Office, Qatar

Design the shop drawing with reference to the issued drawing from design consultant and get approval from consultant to proceed further at site.

Installation of Electrical equipment’s such as 1600A 415V Switchboards, 1250KVA Transformers, 11 KV Switchboards, 1000KVA Generators, MDB's, SMDB's, Central Battery system.

Supervision for Installation of MV, LV cables to the Equipment’s from Substation & Switchboards.

Construction supervision for installing the GI, PVC conduits and accessories at ceiling, wall to pull the wires for lighting, small power, isolators, fire alarm, Public address, Security access system, CCTV and Kitchen Equipment’s as followed by Kahramma Specifications and QCS.

Installation of ELV system such as Fire Alarm, Data & Telecom, Public Address & CCTV.

Lighting, street lighting cables from the Feeder Pillar to the electrical room Lighting DB’s.

Installation of cables Trays, Ladders for laying the cables to Equipment’s.

Grounding & Lightning Protection system for installed Equipment’s and Buildings.

Conduct the inspection with consultant where the works completed refer with ITP.

Project Title: Electrical Infrastructure at QDVC Labor Accommodation

Client: QDVC, Qatar

Design the Single Line Diagram, Cable Schedule, Cable Sizing Calculation and Cable Route layout refer by initial tender drawing and the requirement at construction site.

Supervising the Installation of 9 No’s of Package substations (11KV / 415V) comprised with RMU, Transformer, Main Distribution Board and associated cables.

Inspection of cable trench before the cable laying to encounter the Kahramaa standards.

Laying supervision for 11kv cables to each substation and 415v cables to the feeder pillars.

Testing and Commissioning of the package substations and feeder pillars with vendor.

Project Title: Rayyan Road Contract-02 Infrastructure

Client: Public Works Authority, Qatar

Preparation of shop drawing refers through consultant initial design drawing.

Raise the Technical Query on discrepancy of the approved drawing to revise for resubmission.

Equipment’s, cable ladders, sections, installation details layout for cable tunnels & substations.

New Proposed and Diversion of existing cable (up to 11 KV) route layout drawing according to the new road construction by Kahramaa MV / LV Network Scheme Drawing.

Cable trench Excavation for the Inspection Kaharamaa Consultant by the reference of Self Work Request.

Installation of Cable Ladders support and laying the associated cables inside the cable tunnel.

Supervision for installing the Lighting Conduits, Fixtures, Fire Alarm system, Heat Smoking Detection system at cable tunnel by following the Kahramaa specifications and QCS.

5) A N Power Engineering (P) Ltd, Chennai, India.

Designation: Electrical Engineer

Duration: June 2007 to June 2008

Job Description:

Preparation of construction drawings to get approval from the client and Government Electricity Authority.

Installation of Transformers (Up to 10MVA), Generator (Up to 600KVA), LT & HT Panels, Cables (33Kv, 11Kv, 415V) in Industrials, Power Plants.

Design, Planning, Estimation, Supervision and Maintenance of projects till the completion.

Maintain the site properly and to procure the necessary materials from the procurement department.

Billing to claim the invoice with variation order according to the actual work done at site.

To report the work progress daily to project manager and complete the work on appropriate date.

Languages Known





Personal Information

Father’s Name : A. Sintha Mithar

Marital Status : Married

Date of Birth : 12/07/1986

Nationality : Indian

Passport Number : L3497765 Valid up to 2024

Driving License number : 286********- Qatar License

Current Location : Kuwait

Permanent Address : 4/15, Old Post Office street,


Tamil Nadu, India.


1. Mr. A. Abdul Rasheed - Managing Director

Q-Tec Group Ltd W.L.L,

Doha, Qatar.

Email -

Mobile - +974-********


I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.

(Syed Abdul Rahman )

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