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Technical Officer

Soshanguve, Gauteng, 0152, South Africa
February 26, 2020

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Thomas Chakale Monamodi

Postal /Residential Address: 126 Kopanong Section, Tembisa, 1632


Contact : 071-***-****/ 072-***-****/072-***-****

Surname : Monamodi

Name (s) : Thomas Chakale

Id Number : 750**********

Date of Birth : 05 September 1975

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : South African

State of Health : Good

Tax Number : 151*******

Language Proficiencies : English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Tsonga and Setswana


An enthusiastic and professional Technical person, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.


Currently looking for a new and challenging position, one that will make best use of existing skills and experience while enabling further personal and professional development


Last School Attended : Tswaing High School

: Highest Standard Passed Matric (1994)

Subject Passed : Mathematics, Physical Science,

: Geography, Biology, English

: Afrikaans and Tswana

: All in (Higher Grade)


Institution : University of Johannesburg

Qualification : ND- Electrical Engineering (Light Current)

Subjects Passed : Engineering Mathematics

: Computer Skills

: Digital Systems

: Electrical Engineering

: Electronics

Institution : Iscor Training Centre

Course : Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Subjects Passed : Electronic Projects

: Electronics

: Fitting

: Welding

: Motors

: Oscilloscope

: Electrical Measuring Instruments and Soldering


Exam 220-302: A+ 2003 Operating Systems (OS) Technologies

Operating System Technologies: Concepts and Installation (126771)

Operating System Technologies: Configuration (126984)

Operating System Technologies and the Networking Environment (126983)

Operating System Technologies: Management and Troubleshooting (126791)

Exam 220-301: A+ 2003 Core Hardware

Identifying, Adding, and Removing System Components (123900)

System Resources and Installing and Configuring IDE and SCSI Devices (123909)

Installing, Configuring, and Optimizing Computers (123910)

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting (123903)

Memory, Motherboards, and Processors (123905)

Printers, Maintenance, and Safety Issues (123904)

Basic Networking (123906)

CompTIA: Network+ CERTIFICATION (N_Plus)

Introduction to Internetworking (64162_1)

OSI Lower Layers (64163)

OSI Layer 3 (64164_1)

OSI Upper Layers (64165)

Operating Systems and TCP/IP (65777_1)

Remote Access and Network Security (65847_1)

Fault Tolerance and Troubleshooting (65860_1)

Exam SY0-101: Security+ Certification

General Security Concepts (84869)

Communications Security (84870)

Infrastructure Security (84871)

Encryption Technologies (65873)

Operational and Organizational Security (84873

Exam SK0-002: CompTIA Server+ 2005 (SK0-002)

Servers and their Components (222045)

IDE, SCSI, and Server Storage (223341)

Installation and Configuration (222046)

Upgrading (222047)

Disaster Recovery and Server Backups (222048)

Maintenance and Environment (222049)

Troubleshooting Servers (222050)7

Information Technology Core Concepts: Computer Literacy Program (ITCoreConc02)

Basic IT Concepts I (ECDL01E_5)

Basic IT Concepts II (ECDL02E_5)

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional: Getting Started (MW212SE_5)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0: Getting Started (IE5001E_5)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0: Up and Running (IE5002E_5)

Microsoft Office 2000: Beginning Word (MSOF21E_5)

Microsoft Office 2000: Beginning Excel (MSOF25E_5)

Exam 70-272: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System (70-272)

Resolving Issues with the Operating System and Office Applications (214710)

Resolving Issues with Outlook and Outlook Express (214818)

Resolving Issues with Hardware and Network Connectivity (214830)

Resolving Issues with Internet Explorer, Application Security, and Security Incidents (214839)

MS Technical: Microsoft Windows XP Professional: Installation and Configuration (MS_T30)

Installing Windows XP Professional (113628)

Managing Files, Folders, and Devices in Microsoft Windows XP (113687)

System Reliability and the Desktop in Windows XP Professional (113713)

Networking Protocols and Services in Microsoft Windows XP (113736)

Backup and Security Settings in Microsoft Windows XP (113758)

Exam 70-284: Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server

2003 (70-284)

Exchange Server 2003: Installation (131361)

Exchange Server 2003: Upgrades and Migration (131363)

Exchange Server 2003: Configuration for Exchange and Foreign Messaging Systems (131364)

Exchange Server 2003: Recipients, User Objects, Groups, and Address Lists (131365)

Exchange Server 2003: Core Component Management (131366)

Exchange Server 2003: Computer Management (131367)

Exchange Server 2003: Security Implementation (131368)

Exchange Server 2003: Configuration for Management (131719)

Windows Server 2003 Administration and Services Support (119162)


Employer : Telkom

Department : Technical Call Centre (Technical)

Personnel Number : 4086979

Position : Technical Officer

Duties : Receiving and logging/faults from customers

Run Test Procedure to check fault on the line

Provide Feedback to the customer

Log and or clear Fault up-front

Update System with Test Results

Forward Query to the relevant section

: Doing a follow ups telephonically or electronically

Promoting and selling products

Duration : 6 years (From15/03/1998 To 30/09/2004)


Employer : Telkom

Department : Call Centre (ISP)

Personnel Number : 07005646


: Internet Help Desk Support


Activation of internet accounts for Analogue, Isdn, Adsl, Prepaid, Vsats and WIMAX accounts

Doing confirmation before/ after activations

Doing support with the internet setup instructions

Creation of email addresses and mailboxes

Registration of domains and websites

Activation of web spaces

Selling and promoting Internet products

Registration of mail boxes, mailing list and mail

Drop boxes and updating of domains and websites

Providing with over- shoulder training to new


Duration from 23 February 2005 to 7 July 2007

Reason for Leaving Got a permanent job


Employer Telkom

Department Network Core Operations

Salary reference number 4503293

Position Project designer (VSAT)

Responsibilities Accepting new orders on Unibase (SSE, and SSO)

Creating IP addresses

Creating line maps

Creating stac codes (MDF’S)

Tasking to equipment and control for installation.

