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Engineer Mechanical

Titusville, FL
February 26, 2020

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Richard D. Blanton

HVAC Design Engr. - Honolulu. HI, US

(h) Titusville, FL. USA (e) (h) 321-***-****, (m) 321-***-****


Recent technical support for the construction of a new American Embassy Compound (NEC) for the U.S. Department of State, (DOS), within the Overseas Building Operations (OBO) Construction Division:

oCOMMERCIAL: (2 yrs.) Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP), HVAC Construction Engineer, and Design Engineer, managing design-build contractors on international commercial Iconic Government High Rise construction projects found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

oMILITARY: (12 yrs.)Numerous HVAC, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems facility projects working with Federal Contractors as Statement of Work (SOW) MEP/HVAC/R Design-Build, Procurement Documents, and Construction Support Field Engineer, Submittal reviews, Planning Schedules, and Government Estimates, supporting numerous construction of various government facilities project both OCONUS (overseas) and CONUS (stateside) locations supporting the U.S. Military and MILCON Projects (over 750.000 to 350 million) dollars supporting the Army Corps of Engineers (COE)


Will supply Public Trust Clearance documents as required

Earlier Active Secret, SSBI, DOD CAF (Not Currently Active for over 2 yrs.)


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Electrical, Air Conditioning, and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Science and Technology, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, Mo., USA


The United States Air Force, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration E-5, Technician,

As an Air conditioning and refrigeration journeyman level technician (E 5), I worked on HVAC equipment up to large centrifugal chillers, related controls, and support mechanical systems.

PROCESS AND FACILITY SYSTEMS. Air Conditioning, Heating Ventilation Systems, and Refrigeration’s Systems (HVAC) Technical Specialist (SME), Data Centers, Cleanrooms, Specialized Ductwork Systems (High/Mid/Lo Press.), Pkg. DX units Chilled Water Pkg. Units 75-350 Tons, Primary/ Secondary Chilled Water Loops, VFD Pumping Systems, N+1 Fault Tolerant Configurations, and PLC Control System Nuclear System Equivalent Control Systems, Smelter and Battery Charging Facility Industrial Ventilation, Clean Room Class 10 through 100 design, High-Value Data Center HVAC systems design and construction projects.

PLUMBING AND PIPING. Potable Hot and Cold Water, Waste and Soil-Water Systems, High-Value Water Feature, Fire Protection Systems, Chilled Water Pumping, and Fuel Pipeline Systems, Including HDPE (Butt and Fused Welded), PVC, Concrete Cast Iron, DI, Cooper, and ASTM A-53 and ASTM- 105.

FIRE PROTECTION. Wet Pipe, Dry Pipe, Deluge, Clean Agent, Foam, Mist Systems, and Fire Pumps Pkg.

SITE UTILITIES. Storm Water Drainage, Fire Mains, Central Chilled Water (District Cooling), Site Grey Water Drainage, Vacuum Sewage System, Fuel Storage, and Cross-country Fuel Line.

INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROLS. P&ID Loop Diagrams, HVAC Flow, and Control Diagrams Distributed Color Graphic Control Systems: AS-I segments, BAS, PLC, DDC, Single Loop, Hard Wired, & Fault Tolerant HVAC N+1 Systems.


BUILDINGS AND MEP PROJECTS: Commercial Construction: High Rise (50+ Story), Mixed Use Retail, Modular Buildings, CMU; Pre-engineered Bldg. (PEB); Expeditionary military construction per the following: Single Office, Large Administration buildings, Latrine, modularly constructed Billet living areas, Fuel Lab, Battery Charging facility, Government Aircraft Hangars/ Back Shops, Comm./IT Server command headquarters, lift stations, base fire main systems, base dining, and control, Skiff facilities. Also,


AEROSPACE: Launch Control Block House, & Mobile Service Tower Satellite, Payload Processing Class 100 Clean Rooms), Aerospace fault-tolerant HVAC, N+1 central chilled water plant, Navy HEMP Shelter Facilities.

