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Data Analyst Manager

Arlington, VA
February 26, 2020

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THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY (GWU) Washington, DC Master of Science in Business Analytics December 2019 Coursework: Web Scraping, Data Mining, Statistics, Risk Evaluation, Linear Regression, Times Series Analysis GPA:3.54/4 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA (UA) Tucson, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Operations Management December 2017 Coursework: Database Design, Web Design, SQL Query, Agile, DevOps, Consulting GPA: 3.75/4 Honor: 100% Engagement Distinction, Magna Cum Laude, 2016 Student Award for Global Excellence EXPERIENCE

AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE - Research, Think Tank, NGO Washington, DC Digital Analyst Intern: Video Production January 2020 – Present

• Transformed digital data in YouTube Analytics into reporting, optimizations; improved marketing strategy and raise views

PEACE CORPS, Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection - NGO Washington, DC People Data Analyst December 2019 – Present

• Reported insight, dashboards by querying, cleaning, analyzing in R, Tableau; improved recruitment and selection processes

• Developed strategies and testing data-driven models; reduced volunteers placement time MCKINSEY & COMPANY - Consulting Industry Shanghai, China Summer Assistant June 2019 – July 2019

• Supported project design with a cross-department team of 10; collected clients’ data and evaluated clients’ performance

• Created 10 infographics (logical tree, Gantt chart) to increase information transparency for internal and external audiences GENERAL MILLS, Häagen-Dazs - Consumer Foods Industry Shanghai, China Information Systems(IS) Analyst June 2016 – August 2016

• Reduced downtime of devices and tracked metrics by querying transaction data in SQL for ongoing promotion in 400 stores

• Wrote newsletters, and 20-page user manuals for 2000 stores’ staffs to increase their ability to integrate IT into operations THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, College of Humanities Tucson, AZ Technician January 2016 – June 2017

• Configured problems on 40+ electronic equipment and managed ticket systems to ensure no delay on labs’ daily operations

• Facilitated continuous exams and counseled students with exam results afterward to support students’ academic success PROJECTS

Peace Crops Dynamics Padding Project (Human Resource)

• Predicted which applicants are likely to enter the duty; built and test on elastic net, stepwise logistic regressions with R Customers & Acquisition Channel Analysis (E-commerce)

• Recommended strategy to raise acquisition and engagement level; performed customer value analysis with Excel & R Potential Customers’ Traits Identifications (Retail)

• Predicted which shoppers are most likely to repeat purchases; built logistic regression, decision tree & K-mean cluster

• Cleaned 350 million transactional data with Spark & H2o using Feature Extraction & PCA technic Market Price Analysis & Time-Series Analysis

• Created a 20-pages report on Syria’s food & fuel prices with R & SAS to help shape comprehension of local dynamics

• Discovered price trends across time and cities with time-series analysis and statistical tests to create insight UK Vehicle Accident Analysis

• Converted & cleaned 425,913 records into insight to help avoid lethal accidents, with Tableau, R, Python and SQL on AWS

• Created replicable researches; developed a dashboard in Tableau following the STAR Schema standard World Series Text Mining

• Developed viewers’ review; analyzed, cleaned scraped Twitter data for 2018 World Series with Spark, Python on AWS EC2 TECHNICAL SUMMARY

Programming: R(Tidyverse, Caret), Python(Pandas, selenium, beautifulsoup), SQL, HTML, CSS, shell, SAS, VBA Software: Advance Excel, Access, Viscos, Tableau, GitHub, AWS, Azure, Apache Spark,, Google Analytics Certification: AWS Practitioner, Google Analytics (GAIQ), Risk Analyst (CNSS 4016), System Manager (CNSS 4012)

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