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Social Media Manager

Bristol, PA
February 26, 2020

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Christopher Sparks

Webmaster -

Blackwood, NJ 08012


Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Open Source Software Contributor

Freelance - Blackwood, NJ

September 2019 to Present

• Developed additional features to legacy codebases that improved user experience.

• Dealt with multiple linting services through Github such as Jenkins and PyLint.

• Collaborated with project leads to make sure code met standards and the overall feature was useful.

• Created my own package of software dedicated to easing the process of penetration testing.

• Please see my contributions to popular projects and my own projects on my Github.



2017 to Present

• Managed the front end of, ensuring 100% up-time while trouble shooting issues with the Frankly Content Management System

• Focused on Search Engine Optimization by utilizing Google Search Console and Google Analytics to show actionable information that spurred growth.

• Ensured website quality by hawkishly monitoring all areas of the website.

• Consulted on a daily basis with the SNJ Today team in order to determine available options and balance opportunity and risk/reward costs.

• Was able to offer insight to journalists by utilizing search queries provided by Google Search Console.

• Consistently built back-links for the site through various platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

• Collaborated with other high authority domains in order to exchange back links.

• Gave presentations on tech knowledge such as basic Linux skills and Semantic HTML. These presentations were ten-thousand foot views meant for 'laymen'

• Highlights: Out ranking a fierce SEO competitor to the point we acquired their site and put it under our control.

• Notable Projects: Increased web traffic 50% by implementing well known SEO tactics as well as experimenting with different "Google Decorations" like Google Rich Snippets and 0 spot placements. In House App Developer

2017 to Present

• While managing the front end of, the CEO recruited my to make applications for those who worked in the office.

• Created 9 applications the company still uses on a day to day basis. The applications ranged from automating certain mundane tasks, to creating a time clock system that allowed managers to closely monitor their employees’ hours.

• Rolled out and presented applications to clients ensuring them that all their needs are met.

• Created tools that allowed the journalists to quickly create stories while focusing less on tech, and more on creating the story.

• Consistently spoke with end users of products about suggested feedback and discussed issues they might be having with the created software.

• Highlight: Built a dashboard for managers to easily watch employees time, approve time off, count sick days, make pay adjustments, monitor sick days, approve or deny overtime requests, and utilized bio-metric data in order to identify employees.

• Notable Projects: The social media manager was out of work after becoming ill, so I made a Python program that automated scheduling posts to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through the use of their API's. I patented this process because it became so popular throughout the publishing community in the area.

Freelance Python Developer

2014 to 2016


• Develop various types of programs in Python, from automation software to web applications.

• Projects include: Automated messenger, web-scraping with Selenium and Beautiful Soup, cron scripts, and making custom versions of common Linux programs, with slight tweaks in order to better fit client's needs.

• Meet deadlines on a consistent basis.

• Maintain a 100% positive feedback rate.

• Highlights: Created program that sorted stories on site based on view count from Google Analytics API, constructed HTML template, then sent to over 40,000 subscribers every Friday. Education

Associates in Applied Science in Applied Science

Camden County College

May 2014


• Javascript (4 years)

• PHP (7 years)

• MySQL (5 years)

• Python (5 years)

• CSS (4 years)

• HTML 5 (5 years)



Technical Support — Highly Proficient

April 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to apply protocols to identify errors and solutions in order to maintain system function.

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Reliability — Expert

April 2019

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Additional Information

Relevant Skills

• Linux Administration

• Building libraries in Python. Very familiar with virtual environments and the pip package manager.

• Able to quickly build fully functional applications with PHP object oriented programming

• Experienced in MVC architecture.

• Fluent in both jQuery and JavaScript, as well as AJAX calls in both

• Front end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, and also vanilla CSS

• Able to effectively communicate with enterprise API's, and utilize oAuth, oAuth2, and other authorization methods.

• Able to construct complex SQL statements.

• Build secure apps on top of Linux servers by hardening the server through various means such as advanced logging and intrusion detection systems.

• Able to learn very quickly, and focus on one task until completion, even if I'm unfamiliar with the technology.

• Migrating massive databases. For example, taking a data warehouse built on MS-SQL and converting data to a MySQL format.

• Soft skills include giving presentations, conducting daily meetings, mentoring apprentices, scheduling, and collaborating with new developers.

• Blog writing with focus on either SEO or transferring technological knowledge. Ability to find a happy medium between the two as well.

• Soft skills include giving presentations, conducting daily meetings, mentoring apprentices, scheduling, and collaborating with new developers.

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