ROLES: HVAC Design-build Engineering Specialist (SME) commissioning Specialist, Mechanical Construction Manager, Engineering Site Manager; High Rise Complex Project Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Manager, Air Conditioning Service Manager; Owner Contractor, Commissioning Coordinator, Mechanical Quality Assurance Inspector Technical, Instructor, Engineer, Management, Superintendent), Government Facility Systems Maintenance Engineer, Aerospace Facility Mechanical and SCADA Control Systems Design, Procurement, Construction Work Packages Engineer, Fire Protection Systems Engineer, and Mechanical Project Engineer, Startup/Commissioning Coordinator,

GENERAL ENGINEERING SUPPORT: Mechanical Inspector / Work Package Engineer (WPE) / Piping/Plumbing Systems Design / Green Field and Brown Field/ Maintenance & Repair / Retrograde / Proposals, Including Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and I&C Projects and Process Systems.

INSTRUCTOR: Vocational and Technical Instructor (High School and College level – HVAC Technology),

MECHANIC/ TECHNICAL: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Contractor, Technician, and Mechanic,


Period of unemployment looking for the right opportunity 07/22/2017 – Present

Home of Record, Titusville, FL.

(1)Hanson Professional Services Inc., Maitland, FL. April-24-2017 – July-22-2017

Hanson, an engineering firm, specializing in planning, design, construction, and commissioning of commercial, federal and military projects, (Temporary Consultant Role)

As a consultant for specialized commissioning expertise for the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO), Department of State, U.S Embassy projects. My task was to provide a smooth transition during the field commission phase of the first Karachi, Pakistan Embassy project, which by nature is significantly different from typical commercial work usually performed by the local team of CX-A personnel,

My initial task was to familiarize the commissioning team involved with the new OBO projects are significantly different and more involved than commercial projects,

As a follow-on task, I was transferred to the industrial group to write test procedures for the Orange County School projects. I became familiar with the company’s new to me CX-alloy’s software, which is not approved by the OBO for embassy work. This software was new to me as I had previously worked OBO projects that used MS Excel software forms,

Along the way using this new software, I discovered a means to expedite the data entering process using standard Microsoft software that was several times faster and could simplify commissioning team’s standardization between the engineers as a beneficial quality control byproduct also,

I presented my findings to the team's lead engineer, P.E., who was hugely impressed with it and then offered my results to senior management for review and possible utilization throughout the company’s many branches, as was my recommendations.

After much delay, it became apparent that the OBO PD was not going to approve my VISA to allow me to work on-site in Pakistan – the work I was hired by the company to perform. The reason is that I believe he did not want to “Change Horses in Midstream” from the CX-A specialist who had been working on the project for over a year, performing engineering reviews from his desk in Orlando. The P.D. did know that this individual had no actual embassy, field commissioning project experience to date.

I worked with this specialist as best I could to prepare him for the upcoming OBO commissioning works to the extent possible without actually being on-site.

Do this issue of the PD’s lack of Visa approval and the rather long commute from my home of fifty miles to work on other projects in the Orlando, FL.area. It was mutually aggregable that it was time for me to move on.

(2)Amec Foster Wheeler (Amecfw), 09/3/2016 – 01/15/2017

Senior 1 Construction Manager, (Temporary Consultant Role)

Working for a Federal Contractor working directly for US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), Poland MDA Resident Office, European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), Phase III Construction Contract, Aegis Ashore, Redzikowo, Poland per the following:

As Senior 1, Construction Manager hired initially to manage the Construction of a critical, time-sensitive utility support area:

As the Construction Manager, responsible for the building of the site’s Water Supply Building (WSB) and its MEP, HVAC, and the site water systems fitout. My first task was to bring the building’s construction-phase back on schedule, including the building’s two major MEP systems (firewater and potable water treatment) supplying the sites water fire loop and water supply,

Note, my Job consolidated and cut short due to HR issues obtaining Polish International Residence VISA

(3)Caddell Construction, LLC, 2700 Lagoon Park Drive, Montgomery, AL. 8/3/2016 - 9/26/2016

Project QA/ Commissioning Coordinator – International (Consultant Role)

Federal Contractor working directly for U.S. Department of State, DOS, Offices of Overseas Operations, OBO, Construction and Commissioning Division, US Embassy Project (NEC) found in Nouakchott, Mauritania per the following:

Hired to work as a consultant to streamline the projects commissioning operations, I currently work in direct support to main U.S. Contractor for the Project Superintendent on a Department of State (DOS) Overseas Bureau of Operations (OBO) New US Embassy Construction Project (NEC), located in Nouakchott, Mauritania per the following:

As the Contractor's project "Commissioning Coordinator" consultant responsible for the troubleshooting and streamlining of the existing stalled commissioning process plan that culminates the with the final approval of the government’s independent third-party commissioning agent per the following:

Hitting the ground running after familiarizing myself with the existing manually manipulated MS Excell static schedule document that was a the heart of the problem of their current project commissioning efforts.

