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Linux Engineer

San Jose, CA
February 26, 2020

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Resume: Dmitry Troshenkov

San Jose, CA, USA, 95125


System Engineer with more 10 years of experience in Linux System and Network design an architecture, automatisation, monitoring and management.

Cisco (EDA Tools Team) Cloud Support Engineer San Jose, CA, USA Jan 2019 – Jul 2019

• Bash/Perl/Python Scripting for monitoring and automation on LSF Farms (IBM Cloud platform).

• Supporting LSF Cloud platform.

• Installation and upgrading EDA tools (Cadence, Ansys, Synopsys).

• Writing Ansible playbooks for deploying apps.

• Experience with RedHat, Git, GitLab, ToolBox, Monit, ssh.

TecomGroup Linux Administrator Melbourne, FL, USA Jan 2018 – Sep 2018

• Configuring and deploying to local Tomcat & Cassandra java applications the client side.

• Writing Shell/Bash scripts for some automation, log parsing.

• Experience with Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Git, GitLab, Jira, Ansible.

• Working with Docker containers, writing and modifying the dockerfiles.

• Working with AWS (AMI, EC2, S3), Kubernetes, Terraform.

MegaFon (Mobile Company) Deployment Engineer Russia Sep 2016 – Nov 2017

• Installing, configuring packages, deploying and supporting and troubleshooting new releases of billing system with multi cluster platform (Tomcat, Karaf, Zookeeper, NGINX, HAproxy, RabbitMQ) using Ansible.

• Bach/Shell scripting.

• Java code review, troubleshooting,

• Writing Ansible playbooks.

• Writing Python script that makes queues data output from RabbitMQ.

• Networking: ping, nc, telnet, traceroute, tcpdump.

• Installing and configuring of Grafana, SNMP agent/collector, Splunk agent. Configure collectd.

• Experience with RedHat, Git, GitLab, RabbitMQ queues.

• Teamwork using Jira Agale. Using and writing Confluence documentation.

Artmebius (Web Hosting) Site Reliability Engineer Russia Dec 2012 - May 2016

• Full stack supporting of web hosting. Site relability ergineer.

• Installing and aadministrated web hosting WHM/cPanel on CentOS(RedHat), CloudLinux, KVM/QEMU.

• ptables, tcpdump, netstat, mpstat, pidstat, sar.

• BASH/Shell scripting. Open Source. gcc, make, cmake, GDB, strace, demsg.

• Git/GitLab administration and supporting development team.

• Configured and supporting Postfix, Exim, Apache, NGNIX, Nagios, Squid, mySQL, SSHFS, SFTP, DNS.

• Backup, restore data, mySQL Dbs, spam, ddos, malwares, rootkits, backdoors and other abuse analytics.

• Inspecting PHP code and cleaning a hacked CMS.

NIMB (University) System Engineer/Linux Administrator Russia Sep 2006 – Nov 2012

• Rack, cable, install, and configure servers: PDC, DNS, DHCP, Samba, Apache, FTP, MySQL, Iptables,

Squid, Tftp. VLAN management, FreeNAS, SLES10, Ubuntu, CentOS.

• Cisco Catalyst - 30 vlans management (ACL lists). Linksys switches. Trunk ports, OSPF.

• Analytic problem solving, troubleshooting of netwotk, hardware, software for network around 500 Ips.

• Bash/shell scripring, Backup, restore data, mySql DBs.


• Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod - 2007. Bachelor CS. Programming C/C++.

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