Duration from July 2007 –Jan 2008

Employer Telkom SA

Department Network Core Operations

Salary ref 4503293

Position Vsat Project Controller

Responsibilities Accepting orders after design is fully completed.

Tasking to NNOC and DPO for installation

Setting up the date for installation.

Tasking to Technicians using (Advantex)

Upgrading of volume caps and speeds of (SSE’s and SSO’s).

Doing follow-ups until the whole project is completed.

Attending to escalations via email.

Completing the system after the installation is done.

Making sure that all the systems are updated for billing purposes.

Duration from Jan 2008 – February 2009

Employer Telkom SA

Department Network Core Operations

Salary ref 4503293

Position Project Co-ordinator (2Megaline)


Responsible for co-ordinating Vodacom, MTN, CELL-C, ADSL, Switching, Martis, 8ta, Metro clears, VSATS, WCDMA, Infrastructure DP’S, ATM’S, IPNET and WIMAX Projects.

Dispatch jobs to technicians and arrange all activation procedures, which include interacting with various departments such as LTAC, Configurations, transmission stations and NIP to provide efficient service to the client.

Updating databases like Websat, Unibase, Webforce and Unisat in accordance with the status of the project

Escalate serials and urgent jobs that are in jeopardy to relevant parties telephonically or electronically and give feedback to Service Management and the clients.

Liaise with customers for the cutover dates as well as ascertain the type of equipment/PABX system that they use on their side.

Duration February 2009 – December 2011

Employer Telkom SA

Department Telkom internet

Salary Ref 4503293

Position Service Rep

Duration from Jan 2012 August 2013


Receiving queries from customer for the incorrectly billed accounts (Internet)

Credit and Debit the incorrectly billed accounts

Providing credit approval form to credit management

Assisting customers to change the internet product on the system if the wrong account is activated

Assisting customers to check their usage of internet on IP activator if the customer is suspecting fraud of on his/her connection.

Providing feedback to customers in the form of emails or Telephone calls

Advising the customer of the new internet products

Attending to escalations on emails and provide feedback

Compile monthly report

Compile refund files for audit purposes

Train new staff

Retaining clients by proving new internet products

Compile accounting reports to clients/customers

Complying on business code of ethics on a monthly basis

Employer Telkom SA

Department Telkom internet (ISP)

Salary Ref 4503293

Position Operational Specialist

Duration from August 2013 until December 2015

Reason for Leaving Retrenchment


Responsible for registration of Domains and hosting of Websites

Moving of Domains to and from

Assisting customers and providing Technical assistance in setting up emails/mailboxes

Assisting customers pointing their mx records and A records to their desired IP Addresses

Updating DNS records on customer request

Troubleshooting of websites (i.e index file, html) uploaded in the correct folder

Providing of BRM invoices to customers for their Domains

Troubleshooting PC/Notebook problems

ADSL Router configuration and setting up the internet

Configuration of Wi-Fi and Cable Networks

Remote support at various clients

Configuration of new email accounts

Resetting ADSL ports on Xact if the customer is experiencing slow response or is unable to connect

Logging ADSL faults on Unibase if fault found

Checking connection usage on IP activator

Employer : Self Employed (From 2004 to date)

Position : IT Technician

Duties and Responsibilities include:

Remote and onsite user support at various clients

Setup of New users on a domain network

Setting up of new User Hardware and installation of software

Troubleshooting PC/ Notebook problems

Configuration of new e-mail accounts and setup on users machines

Active Directory maintenance, ie. User password reset etc.

Collection and Delivery of certain stock items form suppliers

Lliasing with other support staff and 3rd party providers for problem solving

Backup maintenance

ADSL Router configuration

Configuring of Wi-Fi and cable networks/switches


Able to prioritize workloads to meet deadlines.

Excellent faultfinding and diagnosis skills.

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in technology and regulations.

Able to explain technical issues to non-technical customers and colleagues.


Cbs (Customer business system)

Lts (Line testing system)

Cph (Customer fault handler)

Online management tool

Customer Centre

Telkom Internet Management tool

Unibase (Servact & Unisat)

Terminal agent

Web Force Management



IP Activator






To focus on results, managing work, planning and organizing.

To multi-task, using multiple systems and contact center applications simultaneously.

To express potential through adaptability, initiating action, work standards, innovation and stress tolerance.

To communicate verbally and in writing (English) with all levels of management, customers and third party service providers.

To interact effectively through communication, building customer loyalty and trust, managing conflict, negotiation and gaining commitment.

To achieve goals by contributing to team successes and follow up.

To work shifts.

Keeping abreast with Technologies


Moses Matlala : Supervisor (faults department)

Cell Number : 082-***-****

Isaac Mamabolo : Supervisor (Internet Department)

Cell Number : 082*******

Tony Mhlongo : Manager (Network Core Operations)

Tel number : 012-***-****/ 081-***-****

Collen Mphaka : Ops Manager (Internet & hosting services)

Cell number : 081-***-****

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