I then provided a new government approved and maintainable commissioning program schedule strategy utilizing “Primavera Project Planner P6"; and, provided a "Hands-On" trouble-shooter approach with built-in software logic that allowed dynamic scheduling of tasks logic to allow an easier and accurate real-world times that allowed for accurate coordination of all the disciplines in support of the commissioning process conforming to the government’s expectations for the commissioning activities:

oEquipment Startup,

oPre-functional checks (PFC),

oFunction Performance Testing (FPT)

oRelated equipment Post Staff government-supplied training and documentation equipment and procedures.

Period of unemployment looking for the right opportunity 09/1/2015 – 08/3/2016

Based in the Malkern’s Valley, (Kingdom of Swaziland, Africa)

(4)STG, Inc. 06/15/2014 - 08/31//2015

Regional Mechanical Systems Engineering – QA Inspector– International, (Contract Position)

Federal Contractor working directly with U.S. Department of State, DOS, Offices of Overseas Operations, OBO, Construction and Commissioning Division, US Embassy Project (NEC) located in Swaziland per the following:

Provided technical Quality Assurance (Q.A.) support directly to the Project Director (P.D.) for the mechanical systems associated with the New US Embassy Construction Project (NEC), found in Swaziland NEC per the following:

Supply all the Mechanical Quality Assurance inspections, saw testing and created non-conforming punch lists, review of the contractor MEP submittals from engineering,

Responded to Contractor Requests for Information (RFI) for questions related to mechanical systems,

Evaluates proposed submittal substitutions and made recommendations to the OBO Project Director (PD),

Generated Independent Government Estimates (IGEs), for mechanical modifications and change orders,

Reviewed and evaluated submittal shop drawings and data sheets from an engineering perspective,

Prepared weekly construction reports summarizing project status, with emphasis on mechanical areas,

Provided detail redesign of the Carpenter Shop’s dust collection system generating coordinated drawings for the Contractor's use lieu of the going forward with his general standard design, which was deemed not workable by Facility Manager (FM). The Contractor agreed to utilize our design preventing a significant High Dollar Value re-design by him that would have resulted in a costly engineering change- order to the Government,

Provided on short notice an HVAC engineering survey of fifty (50) percent of Two hundred (200) HVAC, VAV boxes detailing their non-conforming installation technical study to prevent last-minute correction late in the project,

Worked with the Contractor’s MEP/HVAC/R shop drawings submittal to convert the .pdf format to their native AutoCAD drawings files into coordination drawings for ease of checking by our engineer team, which was not a standard OBO usual practice; and coordinated their use for our team for their technical reference for team job walk-down inspections,

Provided detailed professional submittal package reviews to assure conformance to both the Contract specifications and drawings. To include (Mechanical, Electrical Instrumentation, and Civil for Contract compliance, Constructability, Maintainability, O&M manuals, and Post Technician training.

Period of unemployment looking for the right opportunity 04/2013 – 06/2014

Based in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Fujairah)

(5)General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) Fairfax, VA. 05/2012 – 04/2013

(Based) Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan - within the Homeland Security Division

Mechanical Project Engineer – International (Contract Position)

Supplied MEP designs, Statement of Work packages, Construction QA/CM Support for the U.S. Army:

Supplied standard designs and work packages engineering support for a competitive bid for the base construction/ modification projects to the Contracting Officer, including big package corresponding submittal reviews,

Collaborated with the USAF Contracting Office in the commissioning of a high-dollar value (Thirty-five (35) million USD) for the new base command and control communication facility addressing the Contractor’s design-build plumbing non-code conforming design,

Supplied technical plumbing code, compliance inspection to the Air Force Contracting Officer in prime contractor negotiations to correct both development and construction deficiencies relating to both HVAC and Plumbing Sys.,

Supply in-house network AutoCAD management, coordination, and training for our group,

As the lead engineer for government estimates for our group providing support to the Contracting Officer’s procurement team via SharePoint electronic intranet-based document control.

(6)IAP World Services, Panama City, FL. USA - (based) Al Dhafra Air Base, UAE 08/2009 – 05/2012

Lead Mechanical Engineer III – International (Contract Position)

Owner’s Representative mechanical engineering I work for the supporting the base USAF Base Civil Engineering Group,

Collaborated and helped the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Job Order Contract (JOC) projects,

Provided standard designs including fire protection PEB systems, HDPE networks, Fire-mains, design-build aircraft hangar(s) renovation involving custom air conditioning systems, ductwork (sheet metal and fabric) design and installation; HDPE chilled water pipe, with fuse welded fittings,

Generated the shop drawings, for the base aircraft hangars HVAC upgrade including specifications, supplier contracting, construction support and supervision of Contractors, and commissioning support for the critical HVAC systems,

Supplied network CAD coordination for our group and in-house CAD/ system training.

Supply Corps of Engineering (COE) support of their High Dollar value base MILCON project’s outside A&E design firm’s design packages representing base civil engineering commander’s squadron’s office.

(7)Arabian Construction Co., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, UAE 01/2009 – 07/2009

Senior MEP Manager – International (Contract Position)

As Senior Mechanical/HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) manager, for the extension of the Sky and Sun Towers project named the “Gate Towers, 3-8” for the government, client, Sorough. Led the mechanical and electrical team of MEP managers:

Coordinated the work for the expansion of site construction office areas, power infrastructure, supporting up to 350 people expansion in preparation for the new project construction effort,

Worked with the city inspectors and Coordinated with them to conform to the local fire codes to gain their approval of both the existing and new offices,

As is the case for so many projects during this time, the economic slowdown forced a project scaled back - my position’s cut.

(8)Oger Abu Dhabi, Design/ Build Construction Co., Abu Dhabi, UAE 01/2008 – 01/2009

MEP Construction Manager, International (Contract Position)

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Manager for a significant project, the Abu Dhabi Financial Center, (ADFC.) Responsible for all the final design and construction of these systems, including HVACs per the following:

The project consists of four towers, two car parks, a retail area, and an ultramodern stock exchange business center. Also, the site’s million USD water feature. The monetary value of the total MEP for this project was over one Billion USD value),

Detailed the MEP/HVAC part of the project as scheduling inputs to project controls, management tools. in the overall Primavera schedule initially and later provided weekly updates to maintain the schedule accuracy.

Work involved the final review and approved of the Contractor’s MEP Material and Equipment submittals using Aconex (online document control system software, industry-standard),

Organized and trained other engineers (all disciplines) to build a CAD, 2D Model of the project for coordination of MEP site systems with Sawa Island support infrastructure works,

Participating in the technical Contracting Officer’s choice of the project main MEP/HVAC Subcontractors.

Lead in the proposal for an alternative site sewage system using an ultramodern vacuum sewage network with a centralized plant.

Supplied engineering support and project design for needed IT area fault-tolerant HVAC chilled water equipment's (N+1) arrangement to meet the owner's last minutes’ design proposal requirements,

I became familiar with Abu Dhabi's latest firefighting code requirements for specialty areas, including ultramodern Mist "Hi Fog," fire protection systems, and Wet Pipe systems.

Responsible the verification of project's LDN power drawings for building permits for the local power company,

Responsible for the oversight of the projects for remainder the site’s utility contractor interfaces with our project with the other island infrastructure Contractors for the client’s coordination activities,

Became familiar with the latest Abu Dhabi sewage building codes and developed a good working relationship with the approval authority personnel to assure the project design would meet with their approval as planned by others using a single stack combination waste and sewage riser for the towers thereby averting a variation order,

Tasked to coordinate our site utility tunnels and underground networks (IE. Sewage, Storm Water, Potable Water, Fire Hydrants, and HVAC Chilled Water Systems) redesigning as needed for final coordination with our MEP Site Subcontractors.

(9)Readiness Management Support L.C. (RMS), Al Dhafra Air Base, UAE 07/2001 - 01/2008

Mechanical Engineer III / Acting RMS Engineering Manager, International (Contract Position)

Owner’s mechanical engineer for the United States Air Force (USAF) Base Civil Engineering Squadron, and, the support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Job Order Contract (JOC) projects,

Supplied the standard designs for infrastructure projects found on the base, providing budgetary estimates (using COE Progen software), design drawings, construction support, Startup/Commissioning, and sustainment engineering level work,

Design and Construction Support, Mechanical Engineer for base facilities,

oJet Fuel portable fuel systems with a fault-tolerant custom designed and constructed pumping systems using variable drives (VFD) fuel farm & cross-country flexible, pipeline systems,

oGeneral building mechanical systems, including wet pipe, clean agent fire suppression systems, sewage networks, fire hydrant networks, pre-engineered, PEB, buildings. Also, HVAC systems for computer room IT server areas, retail shopping areas, aerospace aircraft hangars and "Back Shops," explosion-proof fuel lab, fire detection central system for monitoring buildings with addressable fire alarm panels using fiber optic hardened networks,

Utilized for my drawings AutoCAD 2002-07, specifications with MS Word, and detailed calculations with MS Excel programs. Also, I created project schedules using MS Project software,

Overseer of the group’s computer systems, including AutoCAD as a P.C. workstation Computer Systems Administrator (CSA) for (6 years) supporting computer workstation’s AutoCAD, CAD standards, and network organization files. Also, I helped

Period of unemployment looking for the right opportunity 09/2000 – 06/2001

Titusville FL. USA


(10)Bechtel, Aiken, SC via Aide, Inc., Greenville, SC. 09/1999 - 09/2000

Title: I&C Consultant Engineer (Contract Position)

On assignment at Savannah River Site (SRS) in Aiken, SC.

Designed and specified the Low Current instrumentation analog instrument loops, AS-I segments, devices, and solenoid racks procurement drawings, and related specifications,

I Coordinated drawings with P&ID and electrical control schematics with stakeholder’s design reviews. I detailed my design drawing packages with MicroStation SE, MS Word, and Excel programs for the specifications,

As an added duty, I was the Bentley, CAD administrator, and CAD trainer for our group of six engineers using MicroStation SE software.

(11)Westinghouse, Laverne, TN via Aerotek, Nashville, TN. 06/1999 - 09/1999

Air Conditioning Design/Manufacturing Engr. (Contract Position)

Lead the work effort as a Project Engineer in the Research and Development of a new line of air conditioners for project "Millennium" - an international project for the Brazilian-branch of the company. The design upgrades for both performance and energy efficiency,

Discovered and then recommended corrective design solutions for three major design errors to improve the performance of the air conditioning units. Using "MS Microsoft Project" scheduling software,

Delivered a schedule that showed the project compressed by 30 days that after implementation, shortened the-the assembly line process by one month.

(12)Bechtel, Aiken, SC via CDI, Columbia, SC. 05/1998 - 05/1999

Process Consultant, Technical Engineer (Contract Position)

On assignment at Savannah River Site (SRS) in Aiken, SC.:

Performed engineering level work generating work packages, to existing nuclear process systems relating to Mech., I&C, piping, & process engineering disciplines,

Work Package Engineer (WPE), completed the Mechanical and Instrumentation and Control (I&C) deliverables,

Group leader for project estimating work in I&C and Mechanical areas,

Generating piping and instrumentation drawings, P&ID, using Bentley CAD MicroStation software,

Alternate group supervisor in his absence.

(13)Greene Engineers, San Jose, CA. Via National Engineering, Dublin, CA. 02/1998 - 04/1998

HVAC Instrumentation and Controls Engineer (Contract Position)

Set up company Mech. /HVAC control/ P&ID drawing standards based on Instrumentation Society of America, ISA, recommendations, and provided instrumentation drawings associated with a Microelectronics FAB Campus Central Plant. Note: The assignment cut short due to the project put on hold.

(14)Hansen Lind Meyer (HLM) Engr’s., Orlando, FL Peak Tech. Philadelphia, PA. 06/1997 - 01/1998

MEP Commissioning Consultant Technical Engineer for the Orange County Court House Project (Contract Position)

Supplied construction commissioning of HVAC/Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering turn-over support supporting the Orange County Courthouse Project, Orlando, FL. (dollar value 350 Million), during the final closeout period. Provided last-minute design modifications, performed field inspections Startup/Commissioning to resolved construction issues concerning contractor compliance with the Contract Documents. Modified As-built drawings using MicroStation 95 CAD software.

(15)Raytheon Engr’s. & Const., Birmingham, AL. NESCO SVC, Overland Park, KS. 01/1997 - 05/1997

HVAC Consultant Technical Engineer (Contract Position)

Supplied HVAC equipment layout design for a petrochemical project, including air handlers, related ductwork for the Class 10,000 Clean Room, Process exhaust ductwork, and equipment 2D drawings. Detailed my CADDrawings using Bentley’s MicroStation (5.0) PC CAD software. In support of the final HVAC equipment layout for the 3D, PDS model by others.

(16)Fluor Daniel, Greenville, SC. Via TRS Staffing Solutions, Inc., Greenville, SC. 01/1996 - 12/1996

HVAC Principal Technical Engineer (Contract Position)

Mining & Metals and Biotech Division

At Fluor, Daniel worked as Lead HVAC engineer responsible for project scope of services and detailed engineering for industrial smelter ventilation systems, ductwork, and industrial HVAC commercial DX systems.

(17) O ‘Neal Engineering, Greenville, SC via Eastern Design, Greenville, SC. 10/1995 - 12/1995

Mechanical Consultant Technical Engineer (Contract Position)

Performed field-engineering investigations to resolve HVAC problems associated with industrial air washers, ductwork, and chilled water systems. Generated statement of work to upgrade existing chilled water systems by installing centrifugal chillers totaling up to 1,500 tons’ capacity using Refrigerant 134a.

(18)Lockwood Greene Engr’s, Spartanburg, SC via Allied Tech., Charlotte, NC. 05/1995 - 10/1995

Mechanical Consultant Technical Engineer (Contract Position)

While on assignment there I Was the HVAC design engineer for a large Micro-Electronics FAB Facility Complex responsible for the design and procurement specifications for the HVAC Control System P&ID drawings, Sequence of Events, Clean Room chillers and air handler layout AutoCAD drawing and details, for Ultra Clean Room, Class 1, systems,

(19)EG&G Florida, Inc., Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL., 11/1994 - 05/1995

HVAC Engineer (Contract Position)

Performed as the project HVAC engineer for energy management driven HVAC retrofit projects for NASA facilities at both the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral AFS, FL.

Included in the jobs were electronic control systems, electrical design drawings, and asbestos material identification.

(20)Brown and Root Services, Inc., Cape Canaveral, AFB, Cocoa Beach, FL. 11/1990 - 11/1994

Mechanical/ HVAC Resident Engineer (Direct position)

Upgraded the CX-36 Launch Control Blockhouse HVAC central chilled water HVAC systems,

Upgraded the Payload central processing building HVAC central chilled water plant systems,

Upgraded the main administrative building’s central HVAC air handlers control system and installed new chiller units (one with waste heat recovery,)

Designed fire protection systems consisting of a Dry Pipe Double Interlock, and Wet Pipe systems, performed my related hydraulic calculation using Elite's "Fire" software,

Followed all projects from conceptual design, the budgetary estimate for project funding, detailed design,

Coordinated other disciplines during design, supplied construction engineering support during final Startup/Commissioning, close-out, and startup,

Detailed my drawings using AutoCAD software and completed all related calculations using industry-standard software.


(21)Martin Marietta Corporation, Cape Canaveral, AFB, Cocoa Beach, FL. 10/1985 - 11/1990

Project HVAC Project Field Engineer, (Direct position)

Responsible for the project, HVAC systems – from beginning to turn over to the government, design oversite, procurement, installation, commissioning, and startup project responsibility:

Design, specifications, long lead major equipment procurement,

A fault-tolerant HVAC system,

Fault-tolerant PLC control systems (equal fit, form, and function of that used to shut down a nuclear power plant,

Mobile tower Payload processing Class 100,000 Cleanroom

Fault-tolerant, HVAC installation of the central plant with primary/secondary chilled water loops, variable speed pumps located 500ft from the launch vehicle, delivering +/ 1 Deg F, ultra-dry with chemical adsorption units, ultra-high static pressure for the High-Value DOD space satellites,

Weatherproof fully redundant seacoast, Central chilled water plant, cooling towers, and unique/custom high-pressure air handling equipment and ductwork,

Custom HVAC, PLC Control Systems (over 1,000 control points), industrial-grade sensor (some rated as explosion-proof) fault-tolerant configuration, PLC electronic process control systems that were equal to a typical method used for shutting down a conventional nuclear reactor at the time

Managed, scheduled, coordinated, Test Adjust and Balancing (TAB), startup, commissioning, and final performance validation of the equipment, associated control loops, and instrumentation to meet the strict government performance requirements for the satellite payload and satellite processing multi-level (10 ea.) cleanroom areas

After final turnover to the government, the first Titian IV Launch vehicle

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